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AIBU - the ultimate in wedding gifts.....we know MN loves a good wedding thread!!

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holidaysarenice · 21/06/2013 11:38

This made me laugh.
It starts off well, very funny.
The end is a little less believable tho.

OP posts:
thebody · 21/06/2013 11:45

Bloody hell took me ages to read. Very funny though.

AudrinaAdare · 21/06/2013 11:57


Dreadful people! Were they raised by wolves?

Worst breach of etiquette IMO was the speech Victoria's Dad gave at the Beckham's wedding where he said that, "many people would have liked to have been here today but it is you that David and Victoria have chosen"

Guests honour the bride and groom by their presence, not the other way around!

Bringmewineandcake · 21/06/2013 12:02

That's terrible! Although I don't know what a doe and doe is....
Nasty grabby, grabbiness Shock

thebody · 21/06/2013 12:10

I think Victoria's dad was trying to say that the guests were the couples REAL friends and not just celebs.

He said it badly though I agree.

ZenGardener · 21/06/2013 12:11

I like the idea that weddings are to make money for the future.

It would explain some of the weddings I've read about on MN.

Not sure it is true though.

AudrinaAdare · 21/06/2013 12:13

Oh that's a nice way of looking at it, thebody. I do like the Beckhams.

flowery · 21/06/2013 12:17

Goodness how rude of the bride and bride!

Doesn't matter whether the gift was 'acceptable' or not. Even if you do think a gift is awful, you don't say so. You accept graciously and have a moan behind doors if you feel you must.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHopeful · 21/06/2013 12:18

Weddings are to make money for the future.

Has anyone ever made a profit from a wedding? Dumbest thing I have heard in a long time

ExitPursuedByABear · 21/06/2013 12:19

Hilarious. Although I have to say that a hamper of food is a slightly off beat wedding present.

GoodbyeRubyTuesday · 21/06/2013 12:26

I think the hamper sounds like a lovely gift. What a rude couple!

Lariflete · 21/06/2013 12:34

That was hilarious! And I agree, the hamper sounds lovely and what a lovely message inside 'Life is delicious ... Enjoy!'
What a hideous couple the brides sounded though Sad

DesperatelySeekingSedatives · 21/06/2013 12:38

The only acceptable response to receiving a gift from someone is "thank you very much". Even if you hate the gift you always say thank you.

The newly weds sound like rude grabby wankers.

MackerelOfFact · 21/06/2013 12:39

I would love a hamper! I think it's a lovely gift. The brides sound awful - scheming and entitled.

I don't think the guest comes off unscathed either though, to be honest - "you should just be happy your sham of a marriage is legal dude" is a bit of a shit thing to say. Hmm

olidusUrsus · 21/06/2013 12:44

Sounds like a fucking amazing gift. Hate the whole perceived 'etiquette' with weddings.

I think in America you have a doe & stag rather than a hen & stag, so because they are lesbians, they had a doe & doe.

LazyMonkeyButler · 21/06/2013 12:49

It really sounds like they only got married to receive money.

Terrible, grabby behaviour. I think the hamper sounds like a lovely gift & would have been terribly offended to receive that reaction to it!

ParadiseChick · 21/06/2013 12:53

The hamper sound delicious. They sound like entitled cunts.

HighInterestRat · 21/06/2013 12:55

I think the hamper is an odd thing to gift for a wedding. Grandparents at Christmas maybe but not a wedding.

All of them sound rude and entitled and just horrible tbh, the writer included.

neunundneunzigluftballons · 21/06/2013 13:12

We tend to do money where I am from and no gifts but like my 3 year says 'you get what you get and you don't get upset'. I would have loved that hamper though. I think the brides sending the texts were BvvvvvU.

cornyblend37 · 21/06/2013 13:23

how rude! Shock

tungthai · 21/06/2013 13:38

I really hope that story isn't true.

People are so entitled these days. I remember my ante natal acquaintances having a moan about the baby clothes they received from relatives as gifts.

I haven't been to a wedding in the last 15 years that hasn't included the crass naff poem asking for money.

People are so greedy.

Ujjayi · 21/06/2013 13:43 grabby & vile.

A friend of mine got married a couple of months after us, roughly 10 years ago. She had a "no boxed gifts" message on the invite. When I questioned WTF that actually meant I was told they basically expected cash in envelopes. Swiftly followed by "you soon find out what your friends think of you by how much they give" Shock. I couldn't bring myself to ask her if that was why she had spent £12.50 on our gift!! Let me say that I couldn't give a fig whether we received gifts or not - it is the fact that she was saying a friendship is marked by how much people will spend on you that irked me!

I have giving money as a gift. Last year we attended a wedding of a close friend who also asked for money to help pay for the honeymoon. Instead, we found out the destination and paid for a candlelight dinner on the beach. I just felt better doing it that way.

My DNeice (28) got married recently and when I asked her if they had a gift list she replied "not at all. We don't expect anything when people are paying to travel and stay over to celebrate with us". That is the attitude people should take.

Ujjayi · 21/06/2013 13:45

hate not "have"

LilacPeony · 21/06/2013 13:59

Good article and i would have liked the hamper, but yes it was spoilt by "you should just be happy your sham of a marriage is legal dude! "

sweetsummerlove · 21/06/2013 14:07

im so making a hamper for the wedding im attending next month! !

MackerelOfFact · 21/06/2013 14:11

Just Googled 'doe party' and is what Wiki has to say

"In the United States, Stag and drag is held before the wedding of a couple as a big party so that they can collect money for wedding or honeymoon. Guests typically have to purchase a ticket. Unlike wedding reception or engagement, a stag and drag is not expected to be attended only by invited guest list. Anyone can attend - the more guests, the better."

Do your worst, MN! Grin

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