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to not understand people constantly posting on Facebook whilst they're on holiday?

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LilyLovesRoses · 05/04/2013 17:16

I have one friend who is currently on holiday - in an extremely hot and faraway place

She has done nothing but constantly update people on Facebook about -

A - The weather every single day. To the exact temperature.

B. Posted photos every single day. Beers by the pool entitled "another busy afternoon"

C. How beautiful the hotel is, how many chandeliers it has.

D. The six course dinner she has just eaten.

And so on and so on.

I mean there's showing off and then there's blatant in your face showing off like this.

I really want to comment saying - if you're having such a good time where are you constantly on Facebook?

But that would be bitchy right?

OP posts:

usualsuspect · 05/04/2013 17:17

Hide her then.


Bunbaker · 05/04/2013 17:19

If she was having such fun she wouldn't find time to post on any social networking site. I really don't get it. It sounds like she is trying to convince herself she is having a good time.


Marshy · 05/04/2013 17:19

Yes it would be, but very tempting.



usualsuspect · 05/04/2013 17:20

Takes seconds to post on FB.


BelleOnceUponATime · 05/04/2013 17:21

Yeah I don't get this either.

When I go away, it's time to shut off from the world sometimes. Not texting or social networking.

If you're that desperate to show off then just post a million photos when you're back.



BelleOnceUponATime · 05/04/2013 17:22

Wouldn't expect any other sort of reply from you Usual

Didn't even realise you had returned from your flounce though tbh.


SheepNoisesOff · 05/04/2013 17:22

The showing off is extremely irritating. But it doesn't take long to post on Facebook and when you're on holiday you often have lots of time, so I can understand that part.


usualsuspect · 05/04/2013 17:23

I post on FB when I'm on holiday.


usualsuspect · 05/04/2013 17:26

Really, Belle?

I will PM you next time I'm back from a break.


peggotty · 05/04/2013 17:26

I think it is the point of FB that you do things like this tbh. And I agree that on holiday people often have more time to FB. Just hide the posts.


Weener · 05/04/2013 17:26

I'm currently on holiday and have done a lot of fb-updating. Takes two seconds and doesn't indicate that I'm having anything less than a great time IMO


malteserzz · 05/04/2013 17:28

I can't see the problem, takes seconds to post on Facebook or upload a photo so why not ? I've got friends on a cruise at the moment it's great to see their photos and hear about where they are


GilmoursPillow · 05/04/2013 17:28

Oh LOL! I was thinking just that as I clicked on my MN tab. My FB tab has just showed me that a friend has added a load of photos from their "island paradise" holiday. I was just wondering why she doesn't get on with enjoying the holiday and sort out the uploading once she gets home.


lljkk · 05/04/2013 17:32

it's not my idea of a holiday, either. But easy enough to ignore, no?


vivizone · 05/04/2013 17:33

I don't understand it myself. Is it not advertising that your home is empty? I always post pictures after I have returned as I am super paranoid of telling everyone I am not home. It's a safety issue.


JohnSnowsTie · 05/04/2013 17:34

Exactly, viv


GilmoursPillow · 05/04/2013 17:34

And then I remembered I do this from my holidays at family's places because we don't do going somewhere completely different holidays :(


LayMizzRarb · 05/04/2013 17:35

You can always hide the threads. However, when you hide someone's threads, facebook stops displaying your updates on their thread. There were a couple of people who bored me shitless with status updates but I still kept them as friends. They can still see your updates/photos if they go to your page, but just don't get them delivered in news feed. They may work it out......


BelleOnceUponATime · 05/04/2013 17:38

I will PM you next time I'm back from a break.

Yes please, that would be very much appreciated. Because little me just can't keep up with your constant flounces ... I mean breaks.


PollyEthelEileen · 05/04/2013 17:38

I would love to post about my holiday, but worry about the world knowing that my house is empty at home.


BelleOnceUponATime · 05/04/2013 17:39

Also unless there was a free wi-fi I probably wouldn't use my phone for anything internet related.

I've had friends run up huge bills by using their phones abroad.


usualsuspect · 05/04/2013 17:40

I have no idea who you are, I'm quite flattered you know so much about me though.


Ruprekt · 05/04/2013 17:41

My SIL facebooks my brother (husband and wife) asking for tea or showing him breakfast she has made when he is upstairs!


And oo-er at Belle and UsualSuspect's spat!! SmileSmileSmile


Pagwatch · 05/04/2013 17:42

I am on holiday RIGHT NOW and posting here.
Do you want pictures?

I have to come on mn or how else will I keep up with with who is being arsy with Usual fr no apparent reason. And shite like that.


usualsuspect · 05/04/2013 17:42

I'd like to know who is slagging me off. Nice NC, BTW.

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