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to be a bit freaked out by this blood?

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TheOrchardKeeper · 19/06/2013 18:51

Ok, so I'm on the pill, have been for 5 years, period always comes 2 days after I start the 7 day break and I never bleed inbetween.

Only missed one pill this month but i'm on the combined pill and took it with the next one (have done this before and never had an issue).

So on/off today there's been this weird dark red/brown discharge (scuse the TMI) coming away (only when I wipe) and I've had a few cramps this week too that seemed weird.

It shouldn't be breakthrough bleeding as I missed that pill 2 weeks ago.

Would I be OTT to go to the GP and ask what's going on? I've never had a smear so am a bit freaked out.

Also did a test today in case and was a bfn so it can't be that...or not yet at least.

Would appreciate any replies. I am cacking it Shock

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SaggyOldClothCatPuss · 19/06/2013 19:48

You need to take a test.

EglantinePrice · 19/06/2013 19:50

The GP will ask if you've had vigorous sex... (def possible cause)

SirBoobAlot · 19/06/2013 19:52

I'm 22, they still refuse to do a smear, despite me requesting one specifically, several times, because of the amount of pain I suffer. It's bollocks.

I'd go and see your GP. Will reassure you regardless of what is going on.

TheOrchardKeeper · 19/06/2013 19:53

Have been asked worse!

Just had the usual sort, about 2 days ago (before this started by quite a few hours).

Have bled from 'rough' sex before but it was straight after.

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TheOrchardKeeper · 19/06/2013 19:53

Thanks sirboob' Smile

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TheOrchardKeeper · 19/06/2013 20:07

So it seems to have gone as suddenly as it came on...


OP posts:
TheOrchardKeeper · 19/06/2013 20:30

This will sounds like a dumb question but there's nothing in the pack about starting the next pack late?

I was 3 days late starting as I'd run out and had the flu (the real flu...not a bad cold) and the GP at the time said not to worry about it.

Could that make me bleed? Confused

Am trying not to google things Grin

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TheOrchardKeeper · 19/06/2013 23:10
OP posts:
Fakebook · 19/06/2013 23:41

When I was 18 I was prescribed dianette for my spots and I started receiving smear appointments a year later from the surgery. I wasn't even sexually active, but they assumed I was because I was on the pill.

I'm suprised some of you younger women aren't being given appointments just because you're not 25. Must be a regional thing that varies from surgery to surgery.

TheOrchardKeeper · 20/06/2013 06:02

Think its a money thing.

OP posts:
TheOrchardKeeper · 20/06/2013 06:31

Am definitely going to the GP today.

I've taken two co-codamol and am still having really bad cramps and have started bleeding again (not heavy at all but still not normal!).

So fed up of people looking at my bits since having DS! (Though I'm sure my GP feels the same) Confused

OP posts:
TheOrchardKeeper · 20/06/2013 06:43

Is that maybe a bit OTT?

I don't know if I should just leave it. It's the fact it's hurting so much at the moment that's making me think I should at least go and ask?

I wish I was a bloke right now! Grin

OP posts:
TheOrchardKeeper · 20/06/2013 07:18

I don't know what to do Sad it's making it hard to concentrate on anything else and I've got an essay due that i can't write as it's just too sore.

It's also making looking after DS really hard this morning

OP posts:
eurozammo · 20/06/2013 07:32

I would have thought pregnancy was the most likely response but see that you have tested.

Btw you could be "prone to thrush" because of the pill. I've only ever had it during the short periods I have been on the pill, never in the many years off it. I know others who are the same.

TheOrchardKeeper · 20/06/2013 09:42

I might test again in a week, if AF is a no show, so i can rule that out.

Hurt enough this morning to make me blub but the codeine stopped it a bit. Wearing off now though. Seeing gp later but dreading being poked and prodded.

At least it's nearly the weekend!

OP posts:
Seeline · 20/06/2013 09:51

Not an expert but if you've taken one pill late in the last pack, and then started the next pack 3 days late, I would have thought it quite likely that your body is just a bit confused!!
Also have you been on the same pill for the whole 5 years? I started breakthrough bleeding when I had been on the same pill for several years, the GP just changed the type and all was fine (he did check for other things as well!!).

TheOrchardKeeper · 20/06/2013 11:44

hey, thanks.

Besides having DS I've been on the pill that whole time, yes.

It probably is just my body playing up. Surprised that it's so painful but nevermind.

Took a superdrug cheapie test as I'm a tad worried now & it did have a very thin line but it's really faint so don't think I could even photograph it tbh.

It doesn't look colourless but is most likely an evap.

OP posts:
ilovechips · 20/06/2013 12:23

Any chance it was an implantation bleed? Which would explain why test was negative, as still too early. Your OP raised alarm bells with me straight away when you said you "only missed one pill this month" - sometimes that can be all it takes, if you were more than 12 hours late you should you have used additional contraception for the next 7 days tbh...

Either way definitely see GP or sexual health clinic for advice, good luck

TheOrchardKeeper · 20/06/2013 12:25

I realized about 10 hours after I usually take the pill.

I've very recently been STD checked so I'm not worried about that.

Implantation isn't painful is it? I never had it when I feel pregnant with DS so have no idea tbh!

I've seen my GP and she just said wait to see if AF comes whe I stop my pill in a week...

OP posts:
TheOrchardKeeper · 20/06/2013 12:25


OP posts:
TheOrchardKeeper · 20/06/2013 12:27

*fell...I'm on a very bad phone!

Appreciate the replies btw. Am worried after seeing the gp and talking about waiting for af [confsued]

OP posts:
Sidge · 20/06/2013 12:33

Extending your pill free week and starting your new packet 3 days late significantly increases your risk of pregnancy. With all respect your GP was talking out of his arse to say it wasn't a big deal. You should have used additional precautions for 7 days.

If you didn't and you now have a line (however faint) on a pregnancy test then you are probably pregnant. If you are bleeding you may want to test again in 3 days, and see a GP.

ilovechips · 20/06/2013 12:34

You realised after 10 hours but didnt take the pill until the next day? That's common i know, and sounds like you've been lucky with that in the past, but strictly speaking you should've used additional contraception for a week, just for future reference!

Have you stopped bleeding now? I had implantation bleeding with 2 of my pregnancies, the last one definitely felt like an early period - cramps, bleeding etc, which then stopped after a day.

TheOrchardKeeper · 20/06/2013 12:38

I normally take it in the evening before bed and realized in the early hours of the not quite the next day was what I meant, sorry.

I'm not noticebly bleeding right now but if I wipe thoroughly there's a bit of very brown blood mixed with the usual stuff iyswim?

I feel pretty bloody stupid after having a surprise DS...I guess It's just been fine so many times before Blush

OP posts:
Greenoes · 20/06/2013 12:38

A thin line, you say? I think you have your answer Grin

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