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to point out DAVID CAMERON is asking much poorer people than himself to give to CHARITY.its the Big Society back from the dead.

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ScousyFogarty · 23/05/2011 09:35

The PM will be speaking about this morning. He wants you to round up for charity at supermarkets. And give at cashpoints.

I find it hard to believe. But I trust the PM will have donated at least 2 million from his massive fortune.

Do we really need a top politician telling us to give to charity. I like to choose the charities I give to .How about you?

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cannydoit · 23/05/2011 09:37

well i tell you what if he leaves my dd dla alone i will happily give some money at a cash point, if not i shall have none to give.


DorisIsAPinkDragon · 23/05/2011 09:39

For once Gaby I couln't agree more.

When he starts to tithe 10% I'll start thinking about it oh no I won't as that would put us into debt and in need of charity!


Sirzy · 23/05/2011 09:40

I give plenty of money (and time) to charities of my choice. I will not be pressured or guilted into giving money unless it's a charity I want to support at a time when I have money to spare.


ScousyFogarty · 23/05/2011 09:41

Cameron on charity

Everybody knows that food prices have shot up. Yest Cameron is said to be going to ask people to round up at supermarkets for charity. I wonder who told him that was a good idea coming from a Tory politician?

OP posts:

tiredemma · 23/05/2011 09:41

I would love to give money to charity.

Cant afford to.

Thanks Dave.


ScousyFogarty · 23/05/2011 09:45


Perhaps the explananation is that PMs only mix with rich people. Mr Cameron you should get out more.

OP posts:

FoofffyShmoofffer · 23/05/2011 09:48

Put us on the poverty line then ask us for money?

That's quite a conceptHmm


tiredemma · 23/05/2011 09:51

He should get out a lot more.

So out of touch with fucking reality. I hate him and his smug faced twat side-kick George Osborne.


aldiwhore · 23/05/2011 09:54

Its a bit rich really. Patronising twallop. Comments from him like that make me less inclined to give to charity, considering many new charities have been set up because the old organisations have lost most of their funding.

And after reading the AIBU thread relating to supermarket bag packers, I can't see it going down too well!


bubblecoral · 23/05/2011 09:54

Perhaps we should send him a link to the bag packing thread?

Anyway, I think people should be encouraged to give to charity, whether it be time or money. None of us have any idea how much DC personally gives to the charitys he chooses.


tiredemma · 23/05/2011 09:59

I would imagine that DC gives quite a bit to charity- thats the point though- he can afford to.

Most of us 'average Joes' cant due to high living costs and no pay rise.


ScousyFogarty · 23/05/2011 10:00

Bubble But it should be big bucks from the multi millionaire PM. . I think Dave has been given bad advice on this one.

Its all about him relaunching his Big Society ide.

OP posts:

Primalscream · 23/05/2011 10:04

But you give to charity if someone like Stephen Fry asks you to - or any other Labour lovie ( think Band aid - children in need - Red nose day )


bubblecoral · 23/05/2011 10:05

I'm not DC's biggest fan, but how do you know that he doesn't give a lot? You don't.

He can't win either way, if he let on how much he gave people would say he was bragging or 'well it's alright for him, he can afford it'. If he doesn't say how much he gives, people like you assume he gives nothing while trying to make others give their hard earned money.

I really don't think he's doing anything wrong. Some of the richest people I know are those who moan about charities begging for money the whole time. It's rich people that are sometimes proud of the fact that they manage to resist the pleas of charities.

Like I said, people should be encouraged to give to charity. If the PM can't encourage it, who can?


bupcakesandcunting · 23/05/2011 10:08

Hiya Dave


Itsjustafleshwound · 23/05/2011 10:12

So does Bob Geldof and Bono - and they don't pay anything like the taxes they should ....


IntergalacticHussy · 23/05/2011 10:23

Blood from a stone, David. Angry


BrawToken · 23/05/2011 10:24

Just about everyone I know donates to charities they believe in (cancer, animals, overseas), but these charities are not ones which feed people, replace benefits or deliver what is traditionally delivered by services in this country. Is cameron planning to replace the welfare state with voluntary organisations? I wouldn't put it past the fucking tories. Really, who voted for them? Have you never heard of Thatcher?

The lib dems would have retained some credibility if they'd gone into coalition with Labour and we would still have three parties and a future as a caring and compassionate society. Now the future holds a broken welfare state, a broken NHS, lower taxes for the rich and the less well off paying the price.


knittedbreast · 23/05/2011 10:26

stop bank rolling the queen and give the money to a real charity that needs it. charity starts at home.


lesley33 · 23/05/2011 10:27

TBH I think it is good that he is encouraging people to give to charities - either in time or money. He isn't specifically saying all you poor people out there should give to charities. And although some can't afford to give anything toi charities, it is well researched that .poor people give a bigger proportion of their income to charity than rich people, statistically speaking of course.


Primalscream · 23/05/2011 10:29

DC just isn't 'sexy' -
If billionaire Bono asks you for money you don't tell him to fuck off ( although I did ) - you'll find that ten quid for him - all very strange


bupcakesandcunting · 23/05/2011 10:36

Really? I fucking hate Bono, the sanctimonious shiteater. I thought that lots of people had had enough of his hand-wringing?


Supermoo · 23/05/2011 10:37

It's not the same as celebs etc asking for us to donate to charity - they aren't taking away money from these services in the first place.

I work in the charity sector - government funding has been cut to such a degree that very worthwhile projects are no longer able to function. For example, a refuge for women fleeing domestic abuse in my area has had to close (hopefully temporarily) as the funding it has received every year for the last 28 years has been withdrawn. The refuge was full when it had to shut, and has a waiting list.

David Cameron is a twat of the highest order.


inappa · 23/05/2011 10:39

I don't see the problem with this, all he is doing is trying to encourage people to give more money to charity which in my mind is very laudable aim yet he is criticised for it. I'm not a big fan of the Government but this shows to me that some people would have a go at him whatever he did/said


ScousyFogarty · 23/05/2011 10:39

Its the lack of interest in his Prig Society idea which is worryingDave Cameron.

People dont trust the Big Society run by a tory politician.

As someone said they are far from sexy/ and thought to be insincere

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