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To tell DH 5yrs old *is* too young for Star Wars (even though I've never seen it)

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lechatnoir · 18/05/2011 21:05

DH has started to let DS1 watch Star Wars (the old ones) which I'm not happy about it as I assumed they are quite dark &/or violent. DH reckons the early ones are 'harmless' Hmm and I'm being OTT and unfair stopping him seeing then when most of the boys in is class have seen bits if not all of them.

So AIBU to DH/DS1 or are the Star Wars series totally inappropriate viewing for a 5yr old?


OP posts:
animula · 18/05/2011 23:16

for the OP.

They're the Ewoks. They're so cute.

Sorry, but I am really laughing at the tales of family life in the Star Wars households.

I think the posters who say you should watch it, and then judge, because you know your children are correct, really.

I think you have definite rarity value, though, as someone who hasn't watched Star Wars, and it'll be a shame to lose that.

berylmuspratt · 18/05/2011 23:16

My ds is 5, 6 very soon. He loves the old Star Wars films and 1970s Dr Who - I think this has been greatly encouraged by his Dad :) However, he doesn't like new Dr Who as it's too scarey.

NerfHerder · 18/05/2011 23:44

Ah... animula- I haven't heard that song for years... and I've never seen the video before, so thank you Smile

I imagine a SW ref blog has already been done though?

Bogeyface · 18/05/2011 23:48


I hate FB with a passion but I love this :o

bea · 19/05/2011 00:05

hee hee! Bogeyface!!!

i love this...

this will be my dd2 in 2 yrs time!!!
PoppaRob · 19/05/2011 02:14

@MerylStrop... Bobba Fett was designed to sell toys. Ditto Darth Whatsisname with the red makeup, horns and double ended lightsaber. Remember Lucas agreed to forgo his directing salary in exchange for 40% of the film's box-office take and all merchandising rights... clever George! Wink

DontCallMePeanut · 19/05/2011 02:16


But that said, I have a 3 year old Tim Burton fan Hmm

DontCallMePeanut · 19/05/2011 02:20

I am going to get the boxset soon. I'm also saving up for one of these

I might go and change my chat name to DontCallMeGeeky... Grin

valiumredhead · 19/05/2011 07:51

You need to watch it yourself so you can make an informed judgement. Imo it's really tame.

pinkhebe · 19/05/2011 07:54

my ds2 at age 3 loved count Dooku Hmm we had a count dooku talking doll, and he's get v upset at episode 3 where count Dooku dies Grin But I think he half thought it was Gandalf. He could also sing Darth vaders theme music before he could speak Blush

We also have loads of galactic heroes/starwars toptrumps/ 3 shelves of lego starwars models and all the games on wii (in fact the original game, we have in pc/gameboy/ds and wii format Blush)

My DH loves star wars and LOTR

aldiwhore · 19/05/2011 07:58

My sons (3 and 7) both adore Star Wars, they've seen all of them and so far have never attempted to 'death grip' each other or use mind control techniques, though they do have loorolllightsaber 'fights' with the washing line and the eldest once said I was badder than Darth Vader.

Its a great story of good v evil, pure fantasy, utterly wonderful... there are dark aspects, of course, but isn't there always in a good story? There is also a strong moral code, of forgiveness, of resistence to tyranny, and Princess Leah kicks ass.

My kids are scared of Snow White, I don't understand how attempting to kill someone with poison is 'healthier' than a death grip....

TeamLemon · 19/05/2011 08:32

Princess Leia really does kick ass. I've yet to see a Disney Princess tooled up and prepared to save her planet from the forces of evil.

aldiwhore · 19/05/2011 08:39

Exactly TeamLemon... epic fail on my part for the incorrect spelling!!

TeamLemon · 19/05/2011 08:51

I wasn't picking you up on it! Honest!

DS2 has just tried to use the Force on me when I reused him a third breakfast. He's wearing a "Youngling" t-shirt with a blanket cloak around his shoulders and is sorely disappointed that his Jedi mind-tricks have little effect on me.

lechatnoir · 19/05/2011 10:05

well I think the general consensus is the early ones are fine but it also sounds like I'm going to have to sit down and actually watch one (Wine will help).

To answer the few questions: the reason I made the assumption about it being unsuitable despite not having seen it myself was hearing DS talking about chopping off heads & hands, stabbing sommeone, the deathstar and spending every waking minute weilding a bloody light sabre!

And as for questioning DH, do you honestly agree with every decision your OH makes??? Wow. We do tend agree on most aspects of childrearing but what is & isn't suitable viewing for 2 & 5 year old boys is not one of them.

OP posts:
mummytime · 19/05/2011 10:11

I'd let my 5 year old watch them, but I would expect a 5 year old to get bored.

3rdnparty · 19/05/2011 10:23

my ds (nearly 6) found the original star wars scary couldn't watch after the first 10mins (the sandmen) - at just 5 although doesn't stop him knowing all about it from the playground and telling me the plots etc.... really depends on the child so would play it by ear - probably ok with dh there to answer any questions but if you start getting nightmares then time to stop !

sparkle12mar08 · 19/05/2011 10:41

I'm baffled, truly I am. I've seen all the star wars original trilogy and would never, ever consider them suitable viewing for 2, 3 and 4 year old as some have here. 2 years old?!!!! Are you for real?!!! I might begin consider it at 6 or 7, but 3 and 4? No way, highly irresponsible imo.

DontCallMePeanut · 19/05/2011 10:56

Sparkle, surely the difference is parental guidance? You sit there, watch the film with them, and if they show the slightest sign of distress, you turn the thing off.

A new hope was classified as a U. Tangled was a PG... Does that mean there's no way you'd let young DC watch Tangled?

BornToFolk · 19/05/2011 11:05

DS (3.5) loves Star Wars and has been watching them for a while. My DP is a huge Star Wars fan and they watch them together and DP tells DS who all the characters are. DP also has the remote to hand in case it gets scary. We've also agreed that DS is not allowed to watch the end of Revenge of the Sith where Anakin turns into Darth Vadar.

The story goes completely over his head but he loves the spaceships, droids and Ewoks.

TrillianAstra · 19/05/2011 11:07

"do you honestly agree with every decision your OH makes?"

No, but when he knows far more than I do about something I'd at least do a bit more reseach/thinking before dismissing his opinion.

sparkle12mar08 · 19/05/2011 11:08

A U certificate still doesn't mean that a film is suitable for all children (and technically it's for the fours and over) and I'm shocked that New Hope is a U given the explicit and frequent violence. It may not be particularly gory as such, and yes, is set within a very moralistic framework - but the violenece is not implied or off screen, it is right there in front of your child, in a made-up setting but realistically filmed. Tangled is not the same at imo and is very clearly a drawn/animated world, much easier for children to understand that it is not real. I would consder Tangled with my 5 year old, but Star Wars? Not a cat in hells chance sorry. I stand by it - highly irresponsible, and I would judge, yes.

cookcleanerchaufferetc · 19/05/2011 11:09

The old ones are fine. There is worse stuff on children's TV these days.

PrettyCandles · 19/05/2011 11:18

Entirely agree with sparkle. I would not let my 8yo watch a murder, let alone my 4yo. I wouldn't call DarthVader strangling people to death with his hand 'a darker bit' that I can simply explain away to my child. Murder, plain and simple, for the purpose of our entertainment. How shall I explain that?

mumeeee · 19/05/2011 11:19

YABU, Star Wars is fine for five year olds,

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