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went to the Docs and told fat and old

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stephrick · 21/05/2013 18:14

I'm 45, slightly overweight, weigh 11.5 stones (ok nearear 12) and 5 ft 7, have acid relux which started 6 weeks ago. so I have to lose weight then all problems will go away. I managed to get a blood test for hormones out of him. But the woman in front of me weighed at least half my weight again, I hope he gave her a lecture too. I went to him because I did sit ups and may have ruptured my obese fat old body.

OP posts:

sagfold · 21/05/2013 18:18

Bad day at the (doctor's) office. Am in similar demographic to you, I feel your pain !


Walkacrossthesand · 21/05/2013 18:21

If the measurements you've given are correct, OP, your BMI is only a whisker above the normal range. What did your GP actually say?!


1Catherine1 · 21/05/2013 18:23

Did he actually say you were fat and old? Some doctors are so rude! Although I'm about your weight and height and only 27 but I really have to acknowledge the problems it causes me. When I'm closer to 11 stone I feel great and have lots of energy. Now, my back aches constantly, I'm tired and generally miserable due to my back pain. Thing is, its my contraceptive implant that piles the weight on me, I was 10 stone 8 before I had it put in (after the birth of DD). So here's hoping its a hormone imbalance :)


Latara · 21/05/2013 18:26

He should have said well done for doing sit ups, at least.

I get told weight loss is the answer to a lot of my probs too and that's right unfortunately. But i'm more than 12st 7lbs at 5'3''.

I'd love to be 11.5 stone - i bet your BMI isn't especially high as you are much taller. So don't feel too bad.

Did the Dr really criticise your age too? If so that's just mean.


LaundryLegoLunch · 21/05/2013 18:29

I had exactly the same advice after hideous heartburn didn't go away after giving birth. I felt annoyed and dismissed. But I hate to say it, I have lost 30lbs (am just above a healthy bmi for the first time in 8 yrs) and I've had no heartburn in months.
I know it's not the same for everyone, and I know losing weight is not easy but it might ease it?


lljkk · 21/05/2013 18:32

Nothing wrong with being old, not compared to the alternative anyway :).

Um, what exactly did the doctor say?


stephrick · 21/05/2013 18:44

I want more tests, it has all come so suddenly, Ive been checked for throat and tongue cancer, but I know my body and I don't feel right, ok it might be pre menopausal, but loosing my hairline, gastric, bloated, and dragging pain, and lower back pain, and anexity. I have high blood pressure too. but I am not fat, I am a size 12 to 14.

OP posts:

stephrick · 21/05/2013 18:45

mt BMI is 26

OP posts:

TattyDevine · 21/05/2013 18:48

I'd get a 2nd opinion babycakes. You don't sound too bad at all on paper, you should feel better than that.


Silvercatowner · 21/05/2013 18:51

My dr is more overweight than I am and I am very comfortable with that.


Beamur · 21/05/2013 18:54

I got told I was fat and drank too much when I went in February - I've lost over a stone since and drink much less Grin It was a wake up call I needed. You don't sound like you need to lose much to be a healthier weight though.


talkingnonsense · 21/05/2013 18:56

I had a load if tests when I felt crappy a coupe of years ago- thyroid, blood sugar, etc, went on anti depressants for a bit- turned out to be total gluten intolerance. Worth a try for a week or two?


ninah · 21/05/2013 19:05

well you can lose a stone but you can hardly turn back time, can you? silly chap


specialsubject · 21/05/2013 19:07

you are three years younger than me, same height and a few pounds lighter. I am neither fat nor old. (OK, I do need to lose about 5lb, working on it by going easier on the biscuits and heavier on the moving about).

you are in the acceptable BMI range.

suggest finding a different doctor as whatever is wrong, it's not your weight.


CoffeeShoppe · 21/05/2013 19:08

Your retort should have been 'well that makes two of us then' and given him a wink.


SgtTJCalhoun · 21/05/2013 19:10

I had an ectopic pregnancy a couple of years ago, it was very upsetting and I went to the doctors to discuss and find a more effective method of contraception. I was late thirties and her suggestion was sterilisation. I said I wasn't quite ready to give up my fertility just yet and she said "well at your age it's highly unlikely that you'll fall pregnant naturally anyway".

I reminded her that the very reason I was there was BECAUSE I had fallen pregnant naturally in the VERY recent past!


Fillyjonk75 · 21/05/2013 19:11

You are not overweight enough to make a blind bit of difference to your health. Stupid doctor.


stephrick · 21/05/2013 19:16

i'm not, my mum has high blood pressure, and she is small. 5 ft 1 and 8 stones. My Doc is quite skinny, but i am not fat, perhaps I am at my optimum weight, now is the time to change

OP posts:

sarahbean123 · 21/05/2013 19:24

I have a BMI of 17.5 & still have acid reflux if it helps Grin


lljkk · 21/05/2013 19:37

Is the bloating persistant, stephrick?


marjproops · 21/05/2013 19:38

the worse thing is a fat doctor telling their patient THEY are fat.

I was told same last week and im hardly overweight,but have always had a pot belly and always looked fat/preggers. no diet or exercise has EVER got rid of it, this lump of fat, no 'magic pants' ever work either, i wish i could have it all sucked out but i cant afford to, and every single time the gp tells me im fat....whoever i see.

i would suggest you tell the gp to look in the mirror next time.

why are we all thrown on the scrapheap when we reach our 40's for flips sake?


hollyisalovelyname · 21/05/2013 19:39

Sarahbean what are your symptoms with the gastric reflux please. Have you been told what caused it?


Smudging · 21/05/2013 19:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

myroomisatip · 21/05/2013 19:42

Wow I think your doctor is bloody rude!

If you are anywhere near me I can recommend my GP practice :)


sarahbean123 · 21/05/2013 19:48

holly it's random, I can not get it for weeks then get it really bad.

I get it badly if I'm hungover, but then at other times as well.

I've never had kids and I'm not even 20 yet! I've never asked a doctor or anyone about it, just sort of accepted it.

I do eat a lot of junk food and fizzy drinks though, maybe it's that?? Blush

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