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AIBU - the ultimate in wedding gifts.....we know MN loves a good wedding thread!!

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holidaysarenice · 21/06/2013 11:38

This made me laugh.
It starts off well, very funny.
The end is a little less believable tho.

OP posts:
AudrinaAdare · 21/06/2013 22:29

Used to? I think you should revive that tradition, do it in all seriousness and sit back and wait for, "AIBU to think this couple are barking?"

It could be the new Pombear.

Lolapink · 21/06/2013 22:52

I went yo a wedding once and bought a really expensive double duvet set as a gift. The next day I got a text saying the gift was of no use as there bed was kingsize, not even a thank you.

themightyfandango · 21/06/2013 23:19

Sainsburys sell the marshmallow fluff in a jar for anyone interested. I have been doing my best to ignore it for months on account of not needing another unhealthy addiction.

Nobody comes out of that situation well but seriously...thank you is surely the only response to receiving a gift. Awful grabby people.

cornyblend37 · 21/06/2013 23:47

Aldi are selling actual legit marshmallow fluff in the 'take your chances' bit at the moment for about £1.50 (I bought some last night!)'

LilacPeony · 22/06/2013 00:15

Panko Breading is a packet of the breadcrumbs you can put on chicken to make chicken nuggets for example.

Chocolatehunter · 22/06/2013 01:21

I'm getting married in 6 weeks time and absolutely hate gift lists or greedy grabbing poems. Our venue is about an hour from where we live and we feel very special because so many of our loved ones are coming and taking time to celebrate with us. These brides sound like god awful people and if I had been sent this email I would have been really hurt knowing I'd only been invited for my money.

CrystalDeCanter · 22/06/2013 05:20

I hate them all, nasty ill mannered brides.

But the writer is creepily full of himself. Who sends such a letter to a magazine knowing it will be published, only someone who already is sure he's right and wants to humiliate his "friends".

ParadiseChick · 22/06/2013 08:30

Lola to be fair it's a bit fast to buy something like that not knowing what size their bed is. Maybe they were after details so they could exchange it?

DeskPlanner · 22/06/2013 08:34

What horrible horrible woman. Sounds like they only married to make some cash. I would have loved that gift. He probably thought they would like a food gift as he worked in the food industry with one of the brides.

DeskPlanner · 22/06/2013 08:34

What horrible horrible woman. Sounds like they only married to make some cash. I would have loved that gift. He probably thought they would like a food gift as he worked in the food industry with one of the brides.

MusicalEndorphins · 22/06/2013 09:34

I live kind of near these people. Presidents Choice is good, we always buy their products over other brands.
The Fluff is a creamy marshmallow spread for ice cream, as is butterscotch. Sour patch kids are great, I happen to love them, but to bring to the cinema, not to give as a gift. I bet the givers included it for "honeymoon fun" though.
Anyways, I do think they could have done a lot better filling it, and at least included wine, but it is a pretty lame wedding gift. If someone throws the bride to be a pantry shower, the gift would have been perfect.
That said, the brides were very rude to say anything however, the giver was just as rude in their reply.

LilacPeony · 23/06/2013 00:26

Champagne would have been good in it

MidniteScribbler · 23/06/2013 00:34

I would have assumed the wedding gift was actually the picnic basket, and the food was just an add on. I've done it a few times for weddings gifts - I bought a really cool backpack that had utensils, plates, mugs, thermos, wine glasses, et and a section which is a cooler. I fill it with a couple of bottles of wine, some other food products, and in one case, tickets to an outdoor concert that I knew the couple wanted to go to. Everyone has always loved it (or have told me so anyway). The food isn't the gift, the basket/hamper is.

Justforlaughs · 23/06/2013 10:29

We had a small hamper as a wedding gift; it was put in our room and contained champagne, strawberries, chocolates etc and it was a lovely gesture! I don't think that the hamper itself is the issue, but I do feel that the guest was probably invited in the hope of something more substantial as a gift. He was her ex-boss from a restaurant, not a close friend - says it all really!

curryeater · 23/06/2013 12:25

Midnite, I love those picnic bags. Once you have one you use it all the time, much more often than "official" picnics. Your presents sound lovely.

patienceisvirtuous · 23/06/2013 12:59

The brides behaved appallingly and sound like nasty, grabby people

I think the gift sounded quite thoughtful. But it's irrelevant. Even if he'd given them a £ten pound photo frame, they should accept it graciously

You do not host a wedding and have a minimum expectation for gifts. Vile.

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