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To laugh at the UKIP party political broadcast

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FreudiansSlipper · 15/04/2013 18:39

just switched on the news to be confronted by a London cab driver (stating that he does not want foreigners human rights put above those of this country) and token Asian man (business man wanting more support for business not our tax going to Brussels)

could it have been more predictable Grin

on a serious note Nigel Farage should not be written off

OP posts:

tilder · 15/04/2013 18:43

They used to be hilarious. Especially if you engaged with activists on the doorstep.

To be honest I find them worrying now they are pretending to be mainstream and have a veneer of respectability.


Fargo86 · 15/04/2013 18:44

I am going to vote for them in the local elections coming up. Sick of the mainstream big 3 parties.


twofingerstoGideon · 15/04/2013 18:52

Nigel Farage


Flobbadobs · 15/04/2013 18:55

twofingers Grin that is uncanny..
Sadly they are becoming more of a threat round here. They used to be a joke but not so much now.


StuffezLaYoni · 15/04/2013 18:58

I saw it too, it was shit. A very unsubtle message of Fuck Off Foreigners This Is Britain. Nothing concrete whatsoever though; no real ideas, just an unpleasant mindset.


SirBoobAlot · 15/04/2013 19:22

They piss me off. Though it is laughable that they claim to be non-racist, and then on their flyer that was stuck through my door, one of their top points is that "Our traditional values have been undermined. Children are taught to be ashamed of our past. Multiculturalism has split our society. Political correctness is stifling free speech.".

Yes. You're not racist, and I'm off shooting for bacon tonight.


NotYoMomma · 15/04/2013 19:58

Are these the daily mail party or something?

I try to ignore, although Nigel Garage does make me laugh with his antics in Europe, or he did!

I think it's worrying too nth, I know many people voting for them. Luckily I live in a Labour or die area or else I would be quite concerned.

Don'tthink they will get far in a general election though


Latara · 15/04/2013 20:18

What SirBoobALot says is the reason that UKIP worry me - i think that they are racist or prejudiced at least. I would never vote for them.


PearlyWhites · 16/04/2013 20:02

I would vote for them they are not racist big difference between the bnp


FreudiansSlipper · 16/04/2013 20:23

really Pearly what are the differences? very few that I have seen if you read their manifestos just UKIP bang on about Europe interference a little more and focus less on skin colour

OP posts:

catgirl1976 · 16/04/2013 20:28

Yes they are Pearly.

The English Defence League support them. That should give you a clue.


catgirl1976 · 16/04/2013 20:30

Oh and they are homophobic too.


Dawndonna · 16/04/2013 20:37

They don't much like the disabled, either.


tilder · 16/04/2013 22:53

Non ukip voters view the party as racist.
Ukip voters don't.
Go figure.


Lorialet · 16/04/2013 23:04

"Our traditional values have been undermined. Children are taught to be ashamed of our past. Multiculturalism has split our society. Political correctness is stifling free speech."

Can't say I disagree with any of that. They'll be getting my vote.


Buzzardbird · 16/04/2013 23:12

U Know I'm Phick


MrsTerryPratchett · 16/04/2013 23:18

Non ukip voters view the party as racist.
Ukip voters don't.
Go figure.

Their party slogan should be "I'm not a racist but..."


Buzzardbird · 16/04/2013 23:21

Fantastic Mrs


WinkyWinkola · 16/04/2013 23:26

What traditional value are undermined?

Ashamed of what history?

Use your brains will you? It's such tosh.


macreturnofthe · 16/04/2013 23:27

just check out all their policies prior to voting - racist views aren't their only specialty - scary right wing stuff (and i aint no socialist!!)


ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmmmmmmmmm · 16/04/2013 23:50

A stack of people who have "read UKIP's manifesto........." Hmm

Or perhaps just read what the Grauniad thinks of UKIP's manifesto.. Wink


MrsTerryPratchett · 16/04/2013 23:57

I would read it on their website but my continued use of their website is consent to Cookies (for some reason). Nice privacy policy UKIP. That fills me with confidence in their ability to govern.


Lazyjaney · 16/04/2013 23:59

Let's see who laughs last. The mainstream parties ignored them for too long.


squoosh · 17/04/2013 00:04

UKIP are the BNP for people who shop in M&S.

Veritable flurry of acronyms and initialisms there.


squoosh · 17/04/2013 00:11

I seem to recall a charming UKIP election candidate last year, Geoffrey Clarke, who was of the opinion that women carrying Down's babies should be forced to have an abortion. UKIP initally supported his right to his own opinions, only suspending him when faced with a public backlash.

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