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To think it's inappropriate to use this term?

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Welshmaenad · 21/06/2015 20:18

I picked up a pack of Bleach London bleaching kit and a couple of cream dyes in Boots today.

Was just looking at the back of the bleaching kit pack and it says it's for " blondorexics and casual bleach dabblers".

AIBU to think that's a really inappropriate bastardisation of anorexics, in this context? It's such a serious disease, I don't claim to be any kind of expert on the terminology but it seems very 'pro ana' and disrespectful of sufferers.

If IANBU how should I word my complaint to the company?

OP posts:

StockingFullOfCoal · 21/06/2015 20:19

Word it strongly.

Angry Twats.


CtrlAltDelicious · 21/06/2015 20:20

Hmm - do you feel the same about phrases such as workaholic, or chocaholic?


MistressMerryWeather · 21/06/2015 20:20


It doesn't even make sense.


peckforton · 21/06/2015 20:20

Blondoholics? spiting alcoholics, what word would you suggest for people who love really bleached hair?


DayToDayShit · 21/06/2015 20:21

I dont think it has any relation t anorexia tbh. It just means 'extreme' (i think)


CactusAnnie · 21/06/2015 20:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StillStayingClassySanDiego · 21/06/2015 20:21

I wouldn't give it head space tbh.


Welshmaenad · 21/06/2015 20:22

Blondaholics would make sense, and doesn't stigmatise anyone, the suffix -aholic just means addicted to.

Blondorexics - wtf??

OP posts:

peckforton · 21/06/2015 20:23

I was a bit of a bleach queen and bought their products but never noticed that I was more interested if they were any good.


ShatnersBassoon · 21/06/2015 20:23

It doesn't make sense at all. Like all the something-aholic words that piss me off too. Meaningless and trivialising.


MistressMerryWeather · 21/06/2015 20:24

Exactly Cactus.

Unless people are eating the stuff it.


LobsterQuadrille · 21/06/2015 20:24

-aholic just means addicted to.

Not really - addicted to alcohol = alcoholic. Therefore addicted to work should = workic. I hate "workaholic" for the same reason cited in the OP.


FirstWeTakeManhattan · 21/06/2015 20:31

Oh God, I can't believe I'm about to write this, but YANBU. I know that some of you will think I"m being a precious arse, but I'm not and I don't have any form for being a precious arse.

I did have have anorexia for years in my 20's, and yes, I find that made-up word triggering. There, I've said it.

Kate Moss said something years ago about always being 'a bit 'rexy' which I also found triggering.

I know that grammatically it doesn't make sense. I realise that it shouldn't make sense. But it's triggering for me.

Not saying it should be banned, as thankfully it won't bother most people, but YANBU to have clocked it, basically.


Pipbin · 21/06/2015 20:32

Putting -oholic on the end of a word is like gate as a suffix, lazy.

As for the actual OP, that word is worthy of a complaint.


AyMamita · 21/06/2015 20:42

Meh. Sunbed addicts are often called tanorexic. I think you're going out of your way to be offended! YABU.


Kennington · 21/06/2015 20:43

It's greek
The suffix orexia means appetite for

An means without
Hence anorexic means without appetite
I think linguists will be along in a minute and be more precise


lljkk · 21/06/2015 20:44

I don't understand how Blondorexic would stigmatise; it implies to me a disinclination to be blonde, though, so basically exact opposite of what they meant.

Blonde-aholic would be cute (having a shallow moment perhaps).


sharonthewaspandthewineywall · 21/06/2015 20:47

While you're at it you should complain about the hair dye brand manic panic- clearly minimising manic depression

Tigi's dumb blonde products- stereotyping all blondes.

Where does it end?


MistressMerryWeather · 21/06/2015 20:47

I have tweeted them. Let's see what they say.


Klayden · 21/06/2015 20:54

Tanorexic is not only offensive but it's stupid and makes no sense. It's meant to mean addicted to tanning? It doesn't mean that!


Klayden · 21/06/2015 20:55

Manic depression isn't even a diagnosis anymore and at least the term means something.


WayneRooneysHair · 21/06/2015 20:58

I suspect that it's trying to be funny, I'd complain.


AudiR8 · 21/06/2015 21:07

It is definitely distasteful but not something I would complain about to be honest.


crustsaway · 21/06/2015 21:11

Id not really get my hair off about it Grin

I often say a term that depicts something in a stronger sense. I say I have OCD sometimes. I say Im a work-holic sometimes. I say I have ADHD sometimes.

It's called having a sense of humour.


MistressMerryWeather · 21/06/2015 21:13

Is that what it's called? Really?

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