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to think that the queen has been bloody brilliant this week.

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cowparsely · 18/05/2011 22:23

seriously this is historical stuff happening. she has done and said things these past two days on her trip to ireland that will have very positive repercussions.i am full of admiration for her.

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cowparsely · 19/05/2011 14:35

Eosmum well at least you gave the guards a thrill Grin

OP posts:
Rhinestone · 19/05/2011 14:43

YANBU, The Queen has indeed been bloody brilliant! I am full of respect for her workload and the way she conducts herself.

I've always been pro-monarchy but I also think The Queen has been more willing to show a softer side of herself in the last ten years, since The Queen Mother died actually, and that slightly softer side is very welcome. I feel very proud and very protective of her.

lalalonglegs · 19/05/2011 15:10

I'm a die-hard republican but even I think that her speeches and her humility have been amazing and I think it was a very courageous thing to do (much more so than some democratically-elected politician "apologising" for events of many decades ago).

I'm not surprised her visit to Ireland has gone down well - nearly every Irish person of a certain age I have ever come across (and that's lots and lots) has been completely potty about the Royal Family.

Nassau · 19/05/2011 15:18

I got to say a few words to both the Queen and Prince Philip on Tuesday (who are now my bestest buds - Betty & Pip) and can say they were both lovely. Didn't realise the Queen was so small! She has lovely skin but her eyes were red - she must have been knackered. Philip did confuse us slightly with his questions but hey, he's 90 and a game old boy. Grin

lettinggo · 19/05/2011 16:18

I thought both speeches last night were amazing. I made my class of 11 year olds watch them in their entirety today. I told them their children will be reading about this visit in their history books. This morning when we were saying our prayers, loads of them prayed for the queen! Who would have thought that would ever happen in a Catholic Irish school???

Seeing Mary McAleese greeting Peter Robinson's wife so warmly was indicative of the whole tone of the evening. Shame on Sinn Féin for turning down their invitations. Hopefully that will show a lot of their new voters that only the surface has changed for them.

That was as close as we're ever going to get for an apology and was much much more than anyone expected to hear. I was quite moved. Mary McAleese was just wonderful too, I don't know who will be able to fill her shoes. I bet the queen is exhausted. I can't believe she's able to keep going like that, and Philip too.

I think this is the next page in a new chapter.

WriterofDreams · 19/05/2011 16:40

I'm Irish but living in England and I think it's a wonderful symbolic moment in history that I'm glad to have witnessed (from a distance Sad).

lettinggo · 19/05/2011 16:52

I hope Garrett Fitzgerald heard the queen's speech last night. He had a big part to play in getting us to this point.

missmelo · 19/05/2011 17:14

I think its brilliant, she is fantastic!

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