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to claim dla for my son

31 replies

tammy2k11 · 05/05/2011 17:44

he has been dx with adhd. but im being slagged off for it as me.dh and dd already get dla.

OP posts:

albania · 05/05/2011 17:45

Who's slagging you off?
If you meet the criteria, then claim it.


pingu2209 · 05/05/2011 17:45

Claim it.


LoopyLoopsBettyBoops · 05/05/2011 17:48

If you need the money for DS and you meet the criteria, I don't see why anyone would criticise you.


pleasekeepcalmandcarryon · 05/05/2011 17:54

My son has ADHD but I have never claimed DLA (despite MIL telling me I should). I did attempt the form once but found it wasn't really designed with disabilities like ADHD in mind, I have been told that ADHD claims are rarely successful so that is partly why I haven't pursued it.

If your son's disability causes you expenditure that you wouldn't normally incur (I know mine does) and you need the money then I would try to claim. We are fortunate to be comfortable financially so I guess DLA matters less to us.

Sadly very few people understand or believe in ADHD so negativity seems to come as standard.

Good Luck.


bubblecoral · 05/05/2011 17:57

No harm in trying.


londonbabe · 05/05/2011 18:00


hiya can i just say i love your user name lol,

and i just wanted to let you know that i filled in the forms for ds and they seem really easy....not at all like they used to be.


myhouseWILLbecleanthisyear · 05/05/2011 18:03

My DS has Autism and we get DLA for him. I found the forms really easy to fill in. Long yes, but easy.

OP - The way I look at it is that its not just our form that the people look at when assessing our claim, but also reports from professionals such as HV's Drs etc. They're not going to lie are they so if you get DLA its because you are entitled to it so ignore those who slag you off for it.


LaurieFairyCake · 05/05/2011 18:03

Well don't tell people your business, why tell people that all the members of your family already get it?

Of course you should claim, you may be entitled to it.


pleasekeepcalmandcarryon · 05/05/2011 18:05


Thanks, it's the general motto in this house lol

Maybe I should have another attempt, it just seemed from other parents of ADHD children (via forums) that it is often not classed as a proper disability for DLA purposes.


londonbabe · 05/05/2011 18:08

hi you raise a very good point, thank you so very much for your quick replies. i was just feeling really shitty about claiming as we already get it for me,dh and dd,,,,end of the day i would rather gove it all back if we could be healthy but the fact is we arent, i am serverly partially sighted, have hydrocaphalus. memory loss and dyspraxia. dh has kidney failure (transplanted 4 months ago) and dd has hypermobility syndrome and eczema,


ddubsgirl · 05/05/2011 18:09

london babe you can claim for DLA for adha,my frinds 2 boys both have it and get dla,there is a book u can get that helps you go through the form.


catsareevil · 05/05/2011 18:10

You wont get it if you arent entitled, so are not unreasonable to apply.


londonbabe · 05/05/2011 18:10

well good luck if you decide to try, i filled out ds,s forms over 3 days, i did them slowly and rang the benefits enquiry line for advise xx


ddubsgirl · 05/05/2011 18:10

friend even!plus her dp gets it too,if it will help then claim it,no harm in trying x


Sirzy · 05/05/2011 18:12

Does no harm applying, the worst that can happen is they say no!


pleasekeepcalmandcarryon · 05/05/2011 18:16

Gosh londonbabe you have a lot to deal with. You shouldn't feel bad about it. I understand though- when I have considered applying for DLA I have always felt slightly fraudulent partly because we are not poor and partly because ADHD has such a stigma.

The money would be useful though particularly towards childcare costs (I send him to a childminder if the other kids have after school activities, need new shoes etc..he CANNOT do waiting patiently lol


walesblackbird · 05/05/2011 18:16

My son has ADHD - undiagnosed at the time I applied - and he gets it and I get Carers. My son has a lot of other social, emotional and behavioural problems as well which accompany his ADHD. As long as you can demonstrate that your child's needs are over and above what's 'normal' then you have a valid claim.


londonbabe · 05/05/2011 18:20

our outgoings are pretty high. taxis for dh to get to hospital, taxis for dd to get to school. extra shopping/creams for dd. paying for her to do swimming and ballet to help with her jopints, paying for ds to take part in after school and holiday clubs (he needs keeping busy lmao and at the end of the month there is nothing left.


aliceliddell · 05/05/2011 18:23

Yes, you should claim it! Take no notice of selfish people wittering on about 'benefit scroungers', fraud etc. They ave nevr needed the benefits themselves (lucky them) and think 'their' tax dollar is more important than your child. Sod 'em. Good luck; if eligible, the money is legally yours. Yours by right, not by charity.


MotherSnacker · 05/05/2011 19:01

The cumulative effect of all of your families disabilities probably mean you need the financial support. If they decide to give it to you then you deserve it. Who are these callous people?


Groovee · 05/05/2011 19:03

If you are entitled to it you will get it. It's there to help life be easier


MintyMoo · 06/05/2011 10:48

YANBU - claim it and don't tell anyone you, your DH and your DCs get it. It's no-one else's business but yours :) It's hard having just one disabled person in a family, having several with disabilities is even tougher so if you're entitled claim what you can and fuck the naysayers (not literally Grin)


florencedougal · 06/05/2011 10:53

how will having more benefits help you care for your child?


ccpccp · 06/05/2011 11:28

Everyone in the family will be on DLA? Thats pretty tragic.


aliceliddell · 06/05/2011 11:37

Florence - because OP could afford taxis instead of public transport. Many disabled people find public transport impossible. Think about how you'd do it if you had vision problems or were in a wheelchair or had highly anxious child or elder with dementia. That's just one example. Special diets? Continence equipment?

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