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to ask do you swear as much in RL?

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MoanyYoni · 27/04/2013 22:03

there's a lot of fucking swearing on here lately. Which is fine. I've been known to utter the odd 'shit' and 'bloody' myself Wink

I'm just curious as to whether or not you swear as much in RL? Assuming most of us have DC's, i imagine every sentence at home isn't peppered with expletives.

i wonder if mumsnet is a kind of release for being ever so polite in every day life..kind of letting of steam by using lots of swear words.

genuinely curious!

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MoanyYoni · 27/04/2013 22:04


OP posts:

gordyslovesheep · 27/04/2013 22:05



gordyslovesheep · 27/04/2013 22:05

sorry YES as in I fucking swear a lot in rl!


TeamEdward · 27/04/2013 22:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cocolepew · 27/04/2013 22:05

I swear more Blush


ClaraOswald · 27/04/2013 22:06

Depends on the situation.

I can turn the air navy if I really get going.


aPseudonymToFoolHim · 27/04/2013 22:08

I swear LESS on here than I do in RL! A LOT less!


In the office at work I was asked about my NY resolutions, I said "to be less sweary"
My (strait-laced, non-sweary) manager immediately responded loudly "BOLLOCKS!"



Discogeek · 27/04/2013 22:08

I swear ALL the time in RL! Not around my DS or other kids but I do love a good swear Wink


lurkedtoolong · 27/04/2013 22:09

I swear much less on here than I do in RL I'm a properly sweary beast.


AgentZigzag · 27/04/2013 22:11

I do swear a lot in RL, but can thankfully switch it off when I'm round 3 YO DD2.

I mildly swear in front of 12 YO DD1, but mostly in a Les Dawson way of mouthing the word under my breath in the sentence but it's clear what I'm saying.

On here sometimes only a fuck/twat/cunt will do when you're talking about fuckers/twats/cunts, although cunt isn't really a word I'd use in RL unless I was in an extreme situation.


Freddiemisagreatshag · 27/04/2013 22:12

I swear much much more in RL. I tone it down on here. I have a mouth like a sailor.

There is one person's name who, every time I say it, I mouth "fuckingbastardcunt" before saying it.


SoMuchToBits · 27/04/2013 22:12

It depends who is listening! With some people (school PTA people etc) I wouldn't swear at all. With others (band friends) I might if the situation was right. I do swear mildly in front of ds (he is 12, and has heard far worse on the police programmes he watches, but he never uses the language himself). Don't swear much in front of MrBits, as he gives me a hard time about it...


Zappo · 27/04/2013 22:13

I'm quite unusual. I have never used the f or c word.

I do like a good "bollocks" though


Tapirbackrider · 27/04/2013 22:14

I swear far more in real life than on here. I do my utmost to avoid swearing in front of my dcs, but that doesn't always work.

I did have a new years resolution to swear less. It lasted a day and a half.


AgentZigzag · 27/04/2013 22:16


LittleMissLucy · 27/04/2013 22:18

I swear more in RL than on here. Here it sort of stand out, indelible and can look I don't know, maybe a bit OTT sometimes. Its like comedians who swear a lot, coz they're not that funny...

In RL I use proper swear words, muttered when in the presence of children, shouted otherwise!


Ledkr · 27/04/2013 22:19

Yes I do indeed. My dd told my friend that I have a friend called knobhead Grin it's actually my secret name for her dad she must have heard me use it and thought it was a name. I have stopped that particular habit now.


CatelynStark · 27/04/2013 22:19

I am a right old fucking fishwife so swear far more IRL than on here Grin


YellowDinosaur · 27/04/2013 22:20

I fucking swear cunting loads. In Rl and on here. Try not to in front of the DC but the occasional one slips out. Never said cunt in front of them yet though...


Startail · 27/04/2013 22:20

Today RL is winning two fucks to one (and the MN one was at the government so that doesn't count).

One RL at DH for leaving washing in the rain and the other at DD2.

Just occasionally my 12y I'm going to be very cute, but not lift a finger to help attitude gets too much. She is exteamly cleaver, beautiful and still little girl cute, but she is also a selfish little madam. If her 15y sister can help bring the shopping in from the car, so can she.


YellowDinosaur · 27/04/2013 22:21

Sniggering loudly at ledkr's dc thinking nobhead was an actual name :o


ImTooHecsyForYourParty · 27/04/2013 22:23

I very very rarely use the really strong ones on here or in real life. I am nearly 40 years old and still scared my mother will appear behind me and tan my backside! Grin

I do say things like bloody and bugger and that sort of thing far too often though, on here and in real life. Blush

There are just so very many words. I don't see the need to use the offensive ones. It's not clever or funny or shocking. Frankly, it's rather dull.

I grew up in a mining village. People would effing swear all effing day just effing conversationally and as effing filler like some would use effing 'erm' as they asked you how the eff you'd effing been. I actually don't think that they even realised they were doing it.

I was utterly bored of hearing such words by the time I was 10


bankruptedbyboobs · 27/04/2013 22:23

Have n/c.

My text to DD has made me infamous amongst her peer group.

"Jesus H Fucking Christ. Your boobs are going to fucking bankrupt me"

Blush She'd gone up a size. Again.


chickydoo · 27/04/2013 22:28

Oh yes !


cardibach · 27/04/2013 22:31

this is the only place I say cunt.
However, I am considerably more sweary in RL. DD is 17 and has heard me for years (although I didn't swear in front of her when she was small). She doesn't swear - she has understood that some things are OK for adults but not kids. Much like drinking.

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