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to expect that unused water be tipped out of the iron after every use?

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ViolaTricolor · 18/05/2011 14:40

DP thinks that this is fussing, and makes ironing even more onerous than it need be. My view is that our area is bascially solidified limescale with some houses arranged on top, and that every time water is left sitting in our expensive iron it is forming a deadly crust which will send it to an early grave. He is threatening to get his own separate iron.

OP posts:

Liliesandveuve · 18/05/2011 14:42

i never used to do this, but now I live in a hard water area, i think its essential


londonartemis · 18/05/2011 14:42

You are right....from someone who lives in a high limescale area!


valiumredhead · 18/05/2011 14:43

Do people really iron? Confused


deaconblue · 18/05/2011 14:44

really? I never do this. I am jealous that you have a dp who irons tbh


TheDerailer · 18/05/2011 14:44



thestringcheeseincident · 18/05/2011 14:45

I don't do this. My iron is 8 years old and still works a treat.


ViolaTricolor · 18/05/2011 14:45

Valium -- not much, actally. Our iron is mostly a focal point for debate.
OP posts:

colditz · 18/05/2011 14:45

YABU - nobody I know does this


borderslass · 18/05/2011 14:45

I never empty the water out of my iron.


steamedtreaclesponge · 18/05/2011 14:48

I never do this either, although I do know what you mean about the limescale deposits - mind you I do try and fill the iron with filtered water although I have no idea whether this actually helps or not...


Laquitar · 18/05/2011 14:49

I do this for safety reasons Blush. You know the water might spill on the end that goes into the socket (paranoid emotion)


ViolaTricolor · 18/05/2011 14:49

Interesting. Colditz, how do you know that nobody you know does this? Is it a popular topic? TBH this is the first time it's come up for me. My mother brainwashed me so I never even considered the idea that it might not be totally normal.

OP posts:

Ormirian · 18/05/2011 14:51

We don't but my parents do as they also live on solid limescale!


FabbyChic · 18/05/2011 14:51

I never do this, even when I had a £200 steam generator iron I never done it either, it lasted six years which I think is good for an iron.


2rebecca · 18/05/2011 14:53

Don't do this as in softwater area and water in plastic container in iron anyway. Parents in hardwater area did this.


aldiwhore · 18/05/2011 14:55

I'd let your DH get his own iron, end of arguements. In fact, let him have the OLD iron, and you get a new one. Problem solved.

YANBU I suppose, our water is fairly soft so not an issue, and I don't iron unless absolutely necessary, at which point DH does it. I've no idea what his ironing habits are, so long as the clothes are flat I don't mind.


Takeresponsibility · 18/05/2011 14:56

I live in an extremely hard water area and use the water from the filter jug for the kettle/the iron etc. It is never emptied - neither of us have ever considered emptying it and a quick discussion caused by this thread concludes we have no intention of starting now, and yes it's one of those expensive steam generating irons (apparently).

Lots of fretting about nowt on AIBU recently.


scarletfingernail · 18/05/2011 14:57

Always. Hardwater area here. But I think I would anyway even if it was soft.


ChinnityRhino · 18/05/2011 14:57

If I ironed I wouldn't empty it after each use. dh didn't empty it after each, rare, use


mrsmellow · 18/05/2011 14:57

I use water from the kettle (which may or not make any difference, but my Mum did so it must be alright Smile)


belgo · 18/05/2011 14:57

I have never emptied the iron. I live in a very hard water area, and strangely enough, the iron is 9 years old and still not broken not that it gets much use.


LimburgseVlaai · 18/05/2011 14:58

YABU to iron.


Ariesgirl · 18/05/2011 14:58

Ironing? What is this new devilry?


Wigeon · 18/05/2011 15:00

We have had exactly this "discussion" this week Grin. I am for "empty it", DH is for "don't empty it". We live in a very hard water area. He reckons that still water doesn't leave limescale deposits. Obviously I'm right, and we he should empty it, but he has the upper hand in that he does the ironing about 95% all of the time.

Hm, iron is old and basic, and I think I will conceed to him on this one Grin!


Beamur · 18/05/2011 15:03

I'm in a soft water area - I don't empty my iron, but I did notice when I had to buy a new one recently that the manufacturer says to empty it after use.
DP iron? Doesn't happen much in our house, let alone have an opinion regarding appropriate iron etiquette Grin

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