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to be getting increasingly annoyed at some AIBU threads? It

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vmcd28 · 04/05/2011 18:23

It just seems that (more and more frequently), a hell of a lot of AIBU threads no longer discuss what the OP actually asked.
So many people jump on one word that was used then rip the poster to shreds over it.
Or it turns into an argument about something that's off on a tangent.
And the amount of times that someone explains something very very clearly, but some people still misconstrue what's been said is baffling.

OP posts:
TheCowardlyLion · 04/05/2011 19:06

ShowOfHands, I think he stopped off for a McDonalds.

Does anyone want some eggy bread?

Goblinchild · 04/05/2011 19:08

Were, off to see the wizard.
Goblin, off to drink with the ogres.

ellifino · 04/05/2011 19:09

That drives me mad BoF. In fact I keep meaning to start a thread about it.

OP: Does anybody know if the zoo in Bognor is open on Fridays?

Reply: Oh you don't want to go to the zoo. Zoos are cruel.
Reply: I went to a zoo once and was told off for bfing my baby. OP - have you got a young baby?
Reply: I wouldn't go on a Friday if I were you. The traffic is terrible.
Reply: Have you checked the weather forecast? I think it's going to rain on Friday. Why not go on Thursday instead?
Reply: I don't think they let you feed the animals if you're pregnant.
Reply: Why won't OP answer my questions about whether or not she has a young baby?
Reply: She could always express though. No need to bf if she doesn't want to.
Reply: Does anyone else think it is odd that the OP won't consider Thursday?
Reply: OP has disappeared folks.
Reply: Here, have my very first ever Biscuit.

It's like a bunch of squawky old hens clucking "OOOH you don't wanna do it like thaaaat dear!"

Goblinchild · 04/05/2011 19:10

Eggy Bread? No thanks. I made endless amounts to use up the enormous number of egg yolks DD had left over after her Passover cooking.
Can't bear to look at an egg for the next few months

WereOffToSeeTheWizard · 04/05/2011 19:11

I don't think they do allow apostrophes in names as I can't recall seeing them, but I must admit to not trying as I am lazy.
It's all lies, as I ain't off to see no wizard but you have really really offended me, I can't believe how nasty some people can be. Wink

ginmakesitallok · 04/05/2011 19:12

Better that the other typical AIBU "Am I being unreasonable to be slightly cross at someone who punched me in the face for no reason at all?", "AIBU to think that a scone shouldn't cost £500", "AIBU to be the most bloody reasonable person in the whole world?"

Goblinchild · 04/05/2011 19:14

So you are not a fellow piece of mythology? Sad
I rather liked the idea of a werebeast. I may namechange...

RockStockandTwoOpenBottles · 04/05/2011 19:15

Fuengirola Zoo's open if that helps. And it's sunny. And I believe you can BF in the Lion's cage while collecting your dung order to repel cats.

TheCowardlyLion · 04/05/2011 19:29

But is Mariah Carey breastfeeding?

JamieAgain · 04/05/2011 19:29

Posting a serious AIBU is basically like inviting people to shit on you from a great height. You need the balls of a lion (a non-cowardly one) to do it

JamieAgain · 04/05/2011 19:30

Yes, please tell me what Mariah's babies are called. I need to know

RockStockandTwoOpenBottles · 04/05/2011 19:32

I doubt it. And they're called Morocco and Munroe

Bearcrumble · 04/05/2011 19:32

It's called 'being helpy' - helpy is quite different to helpful.

Bearcrumble · 04/05/2011 19:32

Fucking asterisks.

JamieAgain · 04/05/2011 19:34

Countries and Surnames - much beloved of Americans, I find. Isn't a munroe also a type of hill in Scotland

LadyBeagleEyes · 04/05/2011 19:34

Grin Grin elefino

RockStockandTwoOpenBottles · 04/05/2011 19:37

Still fucking ridiculous, beloved trend or not!

JamieAgain · 04/05/2011 19:38

yy - ridiculous

Algeria and Jones

RockStockandTwoOpenBottles · 04/05/2011 19:40

Stop it now Jamie or this will go all bloody night Grin

Just reading your post is making me think of more pairings.

JamieAgain · 04/05/2011 19:47

You know you want to

I have said this before, but I rather fancy Dollis Hill for a girl, and Stepney for a boy (Tube stations)

RockStockandTwoOpenBottles · 04/05/2011 19:51

Kenton and Perivale for boys

JamieAgain · 04/05/2011 19:53

Yes! Perry for short

Maryz · 04/05/2011 19:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LDNmummy · 04/05/2011 19:58

YANBU, and I am also guilty of hijacking threads at times Blush

RockStockandTwoOpenBottles · 04/05/2011 20:03

Yes Maryz they seriously are Hmm

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