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Piercings and tattoos. Would they put you off?

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katvond · 01/06/2011 12:44

Having a debate with a friend about this, she would not employ anyone with a facial piercing or visible tattoos. I said if they was capable of the job should it really matter?
What's your views MNers

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ChazsBrilliantAttitude · 01/06/2011 19:18

StrawberryTot for some large corporates for example, if you don't fit the corporate image that they are trying to portray, you are not the right person for the job. Big companies sometimes won't take the risk of hiring someone who might hypothetically result their customers judging the company negatively - there is such a large pool of talent out there that they can take the corporate cookie cutter approach because its easier and "safer".

ratspeaker · 01/06/2011 19:37

Personally they wouldn't put me off
unless its a swastika tattoo
or a guy flashign his Prince Albert around the deli counter

tomhardyismydh · 01/06/2011 19:48

I dated someone with a swastika, I had no idea, we dated for a good few months and I only noticed whilst in the throws of shagging for the first time..big big turn off. had to finish it with him there and then on those grounds, I felt disgusted. yuck.

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