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To tell DH 5yrs old *is* too young for Star Wars (even though I've never seen it)

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lechatnoir · 18/05/2011 21:05

DH has started to let DS1 watch Star Wars (the old ones) which I'm not happy about it as I assumed they are quite dark &/or violent. DH reckons the early ones are 'harmless' Hmm and I'm being OTT and unfair stopping him seeing then when most of the boys in is class have seen bits if not all of them.

So AIBU to DH/DS1 or are the Star Wars series totally inappropriate viewing for a 5yr old?


OP posts:
hellodave · 19/05/2011 17:04


This is not the discussion thread you are looking for,

you will go home and let your child watch Starwars,

move along, move along.

DoMeDon · 19/05/2011 17:07

YANBU - nothing wrong with keeping DC from violence

Pictish · 19/05/2011 17:07

Grin @ HelloDave

DoMeDon · 19/05/2011 17:11

Find the 'worse on TV' argument Hmm Doesn;t make it OK to watch something else - a bit 'all my mates did it'!

OvO · 19/05/2011 17:19

I have clearly seen SW too many times as hellodave has just made me really laugh. Grin

I have a SW mad DD - he owns many expensive light sabres etc so our DS'S have been watching the films since birth! Our 6 year old has come through unscathed but our 3 year old is definitely a little weird...Grin

OvO · 19/05/2011 17:20

SW mad DH, not DD.

BelfastBloke · 19/05/2011 17:26

Do not let any children watch the three prequels - they're complete shit.

Has everyone seen the video of someone ?

Nixea · 19/05/2011 17:37

I can't believe a whole page has gone by on a Star Wars discussion and no one has commented on the epicness of NerfHerder's username!! :o

missmapp · 19/05/2011 17:44

ds1 has watched bits, he is 6, but he gets bored and wanders off leaving his dad, 48, to watch, enthralled!!

Georgimama · 19/05/2011 20:03

OP you will enjoy them despite yourself, particularly the sight of Harrison Ford at his 30 something, eyebrow raising gorgeous best.


PumpkinBones · 19/05/2011 20:36

DS1 is 5 and loves them, although he finds films a bit long generally. He first watched them at 3. DH is a devotee. He won't let him watch the newer ones, although on grounds of shitness, rather than being inappropriate.

RhinestoneCowgirl · 19/05/2011 20:41

DS is just coming up to 5 and I know he would be scared by Star Wars. He was cowering behind the sofa the other watching NumberJacks ffs (mind you, that Numbertaker is damn scary).

Doesn't stop him rushing around the playground playing Star Wars with his mates tho...

RhinestoneCowgirl · 19/05/2011 20:42

And I agree with Georgimamaon the Harrison Ford front

edoli · 19/05/2011 20:46

I think Transformers is way less suitable than Star Wars from the reviews I've read of those Michael Bay films (check out Mark Kermode on the subject of Transformers movies).

Both my DSs love Star Wars and of course younger sibling got to watch it much earlier than his brother.

have to concur, YABU if your child enjoys them

bitsyandbetty · 19/05/2011 20:47

Yes you are. Perfectly OK for 5 year old. Would suggest you watch with him.

Georgimama · 19/05/2011 20:51

The Numbertaker is bloody creepy. DS hates him and he loves SW.

TeamLemon · 19/05/2011 20:52
Georgimama · 19/05/2011 21:00
NerfHerder · 19/05/2011 23:26

nixea - Why thank you! Grin

I have only been in love with said stuck-up half-witted scruffy-looking fellow since the age of 3... Wink

bruffin · 19/05/2011 23:40

And I agree with Georgimamaon the Harrison Ford front

Me too Grin

animula · 19/05/2011 23:48

nerfherder is a great name!

Love all the links. Can I just give a little "thank you" to the posters - they have made me laugh.

You know, OP, the more I think about it, the more I think that before you watch SW, you should put a call out for a social scientist to interview you - you're the cultural equivalent of one of those "lost tribes" in a forest. I mean that in a good way, btw. I'm almost sad that you're going to watch it, now.

animula · 19/05/2011 23:49

And rofl @ hellodave, too.

Cutiecat · 20/05/2011 00:25

I love this thread. Great comment hellodave.

I am such a Star Wars geek having grown up with two brothers who love it. It is really fine for little ones.

celadon · 20/05/2011 08:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SexyDomesticatedDab · 20/05/2011 08:48

DS now 6 has been wathcing these with his oldere brothers for the last couple of years - just the 1st older 3 trilogy - loves them all.

YABVU denying him the opportunity to learn the ways of the force.

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