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To think that she should keep her stupid conspiracy theories to herself FFS

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shinyshoes · 29/04/2011 11:37

My 13 year old son has just come in and said

'Princess Diana was murdered because she had an affair with an arab and cheated all the way through the marriage'

I'm fucking furious this is from one one my 'friends', using the term loosley.

He is convinced this is true and has put a shitter on the wedding now, as he wouldn't stop bleating on about it and I had to scream 'shut up' at him.

He's stomped off upstairs now

OP posts:
HellNoSayItAintSo · 29/04/2011 12:32

are you not a bit more worried that your kid is really gullible and throws tanties at 13? Although if you're screaming at him, he didn't lick it off the grass, did he?

southmum · 29/04/2011 12:44

Gullible? Jesus hes 13 and has heard somehting that sounds interesting and is just repeating it fgs

And the tantrum was probaby because his mum threw a proper wobbler and screamed at him for, well, no reason at all.

HRHShoesytwoesy · 29/04/2011 12:49

yanbu to be annoyed, but yabu to care, ignore him, he will say worse as he gets older(mine is 19 and I just tune out now)

HecateQueenOfTheNight · 29/04/2011 13:00

"Yes dear, some people do think that but there is no evidence to support it. Some people also think that there was never a real moon landing. Some people think that elvis is not dead and some people think that the world is ruled by giant lizards disguised as humans. Go and play on the computer or something."

GloriaSmut · 29/04/2011 13:00

Agree with southmum. He's at just that age where he'll say things for effect although at least he's forming opinions about the wider world too even if they are way off the mark.

I recall getting into terrible trouble when we had half the street round to watch Winston Churchill's funeral on television - bear in mind that this was centuries ago and not everyone had a TV. Anyhoo, I was 11 at the time and had just started picking up on political stuff. While the old ladies sobbed into their handkerchiefs, I was charged with passing little plates of nibbles around and on hearing them going on about "What would we have done in the war without Winnie?" I assured them that there's was nothing to get upset about because Churchill was "a war-mongering running dog".

The rest of the day was spent upstairs, in my bedroom, contemplating the wisdom of that particular remark.

QuelleLeJeff · 29/04/2011 13:19

A hahaha! Gloria

strandedbear · 29/04/2011 15:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FreudianSlipOnACrown · 29/04/2011 15:52

Unfortunately you can't control what other people say. And you can't control everything your DCs are exposed to.

Part of being a parent is helping your DC learn to make their own decisions about truth and fiction, surely? This could be the starting point for a valuable discussion about media hype etc.

wotnochocs · 29/04/2011 15:54

well she wouldn't have been in that car with him if they hadn't been having a relationship so that bit's true.
And I thought Charles and Diana had both admitted to having affairs ? Might be wrong but [shrugs] really.. who gives a stuff?

farkthatforagameofsoldiers · 29/04/2011 15:55

I would be annoyed too, though probably managed not to scream at him.

My kids started playing their DS halfway through and got "The Mum Ice Glare".

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