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Parent and Child Parking...What About Heavily Pregnant Women?

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frillylemons · 25/07/2012 07:26

I fully appreciate that parents with Hilton and pushchairs need the extra space to get out of cars and that it is useful to be that much closer to the shop, but I am 8 months pregnant and am having bad pelvic pain which makes walking hard. What about women in my situation and similar? Are we allowed to park in those spaces? If not, I think we should be able to!

OP posts:
BikeRunSki · 25/07/2012 08:51

When I was heavily pg at work, I gave a manager a lift one day. After seeing me struggled to get out of the car, he arranged for me to have use of one our disabled bays for the rest of my pg. (We have 3 disabled bays and, at the time, only one member of staff who needed one). But yes -I left the baby seat in the car after the initial practise session and use P&C spaces. One day a v alarmed passer by saw the baby seat in my car, clocked my belly and offered me good luck with a new baby on top of the small one she assumed I already had!

moonbells · 25/07/2012 08:54

I asked at the Customer services desk if they'd mind me using the bay a little ahead of arrival. They took one look at my enormous waddling bulk and said of course!

elizaregina · 25/07/2012 09:30

I really dont think a single person would critise or moan if a heavily pregnant woman parked in the space!

KatAndKit · 25/07/2012 09:39

I did it too, when I was massive and had PGP I needed to be as close to the shop as possible and needed to make sure nobody parked too close to the driver door as it was hard for me to get in and out of my car. I didn't even bother asking the shops concerned and I certainly wouldn't bother installing a car seat in advance. In any case, a traffic person would not see a car seat if you have a small baby as the infant car seat tends to come out of the car with you when you are out and about. They even have supermarket trolleys now that you can put an infant car seat on the top of. Parent and child spaces are a convenience, not a right and they can't be enforced - you aren't going to get a penalty notice when you park in one. There are plenty of people who take the piss with them and park there regardless, but I don't think anyone would say that a heavily pregnant woman falls into that category.

AKMD · 25/07/2012 09:45

YANBU, if you need the extra space then don't feel guilty about using it. IMO you need it more than I do with 2yo DS as I carry him from the car to the trolley. His weency feet do not so much as touch the carpark ground.

Avalicious1980 · 25/07/2012 09:52

Go for it! I do!

Avalicious1980 · 25/07/2012 09:53

I'm heavily pregnant and a few weeks ago I knocked someone's wing mirror off with my giant bum, so I think it's safer for others that I park there!

AKMD · 25/07/2012 09:55

Shock Avalicious is your bum made of concrete?!

DrowninginDuplo · 25/07/2012 10:01

Is fine for you to part here, how else are you supposed to get out the car. I once had to ask a passing stranger to park my car for me because I couldn't park it and get out because the spaces were too narrow. Which we'd have been just about understandable if I hadn't have been parking out side the maternity ward. Grrrrrr

DrowninginDuplo · 25/07/2012 10:01

Would not we'd

Beckamaw · 25/07/2012 10:06

I'm not sure where the assumption that nobody drives following a C-section comes from!
I was doing a 20 mile ( so 40 both ways) school run 2 weeks after a section. And the weekly shop!
I had a hire car as we had a hideous car accident the day before C-section was booked. The insurance company didn't bat an eyelid!

And I have always used the P&C spaces when mahoosively pregnant!

LittleMoosh · 25/07/2012 10:13

IMO the parent/child spaces are so that you have enough room to open your car doors to get your small child out without hitting another car, not to avoid having to walk far? I used to get really mad at those without small children parking in them when mine were babies. Sometimes found it really difficult to get the kids out with not enough room to open the door fully. They should put the spaces further away from the supermarket/etc then less (lazy) people would use them.

RightBuggerforit · 25/07/2012 10:14

Heavily pregnant and with spd, yes you can definately park in the p&c spaces! I would park anywhere (within reason) in that situation.

financialwizard · 25/07/2012 10:15

Beckamaw, I thought recommendation was not to drive for 6 weeks after a C-Section

RightBuggerforit · 25/07/2012 13:04

That's right financialwizard - I had one 2 weeks ago and was advised that. It's still very uncomfortable just to be a passenger in a car at the moment, so I imagine it will be a good few weeks before it will be safe and comfortable to drive for me yet. Beckamaw you were very lucky with your quick recovery!

honeytea · 25/07/2012 14:10

My Dp parked in a mother and baby space last week I wasn't concentrating and only noticed when we got back to the car. I was embarassed as I'm only 20 weeks pregnant.

GrandmasRedCar · 25/07/2012 14:52

I always used them, because I had reduced mobility and because I couldn't get in the car unless the door opened all the way.

MammaTJ · 25/07/2012 15:01

I certainly wouldn't shout at you and I am notoriously gobby!!

I used them when I had a broken leg. I was not allowed to use the sacrosanct disabled bays but the supermarket staff said I could use P&C parking.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 25/07/2012 15:05

My PFB is nearly 13 and I was told (in Tesco ) that I couldn't use the P&C spaces ( this was 1999).

Adso did pg driver spaces at the time though.

I used to put a sign in my window (PG driver, please leave space) and some pratt parked so close to me (in a normal sized space) that my DH (who doesn't drive) had to get the shop to tannoy them to move the car.They (he) didn't even look bothered.

Angry. I'd never had problems before then sqeezing the bump into the car, even when another car was parked beside me.

RubyFakeNails · 25/07/2012 15:05

I park in them without children, without reduced mobility and without guilt.

They like private property parking fines are not legally enforceable and a space is a space.

Only about 3 times, which is probably 0.00000000000001% of the time I've done it has someone said anything. A pithy remark gets them to shut up and if not ignore ignore ignore.

MrTumblesCrackWhore · 25/07/2012 15:09

My take on it is if your baby is 'viable'( 26 weeks???) then bump or in outside world, you've got every right.

Confession: I went out on a rare trip to supermarket without my two and parked in p&c space - only out of habit. I didn't even clock it until I came back Blush.

TeamEdward · 25/07/2012 15:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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KatAndKit · 25/07/2012 15:58

It is helpful that tip, although in this weather it might result in a sweaty bottom!

SoleSource · 25/07/2012 17:10

Yanbu. All the best

WhyAndBother · 25/07/2012 18:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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