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To think nothing is as good as Buffy the Vampire Series?

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mamapants · 02/08/2015 13:45

Just that really?
It wad pretty much the first multi season series that I watched and I'm currently rewatching -for the one millionth time- and am really sad it's going to be over.
I know I'll watch it again in a few years time.
But nothing else has come close really has it?

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roofio87 · 02/08/2015 13:48

I agree totally!! I love Buffy, all these years later and it's still my favourite. I was just thinking the other day that it's been a while and it's time for a re-watch!!


notinagreatplace · 02/08/2015 13:59

It is great. Have recently been enjoying Veronica Mars on DVD which does come close though..


mamapants · 02/08/2015 14:03

Veronica Mars you say...might check it out. Never watched it.
Anyone watched any of Sarah Michelle gellars more recent stuff?
Think im feeling nostalgic for when I was a teenager watching Buffy for the first time

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StockingFullOfCoal · 02/08/2015 14:18

I love Buffy too.

Supernatural and Veronica Mars are a close second and third.


FithColumnist · 02/08/2015 14:19

YABVU. Firefly was far better.


mamapants · 02/08/2015 14:21

Is there just the one series of Firefly fith?
I've not watched that either.
I didn't really get into supernatural watched a couple of episodes

OP posts:

thatstoast · 02/08/2015 14:24

I watched Sarah Michelle Gellar in Ringer. It was awful but weirdly compelling.

My favourite TV serieseseses are Buffy, Firefly, Mad Men, Veronica Mars (1&2, movie is good too), West Wing.


StockingFullOfCoal · 02/08/2015 14:29

Firefly is awesome too.


kali110 · 02/08/2015 15:45

Omg loved buffy, veronica mars and ringer! Was gutted they cancelled them! Secret circle was getting so good and they went and cancelled that too! Then the tomorrow people yet they keep the same old shite on!!!


CharlieCoCo · 02/08/2015 16:06

ringer was awesome.


DadfromUncle · 02/08/2015 16:10

YABVU Everyone knows Prisoner Cell Block H was the pinnacle and will never be surpassed.


mamapants · 02/08/2015 16:39

So mixed on ringer looks like good reviews on amazon, will check properly when kids in bed.

OP posts:

thatstoast · 02/08/2015 16:47

Have you seen Orphan Black? That's a bit like Ringer, in that it's really weird, but better IMO.


mamapants · 02/08/2015 16:51

I really like Orphan Black not sure it's going to keep up with its earlier promise. That's a problem with a lot of these things, they seem to lose it, like heroes, really enjoyed the first couple then it became rubbish and I didn't finish it.

OP posts:

MagicalMrsMistoffelees · 02/08/2015 17:20

What about The Walking Dead?


Whiskwarrior · 02/08/2015 17:24

I'm re-watching Buffy at the moment. On series 4, so intersecting with Angel series 1 cos it's the law.

I haven't watched them through since they finished premiering on Skype years ago so it's very like watching them for the first time. Wonderful.

I'm up to 'Hush'. Who's jealous?


mamapants · 02/08/2015 17:26

I do like walking dead, am a bit behind now.
I am trying to do the intersecting Buffy with angel (never managed to watch angel) but am failing so far. I'm on series 6 of Buffy and episode ten of angel. Oops

OP posts:

mamapants · 02/08/2015 19:07

Anyone read the comics?

OP posts:

mamapants · 20/09/2015 15:51

Just coming back to say thanks for the Veronica Mars tip, ordered it after your recommendation. Loving it, nearly finished season 3.

Am also getting more into angel, just finished season 2.

Any more recommendations gracefully received!

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ThisIsntFunnyDean · 20/09/2015 15:58



MyNewBearTotoro · 20/09/2015 16:01

Loved the first 4 series of Buffy and can infinitely rematch them.

It all went down hill with the introduction of Dawn though. Don't think I even watched the last series.


Welshmaenad · 20/09/2015 16:02

I've kissed Spike. Just thought I'd throw that out there Grin


Welshmaenad · 20/09/2015 16:03

But Bear - Once More With Feeling???


AllThePrettySeahorses · 20/09/2015 17:07

YABU. I was always a Xena woman myself - she could kick Buffy's ass (and did once if I recall correctly Wink.


CherylTunt · 20/09/2015 17:20

I don't think there is anything I love as much as Buffy so YANBU!

Firefly is also great, and I really liked Dollhouse too once it got going (first few episodes are weak but if you power through it gets quite brilliant!)

Battlestar Galactica is amazing although not Buffy-esque - it has a different tone and different place in the great TV canon, but is similarly addictive.

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