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to ask what adverts drive you mad

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sixtylicious · 19/06/2015 07:27

There are just so many adverts out at the moment which I can't stand. I think my worst, for now, are the seemingly endless series of sexy yoghurt adverts, especially the Nicole Scherzinger ones where she is constantly getting yoghurt on her nose and giggling about it. URGH!

OP posts:

spillyobeans · 19/06/2015 07:29

The money supermarket one with the guy in the shorts!

The stupid flora advert where the mum is 'fit'


londonrach · 19/06/2015 07:32

The stupid one with the guy in shorts and high heels who dances to dont you thinking im sexy. Some old lady with a dog at the end of the advert. No idea what its about...


Moomintroll85 · 19/06/2015 07:33

All of them get on my nerves, they get muted.


TTWK · 19/06/2015 07:38

Some old lady with a dog at the end of the advert.

Sharon Osbourne is going to love you!


sixtylicious · 19/06/2015 07:41

Oh I hate that advert with the man in heels too. Feels like it's trying so hard to be iconic. And it's horrible. I also can't stand that 'What's my claim worth' advert, with the woman in rollers and a tracksuit. Horrible because it's encouraging grabby people to look for compensation, and just a terribly made advert too!

OP posts:

TongueBiter · 19/06/2015 07:45

The Boots ones - especially the slightly off key "Ta-dah" at the end.


Lunaballoon · 19/06/2015 07:49

I hate the Moneysupermarket one too. Whenever it comes on, that stupid song gets stuck in my head!


WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant · 19/06/2015 07:50

All of them. I hate adverts.
Current worst ones must "travelogical"
And "trousers with adjootable legs"...
Those are not even real words!


sixtylicious · 19/06/2015 07:50

I like how they can't even make travelodges look nice in their own advert. It's like spending a night in a juvenile detention centre.

OP posts:

JoanJettPack · 19/06/2015 07:56

The Money Supermarket one. I hate that song! It gives me the rage! I want to rip the heads off all of the Pussycat Dolls and shove them up their arses so they can't sing (and I use the term in its loosest sense) any more god awful songs. Angry


Imustgodowntotheseaagain · 19/06/2015 08:04

Jaguar cars. "Go forth and rule the roads" is just encouraging aggressive driving

The Macdonalds one where a man in a coat explains to silly girl and silly mummy why they're wrong about beef.


Germgirl · 19/06/2015 08:06

The Wahanda one is giving me a lot of rage at the moment. Mardy faced woman with a guitar singing about being 'overgrown' while a picture of a cat is superimposed over her downstairs area. And then some drivel about low fat cheese. It's awful.


TheGreatAndPowerfulTrixie · 19/06/2015 08:07

Galaxy. Any kind of fungal nail/dirty feet advert. Charity adverts. Payday loans.

My favourite was a Ben and Holly one that they'd modelled on Game of thrones.


Fudgeface123 · 19/06/2015 08:14

That Kinder cartoony one with the boy and his Teddy gives me the rage


sixtylicious · 19/06/2015 08:17

ooooh the kinder one makes me feel sick. I hate that his mum speaks to him like she's simple, and how she is wearing a flowery sack for a dress. It's awful!

OP posts:

mrsdavidbowie · 19/06/2015 08:19

Obviously dubbed soap powder ads


EatDessertFirst · 19/06/2015 08:24

The Autotrader car-buying website advert. I can't explain why but that blonde womans voice really grinds my gears.

Any payday loan advert. The adverts are hideous and their product exploits the vunerable.

Charity 'begging' adverts of any kind, especially ones that have clearly paid a sleb to pull a sad face on them.


WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant · 19/06/2015 08:32

Ooh. I wish these comments had a like button!


YouTheCat · 19/06/2015 08:32

The Andrex one with kids saying stupid crap like 'it's as soft as a tiny kitten' - makes me feel queasy. It is so obviously scripted.

Also the Haribo ones with the adults dubbed with kids voices.

I sound like a child hater now. I'm really not. Grin


ArcheryAnnie · 19/06/2015 08:35

The "kids surprise their parents shagging" Flora one.

The kinder one. Does any kid talk like that?


FruChristerOla · 19/06/2015 08:35

The Galaxy one with the CGI of Audrey Hepburn. When I first saw it, I was quite amused ... now I want to scream when it's on.


magimedi · 19/06/2015 08:38

The Nationwide one, with the scarf - it is so fucking inane & smug.


mrsdavidbowie · 19/06/2015 08:41

Actually, any with simpering stage school children.
Cathedral rushing home from school to find mum dishing up shepherds pie. At 4 pm????
Lidl. Just fuck off with your fake surprised faces at feeding the five thousand for a tenner.


SevTSnape · 19/06/2015 08:41

There are some ads that I thought were funny at first but now hate, prime example being the moneysupermarket one. ergh!

but the one that gets on my tits is the travelodge one. HATE IT!


Petridish · 19/06/2015 08:45

The one for that really ugly vacuum cleaner with the inventor of it telling us all about the "tidy bales" it makes.

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