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companies calling to confirm

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Talismania · 27/07/2015 07:43

A while back I had a problem with a contractor coming to do something in my house. I left my phone at work and missed his 'call to confirm' on the day. He never showed up.

Last night I got a call at 8pm which I missed until this morning from a company whose coming to do something at the house first thing in the morning. Left a message as saying I needed to call back last night and confirm that the appointment is still OK for me otherwise it may not go ahead. OF course I didnt listen to the voicemail until morning, now when I try calling now, the business is closed until the time of my appointment. So they're not going to get my confirmation call until the time of my apt, meaning again prob won't show.

Is this a new thing? I get why some people might want a conformation call. BUt in the absence of one, is cancelling the apt or no-showing really the thing that is done? AIBU to think that if the confirmation call goes unanswered you show up at the arranged time & place anyway?

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Flossyfloof · 27/07/2015 08:19

I made an appointment to view a property a few weeks ago. I subsequently missed a voicemail and called back to apologise and confirm that I would be at the house at the agreed time. Arrived at the house - no one there. I fetched my phone after a few minutes waiting, to find a text saying that unless I texted back they weren't going to be there. Bloody ridiculous. I understand that people do let them down but how many times do you have to confirm?


Talismania · 27/07/2015 08:27

it would make more sense to call and say to call back if you can't make the apt, not cancel it because you've not called!

And I arranged this on Friday. Would think an apt made on Friday for the following Monday wouldn't need confirmation call, especially at 8pm on a Sunday!

OP posts:

LurkingHusband · 27/07/2015 09:52

to find a text saying that unless I texted back they weren't going to be there.

Texts (like emails) aren't guaranteed to get through. Did they know this ?


Chunkymonkey79 · 27/07/2015 10:58

In my old job, after booking a customer appointment, i kid you not, we sent the following:

Confirmation by email, text and letter, then called to confirm the day before then called again when en route Confused some mindless idiots still failed to show up thoughGrin

We would never cancel because we couldn't get confirmation though! That's rude!


Queenbean · 27/07/2015 11:00

This drives me mad!!

Lots of restaurants do this now, so I will make a reservation the day before and then get a call on the day to confirm. Errrr, yes, I made the reservation yesterday. And if I miss the call they leave a vm saying that the reservation will be cancelled if I don't phone back


LurkingHusband · 27/07/2015 11:39

Interestingly enough, I've not read of any complaints when NHS services do this.

Our dentist will call the day before, as does two departments MrsLH uses at the local hospital (one does it with an automated menu, asking you to "press 1 if you are MrsLH" Hmm).

Apparently it cuts DNAs quite a bit.

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