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To find people talking over the tv infuriating (vv lighthearted!)

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lastqueenofscotland · 23/08/2015 14:56

I'm trying to watch something after a long long long week. Housemate and her bf joined me and are currently chatting about crap. Either you want to watch it or you don't! Raaarrrggh.

It's my biggest pet hate!

OP posts:

HarshbutfairTess33 · 23/08/2015 15:07

Can you rate posts on this Forum? Give Stars for good posts?


MischiefInTheWind · 23/08/2015 15:11

Headphones. Grin
DS is currently wearing them.


BackforGood · 23/08/2015 15:23

I'm with you OP.
I now only ever watch TV on 'Catch-Up' so I can pause it when anyone starts to talk.
I'm happy to not have the TV on, but if it is on, then let me concentrate / hear what is being said please!


Fluffyears · 23/08/2015 15:26

Mil did this at Christmas. She couldn't understand the film that was on so kept saying loudly 'are you following this? I don't understand what's happening' well if she had shut up we might have followed it.


fattymcfatfat · 23/08/2015 15:29

at last, people like me! I hate it so much. I even have rules for DS. if mummy is watching a programme he can speak all he wants during as breaks if there are any, but he has to be quiet during said programme. if not he will be sent to his room to play until the programme has finished.
he's 6. unfortunately DD and DS2 are both under 2 so can't implement that rule with them yet but they are usually quiet (especially DS2 as he's only 3 weeks) when DS1 isnt there for some reason. Confused


FruSirkaOla · 23/08/2015 15:58

My Mum used to do this (similar to Fluffy's MIL) - by the time we'd tried to explain to her what was going on, we too, had - literally - lost the plot!

What totally pisses me off though is DP. We're watching a drama/film/whatever where the denouement comes just before the end.

Every.Single.Sodding.Time the 'big reveal' is announced - HE FUCKING TALKS over it Angry Grin


Wait4nothing · 23/08/2015 16:03

Generally agree but there are exceptions ...
In pil's house the TV is on constantly, only fil chooses the programmes (he is hard of hearing and has the volume very loud) but then moans when people talk over (this is the only reception room in the house). In this case I talk over it unt he turns the TV up so loud I get a headache then I leave and stand in the kitchen or one of the bedrooms. If it were an hour program it would be different but this is all day everyday!


OpheliaBitz · 23/08/2015 16:09

I cannot watch tv with my mother in the room. She's lovely but incapable of shutting the hell up when the rest of the room is trying to watch something. She also expects people to update her on the entire plot when she walks in part way through, regardless of how far through the show we are. Grrr...


BlueBananas · 23/08/2015 16:11

Eurgh DP talks over the tv constantly, especially if it's something like The Apprentice or Dragons Den, he starts telling me what he would do! Well that's lovely dear but I don't actually give a shit what you would do, I want to know what the people on the program do hence why I'm, you know, WATCHING IT!!
I just pause and glare now till he's finished
Not ok for me to talk over Match of the Day though, isn't that funny Hmm


ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba · 23/08/2015 16:11

I'm in the "shut up I'm watching tv" club

I'm home


CatMilkMan · 23/08/2015 16:20

I almost made this thread today except definitely not light hearted, it drives me fucking crazy.


Hygellig · 23/08/2015 16:22

I agree. I either put the TV on to watch something specific or I don't have it on. Others however seem to just like to have it on as background noise to maybe dip in and out of.


LumelaMme · 23/08/2015 16:26

If other people (DH and one or other of the DC) are watching TV, I keep quiet to let them concentrate even if I'm not watching with them

If I put my headphones in to watch something on iplayer I can guarantee that within one minute I will have been interrupted, or that a loud conversation will have started so I can't hear. It drives me bloody mad, esp as the DC are all enough to know better as is DH.


The80sweregreat · 23/08/2015 16:42

We go 'he/she looks familiar what they been in before? ' years ago it was a huge challenge, with the internet now its a case of missing most of the programme while looking up who they are and if they are still alive!


MerryMarigold · 23/08/2015 16:47

I think it depends on your TV habits:

Me: rarely, things I really want to watch, have to watch from beginning whatever the programme or film is, can't stand it being talked over

Dh & kids: watch any old rubbish, any time of day, not watching anything in particular so don't care about talking.


CatMilkMan · 23/08/2015 16:52

I banned DP from watching formula 1 with me but today she did, she wouldn't bloody shut up. Ended up on an hour delay as I had to keep pausing it and when I'm not pausing it she's talking over it asking me the same bloody questions about formula one.


Perfectlypurple · 23/08/2015 16:55

Same here but not lighthearted. My dh and dsd are terrible for this. I am constantly having to pause and rewind. I rarely watch things when it is on, have to record so I can actually watch the whole thing.


Weathergames · 23/08/2015 16:57


People in my house die for this -ESP if it's during the news.


chickenfuckingpox · 23/08/2015 17:10

yes! finally im not being unreasonable all last night i was watching a tv show and dd began talking random teenage fandom stuff and i was saying shhh im watching this yes very interesting but can i watch this ds was watching tv with us earlier in the day (Indiana Jones) and kept asking is she going to die that lady there? what about him is he dead for real? are ants real? why does he have a crystal skull? why are there loads of skulls when a character explodes into dust he asked is she dead now? (face palm) has it finished yet? (the end credits are rolling) at the end well i didnt understand that at all! Grin we literally watched the last half an hour i hate watching entire films with him even disney the questions!!


CrabbyTheCrabster · 23/08/2015 17:19

No idea why you feel the need to put vv lighthearted - talking over the tv is a serious transgression of acceptable behaviour.Wink I'd have told them to shut the fuck up or go somewhere else, personally.

We have Sky+, so watch everything on planner or catch-up and pause it to say something. My mum, when she visits, finds this bizarrely annoying. Confused Why would you prefer to talk over the programme and miss what's happening, rather than pause it for a moment?? Confused I have enough trouble making out what they're saying/following the plot at the best of times, without someone wittering over it.

We never have the telly on as background, though, so we are always actually watching what is on.


JustMeOverHere · 23/08/2015 17:41

BlueBananas are you me? That is exactly what my DP does, and the same programs too. I've permanently got my finger on the pause ready as soon as he opens his mouth!

He also starts talking to me as he comes into my office where I'm working, and listening to a play and yaps over the end of the play. He has on one occasion interrupted me 6 times during The Archers - and that episode was 13 minutes long.

I think I'll buy him a dummy.


bettyberry · 23/08/2015 17:50

Flipping it the other way. Don't you just hate it when you visit someone and the refuse to turn off their TV to talk to you!?


Perfectlypurple · 23/08/2015 19:18

I wouldn't expect to watch a tv programme if I had people round. Tv always goes off.


Andrewofgg · 23/08/2015 20:48

MIL always had to comment on the costumes or how one of the cast looked like somebody she used to know who had been dead and gone thirty years. And if she left the room she had to tell us why.


Gatehouse77 · 23/08/2015 20:56

Wholeheartedly agree!

Either wait for the the advert break or a silent part. Really hacks me off. DH won't watch certain programmes with the kids because of it e.g. Dr Who!

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