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To be upset that ILs read the Daily Mail?

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anniroc · 04/04/2013 16:34

Each to their own obviously, but they clearly believe what is written in it. MIL sometimes comes out with stuff like 'Isn't the Human Rights Act awful because it allows criminals to do X' and DH recently had to take FIL to task as he was ranting about Romanian immigrants with large council houses. DH explained that this isn't the norm.

Added to this, the recent death of the transsexual teacher hounded by the DM and yesterdays headline about the welfare state being responsible for the Philpots's actions (!!!!), AIBU?

OP posts:

Thurlow · 04/04/2013 16:41

YABU to be upset that they read that paper.

It's a vile paper but people can read what they want. My parents buy the Mail, mostly out of habit. They don't agree with everything that is written in it. They might be more to the 'right' than I am but they don't hate the welfare state, or immigration, or single mothers, or any of the Mail's more disgusting campaings. They like the crossword and the cute stories about animals Grin

YANBU to be upset that they hold viewpoints that you personally find upsetting.

But it's not as simple as being upset that people read one paper over another.


Chipstick10 · 04/04/2013 16:42

Omg how many dm threads are there.! Seriously? So what if people read the dm it's a free country.


MrsCampbellBlack · 04/04/2013 16:44

Just laugh at them if they quote a story from it in a 'come on that's so obviously not true - only an idiot would believe it' type way.

However I do still look at the extrememely low brow celeb gossip Blush


bamboostalks · 04/04/2013 16:46

Let them read what they want, it's absolutely none of your business. Save your distress for those who might benefit from it.


ParadiseChick · 04/04/2013 16:52

Oh for goodness sake. What a puerile attempt to be all lefty and down. It's a paper. A shit one, but a paper. Not a statement of your political views, or the only thing you have at your disposal to form opinions from. A paper.

Life would be very dull indeed if everyone read, thought and acted the same.


ParadiseChick · 04/04/2013 16:55

Engage with people, challenge and debate their view points. When someone cones out with some shite like that you ask them why they think that, find out What forms the basis of their opinion, offer evidence to oppose what they've said. Don't be upset.


Scholes34 · 04/04/2013 16:56

It can be useful. DS1 recently had some homework where he had to write a letter to the local newspaper complaining about immigrants and the problems they bring with them, and then write a report back to counter the comments. For his research for the letter, I suggested he just have a word with his grandparents - much quicker than using the internet.


LynetteScavo · 04/04/2013 16:56

FIL is a DM reader, and just like this.

DH and and nearly wet ourselves laughing after he's left our house.

Last Sunday it was; "Cameron is Christianities worst enemy. He's only out to help the Muslims. Justin Welby said so in the DM."

OK, right......


quesadilla · 04/04/2013 16:57

Oh God enough of the Daily Ma


Goldmandra · 04/04/2013 16:57

^ What Paradise said ^


Wishiwasanheiress · 04/04/2013 17:00

Not sure it's aibu when most of mn would agree with u? Unsure chat either unfortunately.

It is dreadful yes. Very much agree.


Viviennemary · 04/04/2013 17:01

What a total bore this silly Daily Mail stuff is becoming. I think the Sun is a lot worse. I don't think I know anybody who reads that.


quesadilla · 04/04/2013 17:01

Fat finger: enough of the Daily Mail hysteria for god's sake. Yes it is right wing and occasionally obnoxious but the way done people talk about it you'd think it was the house paper of combat 18 or something. A free press means just that: and can we all calm the fuck down a bit.


limitedperiodonly · 04/04/2013 17:04

I stopped buying the Mail about six months ago. I used to like it until I realised I was skipping loads of pages and had better things to spend my benefits on Wink.

My mum is very disappointed because I always used to give her my Saturday copy and the TV guide which is excellent if you skip the features telling you everything you knew and wish you didn't about Downton Abbey or Call The Midwife.


MissyMooandherBeaverofSteel · 04/04/2013 17:05

I read lots of things, I read things books with different perspectives to mine, I read papers I don't agree with on occasion, I read things online that are sometimes vile and offensive because I can't challenge things based on someone elses opinion of whats said.

Its silly to get upset because your ILs read a paper you don't like, but it could lead to some interesting debates, they are able to form their own opinions, you might not like them, but you can discuss them and put your point of view across.


Chipstick10 · 04/04/2013 17:06

Vivienne I read the sun.


Pandemoniaa · 04/04/2013 17:07

I detest the Daily Mail. My PIL used to read it too. But actually, it didn't upset me because I felt no compulsion to read, let alone enjoy the fascist rag myself.


Chipstick10 · 04/04/2013 17:11

It seems to me reading across the threads of late,that left can be a lot more extreme than right. A lot more aggressive, and belittling and intolerant.


Viviennemary · 04/04/2013 17:13

Is the Sun left wing or right wing. It has changed sides once or twice. It used to be a benefit bashing paper years ago.


kim147 · 04/04/2013 17:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

limitedperiodonly · 04/04/2013 17:15

That's a silly thing to say chipstick. There is aggression and intolerance on both sides.


FlowersBlown · 04/04/2013 17:16

The problem with the Mail as opposed to the Sun is that people actually think the Mail is a serious paper. My MiL reads it too. I do tell her if she comes out with crap from it. I don't think she's that right wing but she seems to think shes in danger of being sued for all sorts of things. Also she buys every bloody thing they recommend for health or beauty.


quesadilla · 04/04/2013 17:18

The Express is worse than the Mail anyway. The Mail is judgemental and nasty but it does actually carry some proper journalism (political stories largely). The Express is even more right wing and 99 percent made up into the bargain.


complexnumber · 04/04/2013 17:23

You read it as well, don't you?

It's ok, lots of people on here do the same, it's just that they are in varying degrees of denial.

Plenty of MN approved gin may help


Facebaffle · 04/04/2013 17:24

YABU - why should what thru read affect you?

I regularly read The Mail online and love the showbiz. I don't believe everything I read but then I don't believe everything I read on MN either.

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