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To despair at how hard it is to lose weight?

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Angel1983 · 02/07/2015 20:29

I know I need to toughen myself up and it's my own fault for letting my weight get so out of control in the first place but my word how hard is it to lose weight?

I have just been to the gym and worked my backside off on the cross trainer (amongst other things). After ten minutes of really going for it (sweating and panting) I had burned only 50 calories. This is not even enough for an apple!

AIBU to feel disheartened? How do you keep your motivation? Help!Blush

OP posts:
turtletoes · 02/07/2015 21:32

It seems hard when you first start but just take one day at a time. I lost four stones last year by doing Weight Watchers online. Still have a good two stone to go and it's going sooo slowly now but eating clean and exercising makes you feel good!

Not feeling sluggish and celebrating even half a pound weight loss keeps me motivated. The odd treat here and there keeps me on track as well because I track it properly and try not to binge when I'm frustrated!

monkeyfacegrace · 02/07/2015 21:50

Yes it is fine to cut out carbs and yes they are the devil. It's not dieting, it's not being brainwashed by what is now entirely discredited research.

You can get plenty of 'carbs' from vegetables without having to eat rice/pasta/flour.

I'm not slim and healthy from eating in moderation. I eat lots, and until I'm full. I'm never ever hungry or deprived. I snack on cheese and chicken and drink litres of water.

Its really not a diet or hard work.

sootballs · 02/07/2015 21:54

I tried and failed sw and was left feeling really really shit about it.

I was back to my healthy weight after my first baby within 12 months but I am finding I am heavier 2 years after my second than i was when I was very heavily pregnant.

And it's making me feel shit

EastMidsMummy · 02/07/2015 21:59

Actually losing weight can be hard for some people. It's not a simple as 'eat less move more'.

I am super active, I walk the equivalent of a marathon a week, jog 3 times a week, yoga every day, low carb and drink plenty of water and I'd be lucky to lose...I usually put on!

Then eat less.

Angel1983 · 02/07/2015 22:04

Sorry I disapeared everyone - I genuinely had to go and have a lie down, as I was so exhausted. I'm very unfit.

The cross trainer was on level 4. However, this is a new gym and the machine felt very tough. At my old gym the I used the cross trainer at between levels 6 - 10. This was actually easier than the machine tonight!

I have just signed up to my fitness pal - this looks very useful. Thanks!

I am determined to stay motivated. It has recently become clear to me that I need to lose the weight to improve my self esteem. This weight is coming off!

OP posts:
DrHarleenFrancesQuinzel · 02/07/2015 22:04


Im finding it hard too. Its keeping up with the motivation that makes me fail. I have very little motivation ATM.

I think the first thing to do is to get into the right frame of mind. You have to want it for it to work. You have to believe it will work (whichever method you choose). Otherwise there is no point. If, like me, you are finding it hard to get into that frame of mind then just concentrate on a couple of changes at a time. It takes longer this way, but Ive no chance if I try to follow any particular plan or advice as it is too much of a change.

neolara · 02/07/2015 22:06

I also have to agree that reducing carbs can make a huge difference. I've just changed the balance of what I eat, upping the veg and downsized the carbs. E.g. Instead of having 120grams of pastsa with one leek in a white sauce, tonight I had 70g of pasta with 3 leeks and a big dollop of creme fraiche. It was a huge meal! I've lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks, which frankly is miraculous. I'm pretty sure it's real fat and not water as been using my fitness pal and I'm eating many fewer calories. And I honestly haven't been hungry and I also haven't changed how much fat I eat at all.

DrHarleenFrancesQuinzel · 02/07/2015 22:06

X-posts there OP.

From your last post it sounds like you are having that motivation right now. Just try to keep it.

3littlefrogs · 02/07/2015 22:06

The only thing that works for me is cutting out carbs. I am managing to keep to under 50g of carbs a day.

If you can get through the first 2 weeks it becomes much easier, you don't feel hungry and don't crave the sweet things.

My weight got really out of control over the last year. I had to weigh myself for a medical procedure recently and seeing it written down was awful.

I have been low carbing for 3 weeks and have lost half a stone. Only another stone and a half to go... My clothes are definitely a bit roomier.

LashesandLipstick · 02/07/2015 22:09

Monkey no they're not. It's as simple as eating less than you use. You could eat nothing BUT carbs and lose weight if you are less calories.

flanjabelle · 02/07/2015 22:18

Cico - calories in vs calories out.

eat less than you use and you will lose. It really doesn't matter what you eat, cutting out carbs won't make a jot of difference if you eat tons of calories in protein and fat. If you are over your tdee, you will gain. if you meet your tree, you will maintain. If you have a deficit, you will lose.

I'm on mfp and have lost 30lbs in the last 4 months. I eat anything I want, including, shock horror, carbs! I just make sure I am within my calorie goal. Easy peasy.

flanjabelle · 02/07/2015 22:18

tdee not tree. Thanks autocorrect!

flanjabelle · 02/07/2015 22:19

Oh and weigh everything you eat with kitchen scales. You will probably be very surprised at what a portion should actually look like.

Ledare · 02/07/2015 22:22

The calculator says my TDEE is over 1600 Shock

That can't be right. I'm barely losing on 1300 and gain if I eat 1500. I am mid forties but post-menopause. Should I tell it I am ten years older?

broadbeanstew · 02/07/2015 22:27

I tell you what's worked for me without even realising it- eating my main meal at midday! I work in a school and as part of my job (because I eat with the kids) I get a free school dinner. So, middle of the day I eat a big, carb-laden school dinner, even pudding! As a result I am never hungry in the evening. I feed the DC and might pick a little at what they are eating or have some fruit or a piece of toast but that's it. I haven't been trying to lose weight but all of a sudden it's coming off.

IDoAllMyOwnStunts · 02/07/2015 22:30

I second calorie counting. It's simple maths. You need a 500 calorie deficit a day from your maintenance quota to lose a pound a week. I just use a pen and paper and tot it up for the day as I couldn't be arsed with logging it all on mfp.

There are plenty of free online calorie counters that will give you the calories you need to maintain your current weight. Just deduct 500 from that.

Dead easy, nothing is off limits. Just stick within your quota. I've just lost a stone, slow and steady at 1lb a week doing this. Don't feel hungry at all.

Best of luck. There are plenty of tips and support on the calorie counting board here and advice for low calorie snacks/foods/treats.

Grilledkippers · 02/07/2015 22:32

I really recommend the '30 Day Shred' DVD. I'm still on level 1 & it's only 20 mins exercise every day but it really works & I feel so good since starting. Combined with eating lots of healthy food I think it's really effective.

Tapirbackrider · 02/07/2015 22:35

That calculator tells me that my TDEE is 2069 calories a day.

I'm 2 stone overweight, have been on 1200 calories a day, and exercising a minimum of 1 hour a day for at least 4 days a week.

I keep track of everything via my Fitbit.

Since February I've lost 6lbs. That's it - a measly 6 lbs, and it's been a bloody struggle.

For some of us, it's not as easy as eat less, do more.

SmillasSenseOfSnow · 02/07/2015 22:38

Don't 'just go for it' for a short burst. Sounds like you're pushing into your anaerobic zone (ie you're working harder than you are currently able to support with oxygen supply). Slow it down a bit, keep an eye on your heart rate (the cross-trainer probably has a way to measure it, approximately) and learn what sort of heart rate you need to stay below to avoid feeling terrible after ten minutes. You will burn far more by staying in the 'aerobic zone' and thereby being able to work out for longer. Exercise doesn't have to be horrible!

tabulahrasa · 02/07/2015 22:44

"Honestly in my opinion slimming world is grim, start cooking everything from scratch"

Um...but that's what you have to do with slimming world.

It's designed around the idea that you cook from scratch and that's when it works best, yes some people manage to follow it while eating just muller lights, weird substitute junk food and lettuce, but that's not actually what you're supposed to do on it.

It doesn't suit everyone, but the whole point of it is to eat a varied diet of fresh home made food.

80sMum · 02/07/2015 22:45

Cutting back on processed food can only be a good thing. The problem with refined carbohydrates is that there is no bulk - e.g. think how many oranges there are in one glass of juice. No one would want to eat 8 oranges in one go, but it's easy to OD on fructose and drink the equivalent of 8 oranges by slugging back a glass of juice - and it doesn't fill you up like 8 oranges would, so then you eat something afterwards, so it's a double whammy.

PrettyObvious · 02/07/2015 22:53

You need to analyse what you are eating and what doesn't suit you.
If you are stuffing bread, cakes, pasta etc. all the time and not moving, you will store it as fat.
If you eat food that is as near to its natural state as can be, chew each mouthful 25 times (to get the digestive process going) and drink enough water, you may lose weight.
The fact is that throwing processed "unnatural" stuff down your throat will not end well.
Exercise is fine, if you normally don't move a lot, but will tone your underlying muscles, rather than dissolve fat, unless you go to extremes.
The other thing to remember is that, as you get older, you need less energy - which comes from food and drink.

MrsBertMacklin · 02/07/2015 23:02

Tapir, my TDEE was 1900 when I was a t the +2 stone point and if I ate less than 1400 kcals, I plateaued. Google starvation mode, you might be not eating enough.

Tapirbackrider · 02/07/2015 23:09


Starvation mode isn't the cause - my knackered thyroid is.

It sucketh mightily.

SmillasSenseOfSnow · 02/07/2015 23:13
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