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To be annoyed with DH over some onion?

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Doodledumdums · 15/06/2013 00:21

Back story: I HATE raw onion. It actually makes me irrationably angry when people eat it! The smell lingers in the house for days, and I can smell it on people for ages after they eat it and it really makes me feel physically sick. I know this is weird, but I can't change it, raw onion is just bleugh!

Anyway, DH has just come in from work with a kebab (YUCK!), which is COVERED in raw white onion (the worst kind IMO). I have been suffering from a horrible cold and cough all week, and feel horrid, I have been looking after our 5mo all day who I think is a bit under the weather himself as he didn't go to sleep until gone 11:30pm and has been really difficult today- so I politely asked DH if he could PLEASE not eat the onion...but he ate the whole lot. Now he is going to sleep next to me, snoring all night, and I will be engulfed by a disgusting onion smell each time I get up for night feeds, while at the same time feeling like rubbish :-(

Am I being unreasonable to have expected him not to eat it...or is he being unreasonable for not just eating around the manky onion?

I fear it is probably me who is the unreasonable one- in my defence I am really tired and feel poorly. In any case, I should still probably ltb.

OP posts:

bedmonster · 15/06/2013 00:24

YABU!! Sorry, I truly am, especially as you are feeling crappy and tired from looking after your DC, but raw onion is one of my greatest pleasures in life! In fact, I love a kebab purely for the fact it's covered in it! And tonight I went out for a curry and probably ate an entire onion raw in with my poppadoms. I also love it on pizzas raw, and in a cheese sarnie - it wakens your taste buds!
Okay, it might not win me any friends, but I love it!
Feel better soon :)


Doodledumdums · 15/06/2013 00:29

Haha, wow, a whole raw onion?!! I believe we could never be friends in RL!!

Icky yucky onion!

Apparently hamsters get really cross amd aggressive if you feed them raw onion. Perhaps I contain DNA comparable with that of a hamster?!

OP posts:

HildaOgden · 15/06/2013 00:29

Hate to say it,but raw onion might actually help you.If you have a stonking cold,cut an onion in half and leave it in the bedroom,you'll be less congested in the morning.

Although it was a bit twattish of him to go ahead and eat it if he knows how much it makes you gag.


AgentZigzag · 15/06/2013 00:30

I'm not sure.

HIBU to stink you out when you asked him not to, he doesn't need to eat raw onion. Most people go along quite well without it.

But then it is a bit unreasonable to control what your DH eats.

But then most people don't have such an aversion to raw onions, he should be considerate.

Compromise? Can you work out a time when he can indulge but nowhere near you until he's fumigated himself?

I'm sure now, he's being unreasonable


Doodledumdums · 15/06/2013 00:31

To be honest, the amount of onion that DH consumed this evening will probably do the same job as a raw onion cut in half, just by having him in the room!

OP posts:

AgentZigzag · 15/06/2013 00:31

Apparently if you hold your nose and eat a raw onion it tastes exactly the same as an apple.

Not one I'd ever test.


Doodledumdums · 15/06/2013 00:35

Well usually I don't care what he eats, and despite my aversion to raw onion, I never usually try to control when he can eat it....but it was just this one time!

I also have a toothache :-( Though of course this can't be blamed on the onion, it is just an unfortunate extra issue!

OP posts:

Doodledumdums · 15/06/2013 00:37

Considering I also don't like raw apple either, I won't be trying that one either!

(I do like most fruit and veg by the way!)

OP posts:

bedmonster · 15/06/2013 00:40

I think onions are meant to be quite good for you, do they contain antioxidants? (I don't know what these are, but I think it's true!)
I doubt we could be real life friends!
In an ironic twist, this week I found out that a friend of mine who I have known for about 10 years, eats an onion like an apple, once a week! I haven't ever noticed a bad smell coming from him! though I have also never ever known him to have a girlfriend in that 10 years


morethanpotatoprints · 15/06/2013 00:42

Do you know that onion takes very little time to attract bacteria and you should never use one you have taken slices from.
We have one by back door as people smoke in our conservatory, it stinks and is yucky in no time, but no smoke in the house.
I love raw onion too.
Sorry OP, it all seems 10 times worse because you are so poorly and have a baby. You poor thing, hope you are better soon. You have my 100% sympathy and I would look after you if i was there.


AgentZigzag · 15/06/2013 00:42

Awww, you need a bit of sympathy.

He should see you as a tired ill person with toothache looking after ill baby, and be more caring towards you.

Anything he's not keen on?



Doodledumdums · 15/06/2013 00:44

Shock A raw onion once a week?! The mind boggles!

Yes I think they are supposed to be good for you. I like them cooked, but raw....well that is just not right!

OP posts:

AgnesBligg · 15/06/2013 00:52

I used to know someone who ate onions like others have apples. Unpleasant person in all ways I have to say.

OP yanbu. You have lots on your (oniony) plate and Dh is being unfair to add more distress to you.

I bloody love raw onions btw, but they have to be shallot or salad ones (not interesting sorry).


Doodledumdums · 15/06/2013 00:55

Aaah thank you potato Smile

Unfortunately zigzag he's keen on most things! Plus he is about the most tolerant person in the world, so even if I did try to get revenge, nothing would wind him up. Grrrr!

He just brought warm milk and paracetamol up to bed for me....I think he's creeping!!

OP posts:

humdumaggapang · 15/06/2013 00:58

You asked him politely not to eat the onion, he knew your reasons for asking and still went ahead and ate it! That's inconsiderate. YANBU.


AgentZigzag · 15/06/2013 00:58

Oh, how irritating, a tolerant, laid back person.

I have one too Grin

It's a double edged sword I've found.


AgentZigzag · 15/06/2013 01:00

And at least he's brought you stuff up, much worse to have a sulker who refuses to back down and doles out 'punishment'


humdumaggapang · 15/06/2013 01:01

Ah just read your last post, maybe he feels guilty!


AgnesBligg · 15/06/2013 01:01

warm milk? boak. Send him back down for a g&t.


Shelby2010 · 15/06/2013 01:04

YABU. Onion is the least offensive thing about a kebab. It's the kebab that stinks the house out and should be banned. Any DP who eats them should be banished to the spare room for the night. Yuk.

The only thing worse are cheese and onion crisps which are the work of the devil.


melbie · 15/06/2013 01:04

I can't think of many worse smells than kebab breath the next day (or being belched out overnight). YANBU in any way.


BridgetBidet · 15/06/2013 01:05

I once had an absolute fucking fit at my husband because he he snapped a french stick in half and folded it rather than letting it stick out of the bag.

It really fucked me off at the time but sometimes you have to expect them to let go of any rational reasoning just because you fucking say so.


AgentZigzag · 15/06/2013 01:07

Being miffed because your DH's eaten something he knows you hate, which stinks = understandable.

Kicking off because of a snapped french stick = left wondering whether the person's OK.


Doodledumdums · 15/06/2013 01:10

zigzag Yes he is MASSIVELY laid back! Total opposite of me! I can sulk for days! Sometimes I wish he would just argue back, just a little bit!!

humdum Well I DID think he was feeling guilty, but now he has come to bed and keeps farting...what a charmer! Not the actions of a guilty person! Maybe he thinks that we're even now as the paracetamol and milk cancel out the onion?!

agnes Unfortunately i'm bfing so no g&t for me...can't even have any cough syrup!

OP posts:

TiggerWearsATriteSmile · 15/06/2013 01:11

Doodle dim,

Name change for you... Hamstersdonteatonion

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