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slightlyconfused85 · 11/08/2015 15:24

Now before I start I generally think Gps are amazing people, I'm not dissing the profession. Today, however, I booked an appointment to get the contraceptive pill after the birth of my 2nd child. I was given an appointment with a locum who explained my options to me, then said he didn't prescribe contraception for ethical reasons. I then had to wait 45 minutes for another gp to be able to fit me in to prescribe this for me. Aibu to think that if the gp surgery is going to have locums that won't do this then they could have let me know on the phone when I booked? I know the receptionist didn't know what I wanted but they could say if it's an appointment to discuss contraception then say and we will find a different GP. Had loads of time wasted today and feeling (probably irrationally) irritable about it!

OP posts:
shouldnthavesaid · 11/08/2015 15:54

That's normal, mygrandchildren. It's a legal requirement so far as I know that male doctors also cannot carry out a pelvic examination without a chaperone present - I've been told I need one, but can't have until a nurse is ready, and then sent back to the surgery later in the day when they are. Seems daft to some extent - I have been treated awfully during vaginal examinations, by women Hmm (I think if someone's going to assault you their genitals don't make a huge difference) , but also perfectly understandable as well.

Some male doctors will also be very understandably concerned that they could be accused of abusing a patient, so it's just easier to have them be seen by a female.

ghostyslovesheep · 11/08/2015 15:56

seems badly organised your surgery

a GP has the right to say 'I can't do that' and another GP was found who could

This is why receptionist usually ask what it is you need an apt for - shame yours didn't

Sorry you had to wait so long but I do think people are entitled to opt out of things they find unethical

holidaysarenice · 11/08/2015 15:56

Tootired exactly what should have happened. Not the best mates dad tho!!

ollieplimsoles · 11/08/2015 16:01

Our old GP surgery was a Christian one, they had a leaflet out in the waiting area saying they will not get involved in terminations, but they will refer patients who want this service to another surgery. They dispersed contraception though, I knew the doctor was Christan (not catholic though).

2tired2bewitty · 11/08/2015 16:03

This has just reminded me that the same surgery once sent a pregnant GP to talk to the sixth form about contraception Grin

Lavenderice · 11/08/2015 16:11

It just shouldn't be allowed whether it's for contraception or termination. Every woman should have the right to services that they are entitled to without being judged.

Bullshitbingo · 11/08/2015 16:16

I wonder if any male patients have experienced gp's who have 'ethical objections' to prescribing Viagra? Or vasectomys? Hmm

This is bullshit, nhs gps are a public service, they should treat the patient regardless of their personal views. They should NOT get to cherrypick! If they can't do it, they should find another job.

slightlyconfused85 · 11/08/2015 16:26

I'm glad people think I'm largely not being unreasonable. It seems an odd profession to go into if you have these ethical issues with a common request in GP surgeries round the nation! I think i might mention to the surgery that this happened and perhaps they can be sure they ask on the phone if they employ him again.

OP posts:
slightlyconfused85 · 11/08/2015 16:27

Also I felt a bit judged and embarrassed for asking which I'm pretty sure I shouldn't

OP posts:
WorraLiberty · 11/08/2015 16:30

What a massive cunt!

I mean the GP obviously, not you OP.

didyouwritethe · 11/08/2015 16:33

The thing is, so much of what a GP says is personal opinion. I think it's bloody odd that they express their personal prejudices so freely. Patients, esp young girls, should be told very clearly that that is what they routinely do, and that another doctor would give a very different opinion.

God knows who is supposed to advise us which GP to see for our particular reprehensible lifestyle issue, whether that be sexual pleasure or preference, or mental health issues.

softhedgehog · 11/08/2015 16:34

It's a legal requirement so far as I know that male doctors also cannot carry out a pelvic examination without a chaperone present

Not a legal requirement but any male GP who does so is an idiot - one vexatious complaint can destroy a career.

DeladionInch · 11/08/2015 16:34

2tired I work with teens, being pregnant myself has definitely made quite a few of them think twice :o

Do the DR's who throw up these barriers to female contraception do the same if a man requests a vasectomy??

DayLillie · 11/08/2015 16:35

I had this happen to me 27 years ago.

I thought it went out with the ark.........Sad

tiggytape · 11/08/2015 16:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BubGal13 · 11/08/2015 16:40

I have a female GP who also wont prescribe contraception for these reasons, also feel very strongly that she should have found a profession where her beliefs will not mean she is unable to do a part of her role that is demanded regularly and by a lot of her patients. She was once the only GP available and I urgently needed a new prescription (way TMI but I start bleeding if miss a pill) and as she refuses to prescribe them, I had to come back in another day/was days late for my pill and it messed up my entire cycle for months.

hackmum · 11/08/2015 16:48

At our GP practice, there is one GP who won't refer for abortions, and two who won't perform circumcisions on babies for ethical reasons.

I've never come across one who has ethical objections to contraception, though. Do they mean "religious" objections?

CassieBearRawr · 11/08/2015 16:52

I hate this. Pharmacists do the same. I also agree that if you object so strongly to a certain part of your profession you need to gtfo and find a new profession.

spanisharmada · 11/08/2015 16:53

So people from certain religions should be banned from the medical profession? I'm not sure how that would work. There must be an acceptable middle ground.

slightlyconfused85 · 11/08/2015 16:57

He definitely said 'ethical' although I can only think this is a religion based decision as I'm not sure why else he would object. I certainly don't think people of certain religions should be banned, however they would be more sensible surely to choose a profession (or another branch of
Medicine in this case) which wouldn't require them to compromise these beliefs almost daily .

OP posts:
MadMum2015 · 11/08/2015 16:57

I'm sure I'm being all sorts of non PC but he's in the wrong job. There's plenty of jobs in medicine where he could avoid this issue but he chooses to be a GP where probably at least one appointment a day will be about contraception. Not on.

CassieBearRawr · 11/08/2015 16:57

If someone refuses to perform their duties for whatever reason, religious or otherwise, then yes they should. They can't do their job. Most other people get sacked for that.

Pneumometer · 11/08/2015 16:58

Do the DR's who throw up these barriers to female contraception do the same if a man requests a vasectomy??

Up until ten years ago the standard forms in use by my local NHS trust required wife or partner's consent for a man to have a vasectomy, and men turning up for vasectomy advice on their own were turned away. It took quite a lot of yelling before the obviously ludicrousness meant it was stopped, and the new forms require the same consent as for female contraception (ie, the patient, the patient and the patient).

CoogerAndDark · 11/08/2015 16:59

OffEr all legal procedures and medication to all people or don't be in a job where you have to refuse.
If you see women as vessels for procreation and refuse to treat them then you should not be in a position where your outdated and misogynist views can affect their right to treatment.

CassieBearRawr · 11/08/2015 17:00

Not banned as in "All Christians cannot be doctors end of" BUT it should be explicitly clear that being a doctor involves X, Y and Z. If you are unable or unwilling to do that then by virtue of failing a basic tenet of the job you can't have that job.

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