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Piercings and tattoos. Would they put you off?

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katvond · 01/06/2011 12:44

Having a debate with a friend about this, she would not employ anyone with a facial piercing or visible tattoos. I said if they was capable of the job should it really matter?
What's your views MNers

OP posts:
tyler80 · 01/06/2011 13:12

Visible tattoos in an interview would be limited to face, neck, hands so probably would put me off hiring for any role.

Visible piercings less so, but would depend on type and number.

For both in general I'm a bit of a snob about the quality. Eyebrow piercings that are growing out are a pet hate.

TobyLerone · 01/06/2011 13:13

I've never had food stuck in my tongue stud Hmm

Primalscream · 01/06/2011 13:16

What do you mean eyebrow piercings that are growing out?

Abcinthia · 01/06/2011 13:17

I agree with the others that say it depends on the job.

I have my lip pierced and I'm starting to get bored with it but I can't undo the silly thing. And as I have no ID, I can't get the local piercer to undo it for me because she won't let me in incase I'm underage.

tyler80 · 01/06/2011 13:22

If an eyebrow piercing is done poorly they tend to be too shallow and overtime they grow out. You start to see the bar as well as the balls and eventually they're held in by a sliver of skin

SusanneLinder · 01/06/2011 13:25

My DH has tattoos,visible depending on what he is wearing.He is a nurse. I think it's very judgy pants to make assumptions about people based on their body art, but suppose this can depend on the tat.Difference between tats with Love/hate and more aggressive type ones than the trible art stuff that is going about.. I personally don't have any,cos I don't like them on me.

I have seena couple of Police Officers lately with tats, I actually thought it maked them seem a bit more approachable :0

maddy68 · 01/06/2011 13:32

I have not employed someone because of their tattoos - I actually dont have a problem with them but I am in a 'professional' job and I am not sure it gives the right impression

Primalscream · 01/06/2011 13:34

You can see the bar on mine - but you always could - she said I could go for a smaller one but I like it the way it is.
I'm thinking of having a nose stud but don't want to over do it.

katvond · 01/06/2011 13:37

Toby I was just imagining it thats all not sure if food does get stuck as I don't know anyone with one,but thats for that I now know.

OP posts:
katvond · 01/06/2011 13:38

My DH as both sleeves covered,hes a builder so works for himself,so luckily its never been a problem

OP posts:
troisgarcons · 01/06/2011 13:42

I have seena couple of Police Officers lately with tats, I actually thought it maked them seem a bit more approachable :0

I saw one with bleached hair and purple streaks - I damned near phoned the station to havea hissy!!!

ajandjjmum · 01/06/2011 13:52

I'm afraid I do make character judgements, although I know it's unfair.

BUT I wouldn't have my hair cut or coloured in a style that was permanent when I was a teenager/twenties, so I don't quite get why you'd do something that would be with you permanently at such a young age.

JohnniesBitch · 01/06/2011 14:02

Am shocked that someone on her posted that the 20 stone women in asda with tattoos probably aren't even looking for a job!!! What an incredibly rude and very presumptuous statement to make. That woman could be a cleaner or work in an office no fuck it i hope she's the judge at the local county court! Highly unlikely I know (surely she'd do her shopping with ocado) but some people are so rude.
Fwiw no i wouldn't not employ someone who had tattoos or piercings visibly as long as they were the best person for the job I'd employ them. I say this as someone who does employ people on a regular basis for a variety of positions, last vacancy filled was for a driver and the one before that a sales person. I have employed people with visible tattoos, he's one of our longest standing and most hard working loyal sales people. Obviously people who buy photocopiers and printers aren't as judgemental as some of you.

katvond · 01/06/2011 14:04

I am not strict but when DH wanted his tattoo sleeve to go onto his hand I flipped,I said yes you work for yourself at the moment but what happens if buisness dried up and you had to work for someone else, a tattoo on your hand would be so wrong,I did put my foot down on this.

OP posts:
alizee · 01/06/2011 14:05

i have a facial piercing and i work in a "posh" supermarket serving lots of old ladies, we always have a little chat, i think they enjoy the conversation. i never had anyone comment on my piercing, didn't affect my 100% mystery shop results and doesn't affect my ability to work in the slightest. why would it?

glassofwhiteanybody · 01/06/2011 14:06

Why is this in AIBU?

yoshiLunk · 01/06/2011 14:14

why not in AIBU? OP (although she didn't say the phrase AIBU....) is asking whether her friend is unreasonable to not employ someone with tattoos.


CandyS · 01/06/2011 14:20

I used to know of a man who'd had 'Fuck the Police' tattooed across his forehead. I would not employ him.

I don't have a problem with facial tats or piercings, but if I were an employer it would depend on the job. Everywhere I've worked has been 'no visable tats or piercings'.
I agree with ajandjjmum, I could never get a tattoo (aside from not being allowed for religious reasons) as I know I would regret it/get bored of it at somepoint!

Blondeshavemorefun · 01/06/2011 14:35

It depends on the job.

Rightly or wrongly, tattoos and facial piercings do present a certain image, and that image is not going to be compatible with the majority of professional positions.

totally agree - ie im a nanny and sure many employers would be put off if i had tons of tattoos/piercings on show,as it doesnt give the right image for many private schools

saying that, a nanny i know has some amazing tats and gets employed, so some people are not narrow minded

and yes i found the 20stone comment offensive as well - one of my dear friends has tattoos all over her arms and is large - does that make her unworthy?

LordOfTheFlies · 01/06/2011 14:46

Surely anyone who decides to have 'body art' knows the impact it will create.Mostly if its to enhance (discreet'pretty pirecing or tattoos) they can be hidden.
If its offensive and/or visible (hands/face/neck) they must know what peoples reaction will be.I can appreciate alot of it is done under the influence but now I'm sure its illegal.

Every generation has its own rebellion( old fart here) I grew up in punk and goth era, now its more and more extreme-eyebrows,cheeks even a pierced ring corset thing.If you do it to rebel don't F*ing get the hump when other people don't like it!

BTW I'm not anti. I've got a shoulder tattoo that I can show off or cover as I see fit,and at the right time

Yukana · 01/06/2011 14:46

I have facial piercings/ear piercings, and no tattoos, but not lots of piercings or anything. I plan to get small tattoos that express a part of me and mean a lot to me later on. I've never judged someone with piercings or tattoos, I think if they are doing it for attention it is wrong, but the majority of us feel it's a form of art, want to express ourselves or just like the way they look.

I wouldn't expect to be employed in some jobs, but I think in jobs where it doesn't really matter it should be fine. :)

katvond · 01/06/2011 14:48

Thanks yosi :)
I post in AIBU as it's the most popular one on here. Plus I thought my friend was being unreasonable to say what she said, so there

OP posts:
Glitterandglue · 01/06/2011 14:50

How depressing that so many people say they don't have a problem with tattoos and piercings but it presents 'a certain image', therefore we'll pander to the judgemental types, instead of actually challenging that. But then, y'know, this is how prejudice in general works.

Having said that, it doesn't bother me because I wouldn't want to work for someone who was prepared to either be judgemental or let other judgemental people control what they did, anyway. I prefer to work for and with people who can make their own minds up about things instead of adhering unthinkingly to the status quo.

lubberlich · 01/06/2011 14:54

Depends on the job and depends on the tattoos.
Anything above the collar line is a bit iffy for me - tats on the neck always look like prison art. But if the person in question is right for the job then I have no problem at all.
Piercings always look manky to me. But they wouldn't stop me from employing someone - although I do agree with others that the tongue stud fiddle is incredibly fucking annoying.

Ria28 · 01/06/2011 16:06

Only time I think it'd be an issue is a secondary teacher with excessive visible piercings/tattoos. Harder to enforce a 'no facial piercings' rule if there's a teacher with snake bites and a nose stud.

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