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9 weeks pregnant gettin baddddddddd headaches before bed I never had when not pregnant

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pregnantmimi · 16/05/2011 22:35

Past week or so been getting horrendous headaches like someones hit me across the head with a iron bar like I am suddenly hit with this throbbing headachy and just have to go to sleep its fine at 10 or 11pm but been getting it at 6 having go sleep and then up late and up all night so trying stay up till 11pm but my head is killing me I heard something interesting today that aparantly the baby eats the fat up in your brain so you need fatty acids but fish not recommended cause of mercury just this special oil mix so looking into it dont know if that is the reason that my head hurts. Is my baby eating my brainnnnnnn!!!!!!!! Got this advice off a chiropracter.

OP posts:

LDNmummy · 16/05/2011 22:48

Hey mimi, you should really put this kind of thing under the pregnancy topic instead of AIBU as you will prob get more responses there.

Never heard of the fatty acids being eaten up by baby though I do know really bad headaches are normal and I am in the middle of one right now Sad

I am 21 weeks now and had them regularly in first trimester. They seem to be getting worse as my pregnancy goes on.

My one came on suddenly this evening as I haven't had them for a while.


backwardpossom · 16/05/2011 22:50

I had terrible headaches in early pregnancy with DS and I think it was because when I found out I was pregnant I cut caffeine out of my diet. I used to drink a lot of tea/coffee...


MajorBumsore · 16/05/2011 22:52

I didn't have them until about week 15/16. Crucifying though. Used a lot of 4head.


mueslimuncher · 16/05/2011 22:53

Ooh I have never heard of that either.
I had my first ever migraine when I was pregnant. No idea what it was, but could barely move for 24 hours and nearly called an ambulance! I've had 3 more since my son was born 18 months ago. Am hoping it's something that eventually buggers off.
Hope you're ok.


CornishKK · 16/05/2011 22:55

Could be dehydration? I had headaches and sinus problems with PFB and they eased up when I increased my fluid intake.


IreneHeron · 16/05/2011 22:55

I'm pregnant and get awful headaches sometimes. I think it is partly dehydration, partly tiredness and sometimes low blood sugar. I also think in the earlier weeks it was caffeine deprivation. Pregnancy does weird stuff to you, you just have to endure it for the most part.


pregnantmimi · 16/05/2011 22:55

thanks LDNmummy will copy paste it just joined and getting used to posting threads xx

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CointreauVersial · 16/05/2011 22:57

Drink more water - may help.


pregnantmimi · 16/05/2011 22:57

cornishKK thats interesting cause i have been drinking alot of water maybe I need to drink more thats why its starting thanks going to try that nowxx

OP posts:

pregnantmimi · 16/05/2011 22:58

got a big glass of water!!!

OP posts:

DilysPrice · 16/05/2011 23:04

I know this is an annoying thing to say, but do not overdo the water because too much can also cause headaches, and worse.

This is the sort of thing you need medical advice on, because it could be as simple as caffeine withdrawal but it might be serious, or something that needs to go on your file, and your GP will be able to ask all the right questions.


GotArt · 16/05/2011 23:19

I had the same; was told to increase water and protein. A couple of soda crackers and cheese about an hour before bedtime.


pregnantmimi · 16/05/2011 23:27

thanks going the doctors this weeks so will meantion it DillyPricex

OP posts:

Browncoats · 17/05/2011 09:49

I had this when I was pregnant with DS. I finally figured out that it was down to drinking diluting juice, something in it just wasn't agreeing with me. You are ok to eat certain fish, just not fish at the top of the food chain like tuna and swordfish etc. If you eat mackrel that should be fine. Smile


valiumredhead · 17/05/2011 10:56

Make sure you sip water throughout the day. HOPE IT PASSES SOON, HEADACHES are horrible - oops sorry caps lock! Grin


DoMeDon · 17/05/2011 11:05

You can and should eat fish when pg - just not BIG fish- as brown said. Sardines, Mackerel, Salmon, Trout, Herring - all great for you and baby but go easy on the Tuna.

Keep blood sugar levels consistent by eating little and often and lean to low GI foods.

I had awful migraines with visual disturbances when pg so I sympathise Smile


valiumredhead · 17/05/2011 11:12

Not eating tuna wasn't advice 10 years ago when I had ds - what's the reason behind it, I ate loads!


DoMeDon · 17/05/2011 12:02

Tuna is a big fish - like swordfish/shark/marlin - higher levels of mercury. Think you are advised to eat a maximum of 2 portions of fresh and 4 portions of tinned tuna a week.


FabbyChic · 17/05/2011 12:04

I had crucifying headaches when I had periods, it is something to do with your hormones, all you an really do is take headache pills, 2 paracetomols and 2 ibuprofen usually gets rid of it.


DilysPrice · 17/05/2011 12:25

Limiting tuna consumption and zero intake of swordfish was advice 9 years ago when I was pg with DD, in fact any girl or woman who might ever want to have children should restrict their weekly intake of carnivorous fish (can't remember the exact current guidelines, they're reasonable enough, essentially stating that tuna mayo sandwiches for lunch every weekday are not advisable).

Loads of farmed salmon also isn't a brilliant idea due to risks of contamination in the feed, but again that just means that you probably shouldn't be eating it for supper 4 times a week.


Elemental · 17/05/2011 12:40

I had terrible headaches when I was pregnant and think it was due to lack of protein - I went off meat, fish, etc big time. When I made an effort to eat more of it (thank you cheese!) it got a lot better.


DoMeDon · 17/05/2011 12:43

I don't think regularly taking paracetamol is a good idea in pregnancy though.


textfan · 17/05/2011 14:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DoMeDon · 17/05/2011 20:16

Textfan is right although would be unlikely at 9 weeks - more likely to be bodies reaction to the hormones. Always tell your midwife everything - she will look after you.


teaforone · 17/05/2011 20:30

i got headaches all the time during my pg when i mentioned it to the midwife she said everything was fine it was because my hormone levels were really high thats also why i had sickness all the time to

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