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To want to let my 1yo swim in just a swim nappy?

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RugBugs · 23/06/2015 19:18

We were asked to leave our local Council run pool today after a lifeguard ascertained that my 1 year old wearing just a swim nappy was a girl. His explanation was that it 'wasn't fair' and the duty manager came out with the most ridiculous reasoning. It's not disallowed but probably sensible that she wears a one piece just in case there are any paedophiles taking photographs Hmm how would we feel.
If she'd have been in her pirate nappy instead of a flowery one no one would have bothered.
The pool was busy with parents watching swimming lessons so it was really quite embarrassing and I couldn't actually leave because my older DD was in a lesson.
There is a reason for wearing just a swim nappy, because it is a washable one it doesn't really fit under a swimsuit that well and the two fabrics catch each other when wet.

OP posts:

5madthings · 23/06/2015 19:23

So they wanted your baby daughter to cover her chest because she is a girl?

Seriously, stupidity knows no bounds. Fwiw my dd often swims in just trunks/shorts and it's not been an issue so it must depend on each pools policy.


MarchLikeAnAnt · 23/06/2015 19:23

YANBU if male babies don't have to wear a top.


reni1 · 23/06/2015 19:24

What, to cover her boobs Grin ? Oh dear.


VivaLeBeaver · 23/06/2015 19:24

That's insane. Id be doing a daily mail sad face interview with the local paper!


TheCatHimselfKnows · 23/06/2015 19:25



AnythingNotEverything · 23/06/2015 19:28

WTF? I don't even know where to start.


Idontseeanydragons · 23/06/2015 19:31

Wow. I'm not one for the whole sad face thing but I'd definitely be asking someone to publicly clarify the policy on this one! Sounds like the fear of getting sued is outweighing common sense!


AmberNectarine · 23/06/2015 19:33

YANBU. If they really think there are paedophiles taking photos of children there are probably better courses of action than insisting a 1yo girl covers her nipples.


paulapompom · 23/06/2015 19:35

Seems silly, You are not being unreasonable, what a faff too, getting dd into the pool then having to leave. I'm with Viva - the daily mail woul love it " political corectness gone mad, health and safety, " etc. Poor dd x


MrsBojingles · 23/06/2015 19:43

If they think there are people taking photos of children surely they should address that Hmm


missymayhemsmum · 23/06/2015 19:45

What nonsense. Presumably the duty manager has a duty to prevent paedophiles taking pictures of children in the swimming pool, is he not able to do so? Do they have a policy? Is it not enforced? If they have the normal child protection procedures in place surely your dd is safe?


TheTravellingLemon · 23/06/2015 19:50

That's bonkers. I'm a swim teacher and it would never ever even occur to me. Plenty of babies swim in just their nappies and it's fine as long as they are warm enough. I don't allow pictures during lessons though. If parents really want to photograph their kids they have to wait until everyone else is out of the pool.


LibrariesGaveUsPower · 23/06/2015 19:52

Are you sure the reason didn't get mangled by an inept junior? Our pool has a 'two layers ' policy for pre - potty training. Either way, a letter is in order.


ProfessorPickles · 23/06/2015 19:53

How ridiculous! It's almost laughable how daft that is. I'm fairly certain male and female babies have the exact same chests!


DisappointedOne · 23/06/2015 19:53

If they think there are people taking photos of children surely they should address that

Our local pool wouldn't let me take photos of my appropriately dressed DD and DH in an otherwise empty pool "in case paedophiles got hold of the images".......... Hmm


DisappointedOne · 23/06/2015 19:54

I'd take it further, OP. That's complete madness.


specialsubject · 23/06/2015 19:54

next time just tell them she's a he. Unless they take the nappy off how are they going to know?


meerschweinchen · 23/06/2015 19:56

That's ridiculous! Lots of pools have a 'double bagging' rule - so swim nappy plus another layer i.e swimming trunks / costume. If they were upholding that rule it would make sense (to stop leaks) but for any other reason... just nonsense. Most one year olds look the same in a swimming pool anyway. Not sure I can aways tell the difference between boys and girls anyway.


RugBugs · 23/06/2015 19:58

To give them (some) credit the duty manager did say I should not have been asked to leave and offered to brief the staff member on their policy but then spent far longer trying to persuade me that putting her in a swimsuit was 'better for everyone'!
It bothers me that if she'd been in a neutral or 'boys' print nappy they wouldn't have asked. She'll be wearing her pirate print next week!

OP posts:

heronsfly · 23/06/2015 19:59

I think that's bonkers too, I work at a leisure centre with a pool and we see loads of babies in just a swim nappy, no issues with that whatsoever.
However we have got a no photography rule and that is only relaxed during private parties after the children have left the pool.


Pinkcatgirl · 23/06/2015 20:03

That's crazy. My DD is 2 yrs and 9 months and still swims in just her swim nappy / happy nappy. And even though it's pink people assume she's a boy....


SurlyCue · 23/06/2015 20:03

WTF? I don't even know where to start.


I'd be putting in a strongly worded complaint and writing to the local newspaper too, might even do a Dm sad face


llammallamamissesmama · 23/06/2015 20:05

That's just ridiculous. I was certain this would be a thread about poo leakage or how warm your baby was and it never occurred to me that it would be about someone looking at your baby inappropriately. How utterly ridiculous.

I second the poster who said that a baby is just a baby. Often in the pool you can't even tell what sex a baby is.

I'd have turned around and said that HE is wearing HIS sister's old nappy.

They have no right to ask you to leave. Your baby's safekeeping is your concern, not theirs.


fattymcfatfat · 23/06/2015 20:05

that's just nutty! I didn't realise my baby daughters chest was a sexual thing Hmm surely it's the same as a boy!
lemon you can teach me to swim if you're going to do it for free Wink


shattered77 · 23/06/2015 20:11

Take this to the papers! Outrageous.

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