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Friend sent me this. Bleurgh.

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Fugghetaboutit · 21/06/2015 19:50

My friend just sent this to me. How vile and misogynistic is this shit?! Even in jest I don't find this funny. And what's #9 about?

Friend sent me this. Bleurgh.
OP posts:
differentnameforthis · 22/06/2015 10:26

Well...it's only hitting back at that 'rules for dating my daughter' shit, isn't it...

But yes, they are both equally vile

FishCanFly · 22/06/2015 10:30

Stupid and immature

Hygge · 22/06/2015 14:31

Did those rules not come from that woman who wrote that blog about her sons and their future wives?

I can't remember her name, she is American and wrote something about her sons not being friends on Facebook with half-naked girls? I think she had four sons and was going on about them (the girls) posing for selfies at bed time and how if they want to stay friends with her boys they can't post like that again.

The worst one I've seen is from SIL, who is 42 years old and posted a meme that said "I may have met my Prince, but my Daddy will always be my King" on Facebook recently.

Hygge · 22/06/2015 14:43

I just had to google who I meant.

It was this woman and her open letter to the teenage girls her sons are friends with on Facebook.

BreakingDad77 · 22/06/2015 15:04

I see a lot of the dating my daughter ones from american facebook friends - I put it down to being an american cultural phenomenon.

If any thing, is interesting that people think it needed to be 'equalicised' for mums about their sons at all.

Hidingbehindclouds · 22/06/2015 15:05

My MIL tagged me on this post on Facebook. I've been married to DH for 4 years and we have 2 dcs and a house. She tried to say it was a joke Hmm

JustDanceAddict · 22/06/2015 15:17

Both are vile.

Lucas83 · 22/06/2015 15:32

Surely this is just meant as a joke? I know mums and their boys have a special bond but this isn't to be taken seriously? I have a wee boy and if I ever said/did any of that I'd maybe go and get myself seen too!

lordsandladies · 22/06/2015 16:25

I actually get some of what that woman with the open letter is saying.

Ok it's shameful to her sons and she labours the you'll be deleted / stay pure bollocks. But actually her point about being more than 1 dimension and the shock factor of realising when it's out there its out there for the whole family to see not just their friends is valid.

mumofamudmagnet · 22/06/2015 19:49

At the risk of getting absolutely slated, I actually find it a bit funny. It's a well known fact that Mums have a special bond with their sons and I for one would go to the ends of the earth to protect his heart from the kind of scheming, manipulative, money grabbing girls that do actually exist. I'm not saying all girls are like this. I bring my son up to treat girls nicely and with respect, and so I will expect any future potential daughter in law to treat him with the same kindness and respect and not take advantage of him. I'm not saying I would go so far as murder, absolutely not! But I certainly won't put up with anyone being mean to him or being anything less than he deserves. If I had a daughter, I would also expect the same from any future son in law. In a nutshell, you treat my kids how you would like to be treated. If you treat them badly and they don't have the balls enough to treat you the same way (because I brought them up to be nice)...I will. Be nice to them and I will treat you like one of the family. However, if my son is unkind or hurtful to his girlfriend and it's unjustified, he will be very quickly reminded that I brought him up better than that! As for the picture in question, it is a little over the top, but there is some truth in it. At the end of the day, it's just a little bit of light hearted fun.

Fugghetaboutit · 22/06/2015 20:06

'Money grabbing' HmmConfused

I've usually had men after my money. I hate that stereotype that women are gold diggers.

OP posts:
Hygge · 22/06/2015 20:29

It's up to your son to decide if someone is being "less than he deserves" though mumof.

You bring them up to know how to make good choices (to quote Jamie Lee Curtis) but you don't get to make those choices for them.

Doobigetta · 22/06/2015 20:42

I started reading the "open letter" thinking, omg, silly cow, her poor kids. But her points are actually perfectly valid. She isn't saying "stay away with from precious sons you nasty sluts", she's trying to get them to think through the consequences of posting naked selfies.

UglyBugaz · 22/06/2015 20:45

Funny enough, I was watching monster in law yesterday

MagicalHamSandwich · 22/06/2015 20:53

Apart from the obvious stupidity this is also so creepy! Keep out of your children's love life, folks, I mean it!

I married a guy with a mother like that. One day she gave me some ghastly pink nylon lingerie and declared it was important that her son had something appealing to look at. Nearly put me off sex for life! Grin

urrrnurrrjohnsnurrr · 22/06/2015 21:09

I don't know who's worse! The people who write that crap or the people who share it for "lols".

lordsandladies · 22/06/2015 21:10

Oh mudmagnet you are setting yourself up for a fall. You won't get to control those choices or really have any impact on them. Try to do more than gently advise, act in a "mother bear" way when he's an adult and you'll see that "special bond" disappear like the wind if he's in love.

Magical Envy

Newrule · 22/06/2015 21:20

It is meant as a joke. I did not find it funny but clearly it is meant for laughs. Incredible that so many are up in arms about this. There are so many of these types of 'funny' rules out there. What about the MIL jokes, etc. Maybe it is an American thing. Seems like over here people need their smelling salts and perhaps a dose of 'lighten-up' and 'get real'.

People take offence at the silliest of things.

anig · 22/06/2015 22:33

Yeah my SIL posted that on FB. I commented "so you want your son to be the 40 year old virgin then?".

Jen1610 · 22/06/2015 22:46

Who the fuck makes this crap up. Seriously. Deluded nonsense.

TorrAlexandra · 23/06/2015 00:02

Oh I don't know, it's sort of educational- kind of like a public service announcement- "watch out ladies, MILs like this actually do exist. Makes me grateful that my MIL, much as DH and BIL are without doubt Mummy's Little Soldiers, has never been anything but kind to my SIL and me.

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