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AIBU? be narked that our neighbour, having finally erected a brand spanking (and much over-due) new fence, has cut a cat-hole in it so they can continue to come and s*it in our garden?

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bblue · 14/06/2013 17:47

The cats, not the neighbours.

OP posts:

Northernlurker · 14/06/2013 17:48

Their fence, their cats. They can do what they like. How high is the fence anyway? A healthy youngish cat will make it over a 6th foot fence no bother. They jump, crampon on and scrabble to the top.


MrsRhysMeyers · 14/06/2013 17:49

Gosh that would really annoy me too! Shitting issue aside, a hole in the fence must look a bit naff!


Xales · 14/06/2013 17:49

Stick a prickly bush in front of it? Or a plant in a pot?

Why would they need to cut a hole? Are the cats old? Most cats would go over easy enough.


SummersHere · 14/06/2013 17:49

Cheeky beggars. Just board it up on your side, job done.


MrsDeVere · 14/06/2013 17:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

attheendoftheday · 14/06/2013 17:50

Block the hole on your side? Cat will probably jump over, though.


Panzee · 14/06/2013 17:50

Can you build a small fence on your side that is just cat-hole height thus accidentally blocking said cat-hole?


WhitegoldWielder · 14/06/2013 17:50

Water pistol - the absolutely soaking kind, does them no harm and they soon learn!


pjmama · 14/06/2013 17:50

Hammer, nails and a bit of board - block it up. Or just put something large and heavy against the hole and see if they're cheeky enough to challenge you about it. I'd be interested to know what justification they'd come up with. Or you could just get large dog ;-)


Cabbageleaves · 14/06/2013 17:51

That would really really annoy me. Prickly bush or some other deterrent.


Summerloading · 14/06/2013 17:51

YANBU, that would really annoy me. Place a huge cactus in front of it.


5madthings · 14/06/2013 17:51

I would block the hole with a prickly plant, the dam cat will probably jump over the fence anyway but that is really bloody cheeky of your neighbors!


Dackyduddles · 14/06/2013 17:51

Plant holly


Jengnr · 14/06/2013 17:52

Get some stuff called Silent Roar from Amazon. I had huge problems with the neighbourhood horrid filthy creatures using my garden as a giant litter tray and wrecking all my plants. It did the job.

But your neighbour is a total twat for it, yes.


Hassled · 14/06/2013 17:52

Bloody hell that's awful - and I'm a shitting-cat-owner.
I know they'll jump the fence anyway, but why make life easier for them?


ChunkyPickle · 14/06/2013 17:52

Throw the cat poo back and plant a prickly bush.


DramaAlpaca · 14/06/2013 17:53

How annoying. And like Northernlurker says, pretty pointless given that most cats could scale the fence no problem.

Could you get a big, heavy plant pot or something and place it strategically in front of the hole? Not touching the fence of course but close enough to prevent the cats from getting through?


Finola1step · 14/06/2013 17:53

Cheeky feckers. Def put something against the hole on your side.


HollyBerryBush · 14/06/2013 17:54

Plant a holly or berberis in front of it .... cats will roam anyway - hole or no hole it will find a way over the fence


HibiscusIsland · 14/06/2013 17:54

Put a large heavy plant pot in front of it?


DramaAlpaca · 14/06/2013 17:54

X-post with everyone above!


breatheslowly · 14/06/2013 17:55

Just block it! We are currently waging a war against our neighbour's cat by spraying it with the hose whenever it is in our garden. I am a bit worried that they are going to ask us why their cat is wet.


squoosh · 14/06/2013 17:55

Shit in their back garden when they're at the window doing the dishes.

Or go for the prickly plant + water gun suggestions.


breatheslowly · 14/06/2013 17:56

Are you sure it isn't for hedgehogs?


FreudiansSlipper · 14/06/2013 17:56

that is naughty

i would put a prickly plant in front of the little cat door

most cats would easily be able to over a garden fence they can jump up around 7 times their own height

i am full of cat facts after watching horizon last night :)

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