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To think cats swanning about on work surface/table is gross?

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Fluffy24 · 03/08/2015 18:45

One minute it's in the litter box and the next it's on the kitchen table. Urgh.

But surprises me how many people I know who think it's fine.

Is it just me?

OP posts:

Buttercup27 · 03/08/2015 18:47

Not just you but you can't exactly stop them
Just hope people clean their surfaced before they make food


JacD0 · 03/08/2015 18:48

I fuckin hate cats though Grin


Sparklingbrook · 03/08/2015 18:49

I love cats. My cat is not allowed in the kitchen. She doesn't mind. I don't know anyone who allows their cat to go on the kitchen worktops/table though.


perplexedpirate · 03/08/2015 18:50

There are two ways to keep cats off your worktops; either don't have cats or don't have worktops.
I agree it's a bit grim though, I use a lot of anti bac spray.


CassieBearRawr · 03/08/2015 18:51

YANBU. My friend used to het let her cat lick the kitchen taps where there was a drip Hmm


pasturesgreen · 03/08/2015 18:51

Cat owner here.

Yep, perfectly all right. It's no use trying to prevent the cat from getting on kitchen surfaces/bed/dining table anyway. He'll go there whether you like it not, it's not a dog that can be trained, nor would I want to.

You just have to keep on top of your cleaning, but that you'd do anyway I suppose!


BeautifulBatman · 03/08/2015 18:51

It's not great - I have 5 cats and an open plan downstairs to my house so I can't lock them out of the kitchen. I just spray down the kitchen sides with antibacterial dettol spray before I use them. It only takes a minute and I haven't got sick so far in 20 years of cat serving.....


ahbollocks · 03/08/2015 18:52

No litter box here. Mine is allowed on the table but not worktops because I don't want him to get burnt. I anti back before we eat so don't see the issue to be honest :)


NotReallyAPrincess · 03/08/2015 18:52

Yes, everything gets wiped down multiple times a day. Things like chopping boards are always kept in cupboards.

It is gross, but the cats came with the DP & I rather like him...


usualsuspect333 · 03/08/2015 18:53

I've tell my cat to stop walking on the work surface to get to the kitchen windowsill, but he just ignores me.


MizK · 03/08/2015 18:54

It is gross. Not just bacteria but detritus like hairs etc.
My cat always tries to get on them. I used to spray him with water when he did it so now just a menacing shake of the water spray reminds him.
Cats at least prompt their owners to keep on top of cleaning the surfaces regularly I suppose.


Fluffy24 · 03/08/2015 18:55

Where do we stand on allowing cat to walk up and down the table when you have guests eating?

OP posts:

DawnOfTheDoggers · 03/08/2015 18:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IHaveBrilloHair · 03/08/2015 18:57

My cats go wherever they like, I clean before preparing food.


WhoNickedMyName · 03/08/2015 18:57

Can't stop my cat, I lift him down whenever I catch him though, and wipe the worktops numerous times throughout the day.

I got locked out last week and the cat placed himself on the worktop in front of the kitchen window and proceeded to spend a good 20 minutes licking his balls and arse, occasionally throwing me a look of contempt/satisfaction as I banged on the window.


MagpieCursedTea · 03/08/2015 18:57

My cats are surprisingly good about this, they never go up on the kitchen worktops. They rarely climb on the table and if they do, they're quick to jump down with a stern look.
They do however sleep on our beds and sit on our furniture. I know when to pick my cat battles Grin


Fluffy24 · 03/08/2015 18:57

Or feeding the cat on work surfaces?

OP posts:

thecatneuterer · 03/08/2015 18:58

I'm guessing you don't want to come to eat at my house then Grin.

My kitchen surfaces have been covered in cats for years and it's never done me any harm.

To think cats swanning about on work surface/table is gross?

Onedayinthesun · 03/08/2015 18:58

Yes OP, most gross!!! Confused Have always thought this, you are not alone or unreasonable!


Sparklingbrook · 03/08/2015 18:58

No to feeding the cat on work surfaces or letting it on the dining table.


Donnakim · 03/08/2015 18:59

Not an issue with mine Fluffy, but she will sit in an empty chair looking as though she should have her own place setting. That unsettles people quite a bit!


RJnomore · 03/08/2015 19:01

BOAK. YANBU. Having read this thread I will never eat anything in a cat owners home ever again.


NotReallyAPrincess · 03/08/2015 19:02

Where do we stand on allowing cat to walk up and down the table when you have guests eating?

Depends on the guests! Ours have learned that they'll get in trouble if on the table when people are eating. Did it a lot when they were kittens but not so much now.


BeautifulBatman · 03/08/2015 19:02

Fluffy not with guests.... But when it's just me and DH Blush


tabulahrasa · 03/08/2015 19:02

I feed mine on a table...but it's only used for feeding the cats and piling up random stuff on, not humans eating.

Worktops...they don't go on when they know I'm looking, but that's as far as I've manage to get with cat training.

So I just make sure I always wipe them down before I use them in case a cat has been there.

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