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to not want mil to say "oh poor dd" when I didnt give her a "taste" of chocolate for easter...

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messymammy · 28/04/2011 09:20

as she is only 7 months old!!she kept saying it on Tuesday when we were visiting.I am "very mean" apparently.all said in a jokey way,but it was the repetition that got to me.

They got her 2 eggs ffs!like what 7month baby can eat 2 chocolate eggs?she is hardly being deprived or neglected because I didnt give her a "taste".

She is surely madder now than when dd1 was small,at least then all she did was organise a secret christening,I really should just expect this! :)

OP posts:

pjmama · 28/04/2011 09:21

Ignore ignore ignore.

And eat the eggs yourself Wink


sims2fan · 28/04/2011 09:28

My MIL got her newest grandchild 2 eggs for Easter too. I'm not sure whether she really intended him to eat them or just thought she'd better get him the same as she got his older cousin. Baby is 3 months old.


bruffin · 28/04/2011 09:29



HRHPrincessZombiePlan · 28/04/2011 09:30

She organised a secret christening? OMG! What did you do - did you let the priest go ahead, or did you put a stop to it?


pjmama · 28/04/2011 09:31

Tired bruffin?


bruffin · 28/04/2011 09:32

Justy bored of the " aren't I a fantastic mum because my baby isn't allowed to try chocolate threads"


pjmama · 28/04/2011 09:36

Oh, that thought never really occurred to me. I just though it was a standard MIL bashing thread and waded right in! Wink


messymammy · 28/04/2011 09:36

Yep, I ate the eggs of course! Lovely big Twirl one and a Smarties one :)

princess, I overheard her on the phone to her sister saying "afters of the christening is at 3pm in x pub", I asked who's christening, and she wouldn't tell me....all came out eventually. Dp hadn't a clue either! Was quite a while before we left dd1 with her,seems like we'll have to go the same way with dd2 now.

OP posts:

pjmama · 28/04/2011 09:37

Secret christening? She's clearly as mad as a box of frogs.


messymammy · 28/04/2011 09:38

Oh I don't think I'm a fantastic Mum just because she hasn't had chocolate,was just annoyed at how mil kept saying "poor dgc" and that I was "mean".....surely once was enough if that's what she thought?

OP posts:

nepenthe3 · 28/04/2011 09:41

The chocolate thing sounds rather trivial. The secret christening though, that's a step too far! Did you go though with it?


messymammy · 28/04/2011 09:46

no we didn't!
I was never christened myself, so not really into the whole religion thing.
She is the same woman who wanted me to have an abortion though when she found out I was pg with dd1. How in keeping with her Catholic faith eh?!

OP posts:

Vallhala · 28/04/2011 09:48

YABU to complain about someone buying chocolate and making daft remarks. From the sound of it, the least of your worries and makes you sound as mad as cheese.

You would not have been unreasonable to avoid any chocolate buying or remarks by never having anything to do with the woman again after she tried to arrange a secret christening for your child.

On that score, I don't know who's madder - MIL for arranging it or you for not banishing her from your and your child's presence thereafter.


GwendolineMaryLacey · 28/04/2011 09:50

She got her a Twirl egg? That is madness, babies get Milky Buttons eggs, everyone knows that. Twirls are definitely for grown ups.


exoticfruits · 28/04/2011 09:50

People do gt upset about such trivial things. Just say 'Yes I am a very mean mummy' and move on. (I get bored with all these worthy chocolate threads too)
The secret Christening is a non starter and not worth getting bothered about-you simply can't get someone else's DC christened without their consent!


peggotty · 28/04/2011 09:52

You probably should have just been upfront that you wanted to moan about your mil rather than disguise it with the chocolate issue! Lots of perfectly nice mothers and mil are a bit aghast at the puritinism about the way babies are weaned/fed etc these days, they were all on solids at 3 weeks in their days Wink. TBH both of mine had had chocolate by 7 months anyway!! She does sound a bit odd though on the other stuff I grant you.....


Jacksterbear · 28/04/2011 09:57

I got this too from DH and my mum - DD also 7mo but dairy intolerant (otherwise I probably would have given her a little taste tbh), so no I am not going to give her chocolate, and no I know a tiny bit probably won't hurt her, but still no. Grrr!


2rebecca · 28/04/2011 10:07

Sounds like you are both as bit controlling, you for banning all chocolate froma 7 month old as a small taste won't harm and her for going on and on about it. The secret Christening is properly nuts though and I would refuse to leave any child with her after that and would have complained to whoever did the Christening which I presume was invalid and just a mock ceremony as no parents involved.
I'm not sure why some mums regard chocolate as the work of the devil though. It's just another foodstuff, my kids at 7 months were trying all sorts of soft foods, both now eat most things with no allergies or obesity.


PlopPlopPing · 28/04/2011 10:40

Did you go ahead with the christening? Was she actually going to invite you or just do it without you? Also did you say "no we aren't going to have dc christened and you can't pretend that it means anything to you as you wanted dc aborted"


icooksocks · 28/04/2011 10:43

All my kids had tried chocolate by 7 months Shock, give the baby some-it wont hurt.


PlopPlopPing · 28/04/2011 10:49

I don't really think it is the chocolate that is the issue. If you have a MIL who arranged a secret Christening against your wishes then you wouldn't really want to do ANYTHING they suggested, even if it wasn't a terrible suggestion.


JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar · 28/04/2011 11:04

Actually I think you are mean to not allow your dd a taste of the chocolate your PILs bought for her.

The secret Christening thing though is clearly nuts. I'm surprised the priest even talked to your MIL about it tbh. I suspect she was living in Cloud Cuckoo Land and it was utter fiction.


gkys · 28/04/2011 11:19

hey welcome to team mean its a great place to be, Grin my MIL said i was mean to breast feed HER DGC???? as it meant she couldn't feed him, no seriously.Confused ? me too
my ds3 7months had chocolate eggs too am using them to make white choc rice pudding for family al la nigella lawson, very nice too, but don't let him have choc yet


femalevictormeldrew · 28/04/2011 11:24

Nevermind the chocolate, I want to hear more about this christening


PlopPlopPing · 28/04/2011 11:48

Me too!

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