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to ask what you use if you have heavy periods?

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soggy14 · 17/05/2011 16:19

Am struggling to find anything that isn't "ultra thin and useless"?

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BitOfFun · 17/05/2011 16:20



LindyHemming · 17/05/2011 16:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smartyparts · 17/05/2011 16:22

Lil-lets 'Super plus extra' corks for first 2 days


ant3nna · 17/05/2011 16:23

I use a mooncup. Before that superplus tampons.


Honeydragon · 17/05/2011 16:23

I use a Mooncup and have just been given transexamic acid, which honestly, has been brilliant. I normally fill my mooncup in under 20 minutes on days 2 & 3.


TanteRose · 17/05/2011 16:25

Mooncup, plus a towel on days 2 and 3 - usually does the trick.
after that, only need to empty mooncup once a day...simples!


lubberlich · 17/05/2011 16:25

Superplus tampons and a night time towel. Had to change both every 45 mins. Had to use 2 maternity pads at night.


julienoshoes · 17/05/2011 16:26

mooncup here too!


sparkle12mar08 · 17/05/2011 16:26

Always Ultra Night long with wings. Usually have to change every 3hrs on day one, 4 hrs day two then about 4-5 hrs thereafter. Have bever had leaks as long as I change frequently enough.


springlamb · 17/05/2011 16:28

Superplus Extra tampon plus Always Ultra Night-time towel, worn with tight support knickers so that bugger ain't moving nowhere nohow.


Nixea · 17/05/2011 16:30

Confession here....but if it's a day when I know I can't easily change every hour or so then I have been know to resort to tena pants (cringe)


jasper1980 · 17/05/2011 16:34

mooncup too..its changed my periods entirely


soggy14 · 17/05/2011 16:34

Thank you for the replies :)
Do the tena pants work? On day 2 and 3 I struggle to go more than an hour or so sometimes even with extra long night time pads and a super plus tampon. My work means that I need to stand for a couple hours and can't really go to the loo half way through. Have never used a moon cup - would have nightmares about it dropping out and splashing everywhere I think Grin
What are tena pants like?

OP posts:

Nixea · 17/05/2011 16:38

Bulky, slightly ungainly, expensive and damn uncomfortable - but having said that they do seem to work for me where nothing else does. Oh, and I second what Springlamb said about tight support pants too. Not sure if they make a huge difference but I always feel more secure that way!


beesimo · 17/05/2011 16:40

I know you may think this is daft advice but the best thing to stop heavy very bloody periods that wear you down is to eat lambs liver you need to cook it very lightly, just flash it off 4-6 ozs twice a week.

For period pain brandy and port and a hot waterbottle.


Continuum · 17/05/2011 16:42

Mooncup here as well, they are wonderful for heavy periods! And they stay in very firmly!


beesimo · 17/05/2011 16:44

I have just looked up what a Mooncup is and I really wouldn't want to be putting ought like that up my 'tansy' and walking around with it all day what happens if - can't bring myself to say it how utterly yuk!


Poogles · 17/05/2011 16:45

Dumb question of the day... Are moon cups very messy? How do you empty & clean them if you are in work? Would like to try one but too scared!


Sooty7 · 17/05/2011 16:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

porcamiseria · 17/05/2011 16:53

1 lilet super mega super
1 x pant and night time towel
then another pair of pants and another night time towel



Glitterknickaz · 17/05/2011 16:55



PrettyCandles · 17/05/2011 16:55

Mooncup + pantyliner.


kansasmum · 17/05/2011 16:55

I have hideous periods- use a super plus extra tampon plus nighttime towel for days 2 and 3- on day 2, I am lucky if it lasts an hour before I have to change it.
Was going to get referred for endometrial ablation but friend just had it done and has had HORRIFIC time with infection afterwards and GP she saw for infection has had 4 -5 women in 2 weeks have the same surgeon do this procedure and got an infection afterwards - so rather put off!!My friend ended up back in hospital on IV antibiotics Dh has had vasectomy but thinking about getting the Mirena coil inserted again- for 5 years I had NO periods!!! It was bloody marvellous!!


PhilipJFry · 17/05/2011 16:59

Mooncup- really transformed the previously godawful experience of periods for me. It feels so much cleaner and hygienic than tampons and pads and requires less trips to the bathroom- I used to have to change the largest tampons every hour or so, and now I can go on for ages without having to dash to the bathroom.


FreeButtonBee · 17/05/2011 17:00

Mooncup. Once you get the hang of it, no mess. It collects the fluid on the inside, you release from the outside and tip down the loo/into the sink. Give it a rinse and reinsert. A

lso you can insert it in the shower in the morning and give yourself a really good clean which makes you feel lovely and fresh all day. I hated having to hop out of the shower, fiddle with the paper cover on the tampon, inevitably get it wet and therefore the thing starts swelling like a marrow in a rainstorm and then have to stuff it up an already bloody fanjo. A wipe with loo roll never left me feeling particularly clean after that!

Tip learnt from MN: if you are quite heavy, put some loo roll down the bog before emptying - stops the embarrassing "murderer in the loo" pool of blood effect after flushing.

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