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To feel slightly offended?

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RosesandRugby · 09/07/2015 16:05

I'm on the school ptfa. Today we had an outdoor event at school where everyone was invited to watch their DC. I helped set up tables and chairs at the beginning and to supervise the children during the event. I have all the usual disclosures required for supervising the children at the school as does my DH.

At the end of the event all the children were permitted home early and I helped to stack chairs and tables while the children got their bags. Once all the parents and children had left myself and my DH started to make our way to the doors of the hall to return all the chairs etc. it's something we have done dozens of times but this time a member of staff shuts and locks the door in our faces and shouts through the door that parents are not permitted on the premises. I pointed out we had set up and helped run the event she pointed to a new sign that says no entry to unauthorised personnel and she refused to open the door. Confused

My DH said that if they're going to be like that then they can put their own stuff away and we have left leaving 200 chairs and 50 tables outside. I'm feeling a little bit miffed to be honest especially given they were begging for help this morning.

Do you think I am BU to feel put out? I'm unsure if I ever want to help them out again now. Have they just had too much sun? I briefly mentioned it to the head and she said it's a safeguarding issue Hmm

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grapejuicerocks · 11/07/2015 10:12

Poor kids. They'll ultimately be the ones who lose out.
Do the moaning staff know what happened? Make sure they do.
What do the other members of the pta say about it?

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