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To think that "4th Power" on the X factor were terrible?

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PiperChapstick · 30/08/2015 15:16

I don't actually watch X Factor but was intrigued when everyone was raving about the girl band 4th Power on FB so I watched their audition online. I don't want to sound mean but it was 3 minutes of horrendous screeching like someone had sat on a bag of cats. And the judges and presenters were flailing their limbs about like buffoons for some reason. I can't believe Cowell didn't even point out how out of tune they were. Is this really the pinnacle of talent on these shoes today?

OP posts:

bringthenoise · 30/08/2015 15:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PiperChapstick · 30/08/2015 15:22

Ooh I forgot to post a link to video

OP posts:

Oldraver · 30/08/2015 15:30

Screechy and nothing special

But they look cute and have a bit of attitude...throw in a sob story and they will be ideal X-Factor material


Figmentofmyimagination · 30/08/2015 15:30

It's not about whether they can sing. It's about appealing to an overseas audience. Each chosen contestant/group needs to appeal to a particular demographic in order to maximise the sale value of the programme and augment merchandising opportunities.


GloGirl · 30/08/2015 15:31

Even the fake on X Factor is fake now, it's unbearable to watch the scripted adoring of acts when they've made your ears bleed.


OurBlanche · 30/08/2015 15:31

Mmmm! They were out of tune.... but those were some great harmonies.

They flailed around stage... in that sort of modern Beyonce way.

They are today's great act.

I personally would not buy it, but I have said and meant that about all the screechers from Whitney onwards.

But they are very much what is deemed excellent by a certain age demographic.

So, should your OP have had an AIBU, yes YA, according to a huge demographic's opinion Smile

So, does that mean you have suddenly grown old? Oh, yes! Grin


Cocolepew · 30/08/2015 15:34

They've all ready won 3 talent shows. Cowells denied they were invited to audition Hmm


PiperChapstick · 30/08/2015 15:39

OurBlanche I think I am getting old, I don't think their personality/cuteness/dancing were anything to write home about either. The whole hand over the mouth "OMG I'm so pleased to be here" just made me roll my eyes about 100 times. I don't think they have any sort of 'factor' - but then again neither does the show! Give me an Id Do Anything or Over the Rainbow any day Grin

OP posts:

OurBlanche · 30/08/2015 15:40

But, sweetie, sweetie, that's because they were spotted by Whatsit and Thingy. You know, the other 2 dahlink presenters, you saw them doing their stuff in the beginning of the show.

How else do you think the camera crew filmed them leaving their home airport? Obviously Whatsit and Thingy arranged it whilst they were over there, filming for X Factor UK. You don't really think it was a set up do you? What an idiot Smile


BrendaandEddie · 30/08/2015 15:53

apparently thy want a band to win this year

mate's mate friend is on there. Was v obvious. Bands made up backstage willy nilly


BrendaandEddie · 30/08/2015 15:55

apparently even the audience reaction is re recorded to fit the ' story'
Everyone has to have three songs for when SC asks for a different one


bringthenoise · 30/08/2015 16:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dizzywizz · 30/08/2015 16:40

I thought they had good voices, but we're out of control. I feel that about the song they were singing anyway, can't bear to listen to it.


mummymeister · 30/08/2015 16:42

Honestly surprised that there are still people who watch this crap knowing how incredibly fake it is. this is about Simon Cowell making more money. nothing more nothing less. it isn't about people with talent. it isn't about discovering the pub singer who then goes on to have a million selling album. its about a pompous twat making more and more money. I am going to deny him the oxygen of publicity and neither watch the show nor comment on threads again. but I confidently predict that there will be at least 4 "crisis type" points on the show. one of the judges storming off? a contestant losing it with the judges? a fake group who get disqualified. stop falling for this crap, turn it off and go down the local pub and listen to a real live band. Talk about past its sell by date. screechy out of tune girl band just there to make the inevitable boy band that will appear in the last or second to last episode look really good.


bringthenoise · 30/08/2015 16:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OurBlanche · 30/08/2015 16:50

I'll only watch a couple, I think something else starts on a Saturday, soonish Smile

To be honest we tend to natter through most of it anyway.. it is just a bit of irritating background noise that forces us to acknowledge the other one exists Grin


Patapouf · 30/08/2015 16:58

They were obviously invited, as there's not a chance they'd get a visa otherwise! They wouldn't be able to compete on a tourist visa so I don't know why they are behaving like it's not all fake bollocks.

They are indeed shite.


bigbuttons · 30/08/2015 17:07

I thought they were great.


SouthWestmom · 30/08/2015 17:13

Surely all of it is scripted to the nth degree? Friend of Ollie? Water bottle? Terrible game old dear at the beginning? There are agencies full of people who will be happy to act up, get paid and keep schtum.


AndNowItsSeven · 30/08/2015 17:18

They weren't filmed at the airport, that was clearly their own camera.


SirVixofVixHall · 30/08/2015 17:19

Too much throaty roaring for my liking. But i was distracted by Cheryl- Bloody hell what has happened to her? She has that line down her upper arm that starving people have, she looks like a heroin addict.


SirVixofVixHall · 30/08/2015 17:20

Is she ill?


WildStallions · 30/08/2015 17:25

Why couldn't you compete on a tourist visa?


kateemo · 30/08/2015 17:27

I thought they were great too!

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