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slightlyconfused85 · 11/08/2015 15:24

Now before I start I generally think Gps are amazing people, I'm not dissing the profession. Today, however, I booked an appointment to get the contraceptive pill after the birth of my 2nd child. I was given an appointment with a locum who explained my options to me, then said he didn't prescribe contraception for ethical reasons. I then had to wait 45 minutes for another gp to be able to fit me in to prescribe this for me. Aibu to think that if the gp surgery is going to have locums that won't do this then they could have let me know on the phone when I booked? I know the receptionist didn't know what I wanted but they could say if it's an appointment to discuss contraception then say and we will find a different GP. Had loads of time wasted today and feeling (probably irrationally) irritable about it!

OP posts:
MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig · 11/08/2015 15:31

I think I'd have been a bit annoyed too. I wouldn't appreciate being messed about for his ethical reasons. I'd have said sorry, I don't believe in your ethical reasons and I like my bloody pills please.

TenForward82 · 11/08/2015 15:34

Holy mother f**k. I cannot STAND that shit. If your ethics prevent you from prescribing or dispensing certain medications, GTFO and find another job, you sexist POS.

CainInThePunting · 11/08/2015 15:34

Surely his anti-contraception beliefs are irrelevant in his professional capacity?
No wonder he is a locum.

StrattersDairyProductPervert · 11/08/2015 15:35

Frankly I don't think there is any place for GPs who won't prescribe legal contraception for 'ethical reasons'. If you're not prepared to offer the full service, don't become a GP FFS.

Imnotaslimjim · 11/08/2015 15:36

Are they actually allowed to do that? I'd be pretty pissed off too. If I'd have had DD with me as a newborn, she'd have let them know she was fed up of waiting around!

GraysAnalogy · 11/08/2015 15:36

I would report him, if he's working in the capacity as a GP he will get lots of women needing contraception and advice on things that he evidently won't find ethical. It's not doable to make all these women wait. What about a woman who wants an abortion? I dread to think what he would say

ihatethecold · 11/08/2015 15:38

Don't hold back ten say what you really mean Grin

laffymeal · 11/08/2015 15:39

Is that even legal? Imagine you had a JW surgeon refusing to give a patient a blood transfusion

holidaysarenice · 11/08/2015 15:41

The gmc/bma ruling on this is that, a doctor can refuse on ethical grounds but must give you access to someone who will prescribe etc.

He followed the guidance exactly, my massive complaint would be the forty five minute wait!!! Literally it takes max ten mins to wait for another gp to finish with their patient and then get them to prescribe.

Justwhy · 11/08/2015 15:41

Can things like this really happen?! Shock

So what if someone has been building up the courage to go on the pill and someone who they see as an intelligent professional says they object ethically. This then makes them feel that they are doing something wrong and they change their mind. I am genuinely amazed.

TenForward82 · 11/08/2015 15:41

Sorry ihatethecold, but it winds me up so much, as you can tell! What makes it worse is that the medication these sorts of people refuse to prescribe are usually "feminine" meds like contraception, morning-after pill, pregnancy termination drugs.

It just underlines the "oh you slutty slut having sexy sex for pleasure instead of procreation (while not being married [optional])! How dare you?" mentality of these people. GTFO of my business, it's 2015, ass.

TenForward82 · 11/08/2015 15:42

Justwhy, I think that's part of their intention, TBH. They only provide access to the service through alternative doctors / pharmacists because they HAVE to legally.

GraysAnalogy · 11/08/2015 15:43

Despite the BMA rules, it just doesn't make sense for him to work in this role at all.

ollieplimsoles · 11/08/2015 15:44

Loving Ten's reply there Grin

But seriously, 45 fucking minutes only to be told he can't do it?

So what if someone has been building up the courage to go on the pill and someone who they see as an intelligent professional says they object ethically. This then makes them feel that they are doing something wrong and they change their mind. I am genuinely amazed.

And this ^

Vulnerable teenagers perhaps?

mygrandchildrenrock · 11/08/2015 15:46

I needed a pelvic examination, made an appointment and was met by a male locum who told me he wouldn't do this. I explained that having had 5 children I didn't mind, and he could get a chaperone in but he still declined. He made an appointment with a female GP for 2 days time, which was quite frustrating.

softhedgehog · 11/08/2015 15:46

That is very unusual. I've been a GP for over ten years and I have never met a Dr who won't prescribe contraception. I know a few who won't get involved with terminations. It would be reasonable to make a complaint and ask them to look at streamlining the process as this will happen again and again.

TenForward82 · 11/08/2015 15:47

Ewww, vaginas! Pathetic.

lastqueenofscotland · 11/08/2015 15:47

Ten you've made my day :)

Lavenderice · 11/08/2015 15:48

I've never heard of this before but stuff like it really annoys me. I've never been back to
my previously lovely family GP after he wouldn't refer me for a termination. Then when the medical termination didn't work and I had to be transferred by ambulance to another hospital for an emergency surgical
termination on a weekend I had to wait for them to find an anesthetist who would consent to the op!

TenForward82 · 11/08/2015 15:49

Thanks, lastqueen!

UrethraFranklin1 · 11/08/2015 15:49

It's funny how these ethical objections are only against things that help women, in general.
Twat. But the real fault is in your surgery for employing a locum that can't do the job required. Was he the only one available? Does't say much for their professionalism.

TenForward82 · 11/08/2015 15:50

Lavenderice Yes, if only the women involved had the option to "not be involved" with a termination, eh? I'm so sorry that happened to you. In a difficult times you need support by so-called professionals, not a load of morally superior willy-waving.

Lavenderice · 11/08/2015 15:52

morally superior willy-waving Grin

lastqueenofscotland · 11/08/2015 15:52

Morally superior willy waving is the greatest sentence ever.

I'm so lucky there are three gps in my local surgery all of whom are fantastic

2tired2bewitty · 11/08/2015 15:54

This happened to me once, except that I mentioned on booking that it was about the Pill and they still booked me in with the (otherwise lovely) Catholic GP.

She printed off the prescription and then went to get another GP to sign it off, only after I left did I realise that she'd picked my brother's best friend's dad Blush

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