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To think that she should keep her stupid conspiracy theories to herself FFS

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shinyshoes · 29/04/2011 11:37

My 13 year old son has just come in and said

'Princess Diana was murdered because she had an affair with an arab and cheated all the way through the marriage'

I'm fucking furious this is from one one my 'friends', using the term loosley.

He is convinced this is true and has put a shitter on the wedding now, as he wouldn't stop bleating on about it and I had to scream 'shut up' at him.

He's stomped off upstairs now

OP posts:

TondelayoSchwarzkopf · 29/04/2011 11:38

Over-reaction much?


shinyshoes · 29/04/2011 11:38

who me?

She shouldn't tell him stuff like that

OP posts:

hobnobsaremyfavourite · 29/04/2011 11:39

oh grow up


usualsuspect · 29/04/2011 11:39

Are you a relative of the Royals?


Dropdeadfred · 29/04/2011 11:39

Jeez... You seem to have taken it all to heart a bit? Why not just yawn and say ' how boring and unoriginal' ?


TethersEnd · 29/04/2011 11:40

I think he may have a point.


shinyshoes · 29/04/2011 11:40

no i'm not but i'd rather his head filled with fact and not nonsense

OP posts:

MsToni · 29/04/2011 11:40

No, your friend shouldn't. Have a word with him.


Bogeyface · 29/04/2011 11:40

I would be very annoyed about someone pedling such crap as fact to my kids.
And my lot, despite saying they wanted to watch the wedding and I said I didnt, are now mucking about so much I yelled at them to either watch it or bugger off :o


FreudianSlipper · 29/04/2011 11:41

i doubt him throwing a tantrum and you screaming at him will actually spoil the wedding itself

why not jsut say that is what many people believe but it has never been proven

i think you are getting a little too involved and taking it a little too personally


hobnobsaremyfavourite · 29/04/2011 11:41

and you know how exactly that his comment has no basis in fact????


usualsuspect · 29/04/2011 11:41

Is it nonsense though?............


QuelleLeJeff · 29/04/2011 11:42

Uh...Put a shitter on the wedding? screaming shut up?

Have a glass of something alcoholic and stop being mad calm down.


razzlebathbone · 29/04/2011 11:43

You're screaming at your son for putting 'the shitter' on a wedding on telly of people you don't know?! Sort your priorities. YABU.


shinyshoes · 29/04/2011 11:44

spolit my enjoy should I say.

Ok I don't have champers but have poured a glass of Chardonnay instead Grin

I was enjoying the wedding til he started

OP posts:

kreecherlivesupstairs · 29/04/2011 11:45

I think you know YABU don't you, for all the reasons listed above and probably many more.
Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things. I expect you'll be able to relive the wedding in its entirity for the next week or so.


QuelleLeJeff · 29/04/2011 11:45

Ah ignore it, he's thirteen, winding up parents is their job.


usualsuspect · 29/04/2011 11:45

I just hope Kate keeps her seatbelt on at all times Wink


BluddyMoFo · 29/04/2011 11:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

saffy85 · 29/04/2011 11:48

Calm down Love. Have a little drinky (or 5) and then maybe apologise to your DS for your overreaction. And yes, you have overracted.

Do you think your friend deliberately filled your son's head with these theories to piss you off? Genius is they did coz it worked beautifully. Grin


shinyshoes · 29/04/2011 11:50

I don't know Saffy she seems to be pissing a few people off lately

OP posts:

agedknees · 29/04/2011 11:50

Calm down, calm down, dear (agedknees runs for cover).


saffy85 · 29/04/2011 11:57

Some people are like that. I remember MIL sitting there bleating on and on about how Princess Di was actually a horrible person so Will/Harry's speech at the service marking the ten years since her death was meaningless and she wasn't "the best mother ever" Hmm or whatever it was they actually said.

I am in no way a big fan of the royal family at all and the Diana obsession was way before my time, but it annoyed me when MIL said that (pregnancy hormones most likely culprit) as obviously she was the best mum ever to them. She was their mum. Be a bit off if they said they didn't miss her at all and she was actually not all that great.


GloriaSmut · 29/04/2011 12:18

Are you related to the Phoney Pharoah by any chance? Or has your son been allowed unrestricted access to the Daily Express?


southmum · 29/04/2011 12:30


you are as nutty as squirrel shit.

hes entitled to his opinion and you are overreacting so much its off the scale.

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