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to ask do you swear as much in RL?

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MoanyYoni · 27/04/2013 22:03

there's a lot of fucking swearing on here lately. Which is fine. I've been known to utter the odd 'shit' and 'bloody' myself Wink

I'm just curious as to whether or not you swear as much in RL? Assuming most of us have DC's, i imagine every sentence at home isn't peppered with expletives.

i wonder if mumsnet is a kind of release for being ever so polite in every day life..kind of letting of steam by using lots of swear words.

genuinely curious!

OP posts:
BadgersNadgers · 27/04/2013 22:31

I'm a proper sweary Mary. I even say fuck and twat and bastard in front of my Dad (but not my Mum because she scares me)

YellowDinosaur · 27/04/2013 22:38

See I don't swear for effect or shock value. I just don't find it offensive. At all. It's only words.

I'm not totally insensitive though. I do try to reign it in at work, in front of mil and my granny. And anyone else who doesn't like it. And obviously the DC.

YoniLovesChachi · 27/04/2013 22:40

A lot more. I swear less on here because I have more time to think about what I'm saying than I do when I'm talking. Swears fall out of my mouth before I know what's happening.

PowerPants · 27/04/2013 22:48


You and I would get on very well in rl.

peeriebear · 27/04/2013 22:48

Yes. I have to tone it down for my slightly more genteel relations. My bosses are in their sixties and very well educated and are the sweariest bastards ever.

OddBoots · 27/04/2013 22:50

I don't swear much at all be it here or in RL, I've nothing against swearing, it just doesn't come naturally to me.

AlmostHadItAll · 27/04/2013 22:54

I never swear. Hate swearing to be honest. Most of my friends don't swear either. DH does, now and then. But never in front of the kids.

Kasterborous · 27/04/2013 22:56

No I don't swear much in real life unless I've got PMT then I can get very potty mouthed, at least DH gets fair warning then!

StuntGirl · 27/04/2013 22:58

I swear aaallllll the time.

Maxium12 · 27/04/2013 22:59

I'm pretty new to MN. Advice said have a look around the site, I did and was surprised at some of the language. One of the first threads I came across was 'National cunt day', well as my Gran used to say ' not that I'm a prude darling'. Anomnimity give us licence to be outrageous.

JackieTheFart · 27/04/2013 23:06


OrangeMabel · 27/04/2013 23:12

I wonder if people on MN really do say c*nt in real life. If they said it amongst the people I know they wouldn't get a positive reaction.

Dawndonna · 27/04/2013 23:16

Swear like a trooper in RL. Use the cunt word too.

lurkedtoolong · 27/04/2013 23:20

Yup. Use the cunt word on a regular basis. But I'm from Glasgow and it seems to be less offensive there than down south. "Hello you cunt" is a normal way to greet a friend.

Startail · 27/04/2013 23:26

Bankrupt Grin

I may find myself swearing at my other DD if she doesn't find her games kit. BankruptedByPoloShirtSkortAndTrainers is nothing like as funny.

Taffeta · 27/04/2013 23:27

Waaay less in RL. Here is my sweary sanctuary.

ShellyBoobs · 27/04/2013 23:28

I very, very rarely swear in RL.

I think I swear so much on MN because it's allowed and I get some release from it. I don't think I've ever said 'cunt' out loud but I use it almost like punctuation on here.


Hedgepig · 27/04/2013 23:31

I swear loads more in RL, I always tone it down in writing

TheChaoGoesMu · 27/04/2013 23:33

Exactly the same here as in rl. Not that much, but a bit.

Fakebook · 27/04/2013 23:34

I only swear whilst driving. I hardly ever swear otherwise. Even on here.

TidyDancer · 27/04/2013 23:39

Yes I swear a lot in RL. I am known for my potty mouth.

Discogeek · 27/04/2013 23:46

Cunt is a term of endearment where I'm from. Words are only words, I know when to tone it down & when I can eff & jeff like a bad 'un & it's never done me any harm Smile

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