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'This Morning's hosts being cruel, or was she fair game?

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paulapompom · 24/06/2015 14:08

First thread I've started. I watched This Morning, (I'm off sick awaiting surgery, and get my fun where I can!) There was an interview with a woman of 58, who says she looks 35, she says she's had men cry at her beauty, and people have crashed cars through looking at her in the street. She is very slim with large (implants ) breasts. Think She was in the newspaper recently.

The issue is Amanda an Phillip were clearly mocking her. They filmed her walking about and pointed out no one looked at her. Amanda was smirking and trying not to laugh, they both looked sceptical, Amanda asked if what was inside mattered and Phillip finished by saying 'well that just shows everyone is beautiful to someone'

AIBU to think they were cruel and nasty, or did she make herself open to this? I am cross on her behalf.

OP posts:
Goldmandra · 24/06/2015 16:02

Looking at the article, she does have a nice figure but I'd have put her more in her sixties than fifties, never mind thirties.

She clearly has some issue that means what she sees in the mirror is distorted in some way and that's leading her to set herself up for ridicule which is a shame.

I think the producers of This Morning should have a little more integrity. The freak-show element may get you better viewing figures but I don't think it fits in with the image they really want for the show. Poor judgment prevailed on this occasion. Let's hope they realise it.

Nettletheelf · 24/06/2015 16:06

This falls into the category of mocking the afflicted, in my opinion. Shame on This Morning.

Playthegameout · 24/06/2015 16:06

They do brief guests about their interviews beforehand, so I'm guessing they told her it would be tongue in cheek. She wants her 15 minutes so she took the opportunity up. I wouldn't feel too cross on her behalf, she's put herself into the public eye and, given what her claims are, she must expect
people might take them with a pinch of salt.

BolshierAyraStark · 24/06/2015 16:08

Fuck me, she clearly has some sort of disorder that means what she sees in the mirror is entirely different to reality-if she looks 35 then I reckon I can pull off 18, woo hoo!

Hygge · 24/06/2015 16:12

In several of those photographs it does look like one side of her mouth is pulled down while the other isn't, I agree roussette.

FarFromAnyRoad · 24/06/2015 16:14

What's going on with all these people doing this shit these days? Is Samantha Brick locked up or something? Katie Hopkins unavailable? That ghastly NSH boob job thing whose name escapes me - is she busy this week?
It says something quite dreadful about society that this woman will probably get rich off the back of this - it didn't do La Brick or La Hopkins any harm did it?

noddyholder · 24/06/2015 16:14

I don't think anyone is fair game Didnt see it but the presenters are both loathsome creatures with huge egos

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