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Have been mistaken for my DC's grandmother. At the age of 35. AIBU to have a little cry to myself?

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Guitargirl · 29/05/2011 16:43

Five years ago at the age of 30 - and pre DCs - I was asked for ID when buying a bottle of wine in the supermarket.

I have put on about 3 stone since then and have become more and more frumpy.

But, dear God, I was absolutely mortified today when I was asked whether DS was my grandson.

Go on, I need all you slim people to tell me to get a grip and pull myself out of it...

OP posts:
megapixels · 29/05/2011 19:03

Oh don't worry, some people are just dim. I was mistaken, as a 19 year old, for my cousin's mother. Cousin was 7 at the time. No way did I look like I could be her mother!

35 is quite young, I'm sure you don't look like a grandmother!

PacificDogwood · 29/05/2011 19:06

NOT what I want to hear

I am 45. DS4 is 1. I am overweight.

Nah, not really Grin. Fuck what other people with poor judgement think. The alternative to being an older mother (not that you are an older mother, OP) was for me to not have children at all as I was 37 when I had DS1.
I keep getting things wrong the other way round: thinking some woman is a child's mother when she is the grandmother and on one memorable occasion the great grandmother. She was 45 Shock. Yes, some have babies young here and it seems to run in families Wink.

megapixels · 29/05/2011 19:15

A older woman is like a older car keep up the maintence and you will pass your MOT don't and ya won't simple as that

Confused Apart from the sexist language, what a load of rubbish. Youthful looks are entirely to do with genes, no amount of grooming will make you look young. You'd only look like a nicely turned out old woman.

Guitargirl · 29/05/2011 19:16

Ah, see, I always err on the side of caution. I usually ask, 'so, how old is the little one?' thereby avoiding the parent/grandparent issue and also whether it is a little boy/girl as I usually get that wrong too.

It's usually a nanny or childminder who responds so quite often in between ages of a parent/grandparent.

Have to say, I always thought I was quite cautious but this has really taught me to keep my trap closed.

OP posts:
muminthemiddle · 29/05/2011 19:23

Oh my dd was mistaken for a boy once. She was about 11 months at the time. Not much hair admittedly but wearing a dress and lacey tights??????
The reason the old giffer gave? well I assumed it was a boy because you have a blue pram!!!!

Meanwhile my ds was always mistaken for a girl!!! "too pretty to be a boy" apparently.

beesimo · 29/05/2011 19:41


Are you having trouble with your big end pet!

fit2drop · 29/05/2011 19:53

I was a Grandma at 35 , I was 18 when I had my dd and she was 17 when she had her first . I didnt mind being a grandma so young but was mortified when sat in the pub gardens having a quiet drink with my then husband and this guy came up , a bit worse for wear drink wise , totally ignoring me but pointing at me turned to my husband and said " I can see she has been a good looking woman in her time " and this was before I was a grandma , I was about 33 I think .
I think its hilarious now but I was totally mortified at the time.Grin

Bumblequeen · 29/05/2011 20:17

This reply has been deleted

Withdrawn at poster's request.

mumblechum1 · 30/05/2011 15:03

Megapixils, I don't agree. A forty year old woman who's slim, nice haircut, makeup, no grey hair, well dressed is always likely to look younger than someone who's seriously overweight, dressed in tracky bottoms and baggy t shirt with grey, straggly hair and no makeup.

QuackQuackSqueak · 30/05/2011 16:09

I find I look a lot older when I put on weight. It's supposed to be the other way around but it does something weird to my face!

Latootle · 30/05/2011 16:39

well you said, go on that diet, check your hair new colour or cut. and you can update a wardrobe cheaply these days at Primark or matalan and so on good luck

happy2bhomely · 30/05/2011 18:14

I had my first at 17. My mum was 37. She used to get quite offended that everyone assumed correctly that she was my son's nan! It made her day when someone asked if she was his mum! My son loves telling his friends that his Nans are the same age as their Mums, one mum told him not to be rude! I don't see the big deal.....I used to be 18, now I'm 28. I hope to see 38 and if I'm really lucky to reach 98.....Some days I look better than others, some days I feel young, others I feel older. Not everyone is so sensitive about getting older, so they don't realise the offence they might cause by commenting.

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