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to be irritated with parking cones outside my house ?

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mrsfuzzy · 11/07/2015 20:24

i don't even drive, but there are parking cones moved onto the road outside my home the moment my new neighbour goes out in the car. several people have already said how selfish i am for having the bloody things there... AARRGGHH !!

OP posts:

MarchLikeAnAnt · 11/07/2015 20:27


itsmeitscathy · 11/07/2015 20:27

move them,kidnap them or add to a random statue


londonrach · 11/07/2015 20:28

If neighbour is placing cones is road its consider a hazzard in the highway which is dangerous and your neighbour could be in serious trouble. From memory onky the police or similar can put cones on the hoghway. Private land is different. Im sure someone on mn can give you the correct and more up to date information x


MythicalKings · 11/07/2015 20:29

Move them to outside their house. Do it every time. They'll soon give up.


RandomMess · 11/07/2015 20:31

Stack them up and leave them on their pavement so anyone can park there?


londonrach · 11/07/2015 20:32

Hogway! I love my ipad sometimes..


Tistheseasonbear · 11/07/2015 20:32

Agree. Keep moving them or stacking them up etx


wevecomeonholidaybymistake · 11/07/2015 20:34

Just move them!


RaptorInaPorkPieHat · 11/07/2015 20:34

I'd just nick em.


mrsfuzzy · 11/07/2015 20:35

march loved this link - so funny, i'm obviously bu traffic cones need love too.
its i could arrange in their front garden as a feature, with the broken down car.
london people move them around on the pavement when the cars are there, so it causes problems for the predestrians, a bit like a game of chess really! but still so bloody irritating all the same.
will have to call the council i guess.

OP posts:

PeppaWellington · 11/07/2015 20:35

Take them to the nearest police station.


RobotHamster · 11/07/2015 20:35

Yes, just move them


mrsfuzzy · 11/07/2015 20:36

i do move them but the neighbours stick them outside my hedge on the pavement.

OP posts:

HoneyDragon · 11/07/2015 20:37

This is easily rectified

Just put a sign on your door saying

I'm not the cunt cone, he is ->

Problem solved.


cleanmyhouse · 11/07/2015 20:38

Stick them back in their garden every time.


HoneyDragon · 11/07/2015 20:38

Or even ......

I'm not cone cunt, he is ----->


LazyLouLou · 11/07/2015 20:39

  1. Put a big sign on them... Not mine ----> his

2. After a few days of that, steal them, 1 by 1.
3. When you have them all, make a pretty stack of them in front of his door.
4. When he starts using them again, repeat Step 2. But this time drop them off at your local police station

Have fun Smile

RaptorInaPorkPieHat · 11/07/2015 20:42

Seriously........ just nick em.

Then he'll acquire more........ nick them too.

Then on xmas eve under the cover of darkness, stack them all up on his front doorstep (hopefully there'll be a really impressive number by that point). You could gift wrap them for added effect, but that might be overkill. Grin


Adarajames · 11/07/2015 20:49

I have a section 7 certificate that means Im legally allowed to put cones and signs in the road


Kissesgingers · 11/07/2015 20:58

Has the neighbour got a section 7?


ghostyslovesheep · 11/07/2015 21:15

OP I feel your pain - I have some random car parked in my garden tonight (no pavement - but parking for 2 cars outside mine on the block paving/edge of garden) no fucking idea who it is - tempted to let a tyre down but then I remember a) I don't own the road and b) I am moving in 3 weeks to a house with a huge drive and parking for 6 cars Grin I have wine so fuckit


ovumahead · 11/07/2015 21:20

Steal the cones and replace with really small mini Lego cones or similar and place on their doorstep. That will really fuck with their minds. Yeah.


MythicalKings · 11/07/2015 21:25

Ice cream cones?


Sistedtwister · 11/07/2015 22:12

We had a tv company who shall remain nameless inform us that they were filming in the next street and would require the parking areas on our street for their vehicles for 2 weeks. They failed to realise that the street I live on is private and that they need to ask permission not dictate.

Needless to say the cones they placed were stacked neatly at the end of the street for them and we all parked as usual. The director got quite distraught. Twas mildly amusing and the drama was crap anyway.


Getthewonderwebout · 11/07/2015 22:18

What's a section 7? I googled but it mentioned children and residency.

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