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to think that the queen has been bloody brilliant this week.

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cowparsely · 18/05/2011 22:23

seriously this is historical stuff happening. she has done and said things these past two days on her trip to ireland that will have very positive repercussions.i am full of admiration for her.

OP posts:
drivingmisscrazy · 19/05/2011 11:05

another voice in favour here too - I'm English, lived here for years, emphatically not a monarchist, but I think the visit has exceeded expectations (agree about the media fawning though, and the empty streets). My MIL is the daughter of someone who was in the GPO in 1916 (and my DP therefore the grand-daughter) and she was very moved by the Garden of Remembrance ceremony; I think it was a really big deal, actually. Like most Irish families, there's also an uncle who was killed in the First World War - histories are complicated. The most important line in her speech was when she talked about things that with hindsight we would all wish had been done differently or 'not at all'. Mary McAleese has been fab too (and there's clearly a good personal relationship between them); the Queen also was delighted to see Mary Robinson and greeted her very warmly (it has to be said that the President was clearly determined that the visit should happen on her watch).

Anyway, the poor woman has to endure fashion, Westlife and MaBy tonight...

cloudydays · 19/05/2011 11:14

vvviola I completely agree with you about President McAleese. She's been amazing, and her speech at the State dinner was very powerful.

Not sure that Obama's too concerned about competing with the queen, though Confused - such a different history / relationship there that I don't think the two visits are all that comparable.

ScousyFogarty · 19/05/2011 11:33

well HMQ has done what "The Firms " advisers tell her what to do.

What we will clear the streets of people for Obama. ? I would be suprised.

vvviola · 19/05/2011 11:53

cloudydays maybe not - but he'll have to polish up his 'cupla focail' if he wants to impress as much in relation to speaking Irish... (that really seems to have gone down a storm)

Animation · 19/05/2011 11:56

I wouldn't be surprised if the queen has been wanting to go to Ireland for quite some time. She looks happy and relaxed - almost relieved I thought - that's she gets to do it before she dies.

DontGoCurly · 19/05/2011 11:57

Here she comes! Just arrived at the National Stud Grin

meditrina · 19/05/2011 11:59

As the President said: "Wow!"

It's an amazing visit (a long time in the coming), everything has hit the right note.

DontGoCurly · 19/05/2011 12:04

Plenty of chat out of her today! She's all smiles, she looks in her element. Aw.

Phinky · 19/05/2011 12:26

She looks so relaxed and seems to be really enjoying her visit to Ireland, we are thrilled to have her here for this historic visit :)

MistyB · 19/05/2011 12:30

I have been really moved my the Queen's visit to Ireland, especially the opening of her speech in Irish. I wonder if Garret FitzGerald heard it?

I only wish the BBC would stop calling if "the gaelic language" and call it IRISH!!

I also echo the comments about our amazing President!! Mary McAleese and Mary Robinson are models of what politicans can be and make me feel proud to be Irish and proud to be a woman. Hopefully, one day there will be more like them at the forefront of the politics in the Dail too.

TobyLerone · 19/05/2011 12:33

YANBU. Also all credit to Ireland for being so welcoming.

GrendelsMum · 19/05/2011 12:54

I think the Queen is very, very good at doing visits (as she should be, given her length of experience). She and Prince Philip came to our town a while back, and I was one of the organisers, and got all the video footage at the end of the day. There's a moment on tape when you can see her talking to a group of children, realising that no-one's talking to the teacher, and gives Prince Philip a wave to get him to talk to the teacher, all without taking her eyes off the children who are telling her in excruciating detail about their school project. None of us noticed it in real life.

cowparsely · 19/05/2011 13:23

Grendels thats so funny! Just like a typical married couple, giving the husband a little nudge to get going lol!

I obviously cant speak for others. But as someone who has grew up through the troubles the queens actions and words did a lot for me.
I am so glad, and I really cannot express this well enough,that I am not bringing my children up in the situation I grew up in. They hopefully wont run into masked men while they are out playing or have soilders stationed at their school gates. I wont lose any more family or friends to bullets or bombs.
We are a long way of a perfect situation but occasions like this are big big steps towards getting there. I dont think you'll find any person who has empathy with the situation in Ireland who would say any different.

OP posts:
colditz · 19/05/2011 13:29

She's 85. That's all i can think about.

85 can be quite sprightly, but similarly, 85 can be very very tiring and very .... old. She's done so very well. She must be shattered.

DontGoCurly · 19/05/2011 13:35

MistyB -I wondered that too. I'm sure they put on the TV in his room and how strange that he passed this morning after that speech, as if he knew with the symbolism of the Queens speech that his lifes work was done. Very emotional to think about.

TribbleWithoutACause · 19/05/2011 13:39

I think the Queen is brilliant, I'm not a royalist. But for being 85 and doing what she does, well I take my hat off for her.

MoreBeta · 19/05/2011 13:47

I don't think there is a politician in the UK who could have done the job she did yesterday. It was an extremely difficult diplomatic mission. I know the speeches are all written for her but which other 85 yr old man/woman could have done it?

She and Prince Philip must be tired out but I bet The Queen has a fab day seeing the horses today. The Irish love their horses, she loves horses and I think that will seal the deal.

chipmonkey · 19/05/2011 13:51

Animation, apparently she has really wanted to go to a lot of the horsey occasions for a long time.

The streets have to be empty, sadly as there are still some nutters about who would be a threat to her and to peace in general.Sad

She has done wonderfully well and of course we welcomed her. After all, you guys gave Jedward douze pointsGrin

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows · 19/05/2011 13:51

I liked the bit where the Duke really, really wanted that pint of Guiness Grin

chipmonkey · 19/05/2011 13:52

Apparently a priest drank it for him!Grin

Katiepoes · 19/05/2011 13:59

She doesn't have anything else to do but pay visits and be gracious. Of course she did well. She says a few words in the local language no matter where she is and she has speech writers.

I think it's a good thing this visit has finally happpened and have no time for Eitrigi and the Shinners but can you all calm down on the 'oh she's so fab' thoughts? This is a 21st century head of state that is in her position because of who her dad was. Please.

Nancy66 · 19/05/2011 14:01

I do think Phillip looks very frail though....

Peachy · 19/05/2011 14:02

I think that what she ahs said was wonderful. Given a full on apologu was desered but probably impossible for reasons I don;t quite understand, she came as close as possible.

And the Irish ahve been amazingly willing to move forwards.

Not a royalist really, but impressed by how this has gone.

Quaylie I live close to soemwhre that holds major events and political gatherings and can confirm it's pretty usual.

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows · 19/05/2011 14:02

DH was glued, secretly hoping that Philip would do or say something embarrassing. His best hope was for a Michael Flatley impersonation. He was most disappointed.

eosmum · 19/05/2011 14:22

We've really enjoyed her visit here, just miffed we haven't been able to see her in the flesh. I've just had my bags searched in Dublin City Centre by two lovely Guards and all my brand new M&S undies in them.

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