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neighbours offended that I suggested hiring a skip

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marrqkashg · 04/07/2015 08:33

My neighbours front garden is an eye saw, they habe a old kitchen unit next to the bin, an overgrown bush messy, grass that's barely cut twice a week. Some weeds poping up through the concrete.

I've joked many times about it but it really does bring the street down. Other day I suggested hiring a skip, since then they've ignored me. They are just being precious right?

OP posts:
somewheresomehow · 04/07/2015 14:10

this has got to be a wind up

wowfudge · 04/07/2015 14:12

I will ask our NDN if he wants to use a skip we're getting because I know he's doing work on his house and will probably find it handy. But we'll be getting it for our own use anyway.

You are overstepping the mark. Offering to mow the grass would be much more neighbourly.

sidneypie · 04/07/2015 14:32

My back lawn is currently about a foot high. It is full of clover and other wild flowers (or weeds depending on your point of view). As I sit here all I can hear is the hum of dozens of bees flitting here and there along with clouds of damsel flies and other insects.
I've no doubt to the lawn Nazis it looks a mess. If you don't like it don't bloody look at it.

Spog · 04/07/2015 14:55

no-one wants to live next to an eye-sore.
i would hate that.

Pico2 · 04/07/2015 14:58

Our front garden isn't perfect by any means, but we have pulled out of a house purchase when we realised that the state of the NDN's garden was permanent. While some people are fine living next to chaos, I didn't want to invest in a house and improvements only to find that I couldn't recoup my investment if we had to sell and the neighbours put off potential buyers.

Oldraver · 05/07/2015 11:55

I had a car on my front garden for a while years and one on my drive. I'm sure it really pissed off the neighbours but they had the good grace not to mention it.

They did come out and watched them being taken away...and probably cheered

Oldraver · 05/07/2015 11:55

It does make me titter the car can still be seen on Google Earth

CuttedUpPear · 05/07/2015 12:07

Check your own perfect life before criticising others.
Maybe start with your grammar and spelling?

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