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to be really fed up with irresponsible dog owners?

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ILoveYouToo · 03/06/2011 23:00

...Who ruin it for all of us responsible dog owners.

My dog poos.....there's no getting around this. But I either pick it up or I bury it in the sandy soil where we usually walk (I don't do this too often, as I don't want to add too many nutrients to the fauna-rich habitat where we walk). I despise the owners who leave great steaming dog turds on the paths, or (worse) hanging in bags in trees, like macabre christmas decorations. Hmm Angry

I keep my dog under control. My control isn't perfect, as I'm still training her, and she is liable to run past you, thinking intently about squirrels and rabbits. I am lucky that she has pretty much no interest in humans when we're on walks, but I will recall her if I see that an adult or child is scared of her. I think that dogs jumping up at or bothering people is unacceptable; it happens with mine very rarely, but when it does, I am extremely apologetic. If my dog was antisocial or a nuisance in any way, my default reaction would be to feel ashamed of my lack of control over my dog, to want to improve this, and to apologise to anyone who had been inconvenienced. Honestly, I have never met anyone in real life who is as hostile to dogs as so many MNers are.

So, as a rather drunk person, at this point in the evening, who (as my mum frequently points out) gets a bit foul mouthed when lubricated.... I have the following question....

What the fuck else do you want me to do??

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PacificDogwood · 04/06/2011 14:56

There, there, bad day?
hanaka88 · 04/06/2011 15:51

Actually it's next doors dogs who poo in my garden! (the fence blew down in the wind) so until the new fence is up I'm bagging up dog turfs every morning even though I don't have a dog

hanaka88 · 04/06/2011 16:09

Turds... iPhone auto-correct :(

Avantia · 04/06/2011 16:39

cyclists who cycle too fast along the towpath annoy me and wonder why the dog is spooked when they whizz past .

Hope they ride through a freshly dropped ,not picked up dog turd, and it splashes up their back Grin

I haven't meet anyone yet who I've seen 'poop and run' but can't wait - will also be running up behind them with my spare poo bags !

I took my dog for a walk early one morning in one of the Royal Parks over Easter, it had been a lovely day day before - should have seen all the litter that was about - parks people frantically going round clearing it up before - same my dog had its head in a bucket of KFC before I knew it - goodness only knows what the deer thought of all the human mess !

Really fed up with iressponible picnickers ! Grin

opalinski · 04/06/2011 16:46

Kid's magazines with the bloody free toys

opalinski · 04/06/2011 16:49

and idiots who post on the wrong thread

PacificDogwood · 04/06/2011 16:55

Grin opalinski, absolutely inspired wrong-posting, love it!

ILoveYouToo · 05/06/2011 19:31

Grin at opalinski - but your wrong post was so relevant!

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