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to not care if a dog "won't bite"?

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create · 27/04/2011 16:25

DS1 is scared of dogs. It started when he was 3, we were at the park and a young boxer bounded out of the woods, but his paws on DS1's shoulders, knocked him over and had him pinned to the ground while the dog licked DS1's face. DS1 wasn't hurt and indeed the dog didn't bite, but it must be quite scary to be trapped by an animal larger than you. The owner did put the dog on a lead, but wasn't appologetic, as he was "just a puppy"

Anyway, DS1's not as bad as he was now he's getting older but he doesn't like dogs coming up to him and especially not jumping up at him. If a dog can't be trained not to approach strange children shouldn't it be on a lead?

I've lost count of the number of time we've been told " don't worry he won't hurt you" as if it's DS1 who's weird when their dog is sniffing aound his picnic (or shoes etc).

OP posts:

dolldaggabuzzbuzz · 27/04/2011 16:26



BendyBob · 27/04/2011 16:30

Oh I know isn't that annoying?Hmm I feel like saying 'no, but I do.'

There are lots of reasons people don't like dogs bounding up to them other than fear of being bitten. In my case it's mud and slobber. I'm not too keen on friendly or unfriendly dogs tbh. Other people, like your ds have had previous bad experiences. They should be 100% under control.


dangalf · 27/04/2011 16:31

I think you're being a bit OTT. Naturally so given your son's fear of dogs. If (and I do mean if not judging upfront) you're being over-protective of him whilst dogs are around then the fear will not diminish as you are reinforcing it. Having said that dog owners (esp those with bigger dogs) need to make sure there animals can behave well in public spaces.


Ormirian · 27/04/2011 16:32

Better than screaming hysterically "Watch out! He'll have your hand off"' Grin

Ahem... sorry


sims2fan · 27/04/2011 16:34

I know, this annoys me too. I was out yesterday with SIL and her dog, who she let off the lead in the field. It went running up to everyone and she had to call it and call it before it would come back. Fair enough it's not a massive dog (spaniel) and is very friendly but people aren't to know this, and it doesn't help children who are scared of all dogs. I personally think that if your dog runs up to people and won't immediately come back to you if you call it then you shouldn't let it off the lead.


MittzyTheMinx · 27/04/2011 16:48

YANBU. At all.

Not everyone wants to become acquainted with someone else's pet even if it is angelic.


buggerlugs82 · 27/04/2011 16:49

Hello - As an owner of a big dog, who by the way doesnt bite, to be honest its sort of instinctive to say it as most people are scared of dogs due to their ability to bite, not for fear of mud & slober. After all a bite is a lot worse than a bit of mud - its not being rude or ignorant it just slips out whilst i run to grab my dog who usually likes to be nosey, esp if there is food on the go!


HRHShoesytwoesy · 27/04/2011 16:50

yanbu I am a dog lover but do not want other people's dogs jumping up to me, and I would be furious if one licked my dc's face...... yuck


buggerlugs82 · 27/04/2011 16:51

Bendybob - Are you / your children 100% under control?? Doubt it, neither can dogs be which are animals. I agree leads are needed but dogs need to run free and sniff and outside space is to be shared by all. Its not just for to the enjoyment of families without dogs.

Not being all defensive btw just trying to explain.


impty · 27/04/2011 16:51

I own two large dogs. YANBU. Quite frankly why would any one want a dog around them that wasn't theirs? I don't want your dogs muddy paw prints all over me thanks, and I say this as a dog lover.


buggerlugs82 · 27/04/2011 16:55

At Impty - I agree.

Also, the germs they may catch from other folks kids - Yuk!!

(that was SO a joke by the way before i get bashed by other MNers!!)



NurseSunshine · 27/04/2011 16:56

Aren't people just trying to be reassuring? Obviously, they should still remove their dogs if the person looks scared or if the dogs are jumping up etc but surely saying "He doesn't bite" is a way of trying to calm down the frightened person?


Insomnia11 · 27/04/2011 16:57

I don't mind people letting their dogs off the lead, but not if they are so excitable. I hated licky dogs as a kid.


Tsil · 27/04/2011 16:58

I have 2 biggish dogs one quite strong, the are not let off the lead when in public because they are nosey buggers. We have 15ft long leads that mean they can run and sniff but we can reel them in if need be.

I adore my dogs but I know that other people do not Grin


nijinsky · 27/04/2011 17:00

I don't understand how I can ride my horses, weighing up to 700kg, and keep them under control, and people cannot control their dogs. Maybe I should let my mare wander about loose when theres some nice grass around? She's pretty trustworthy.

I also get fed up with loose dogs when I'm out running. No, I do not want slobbered over or my legs clawed and my running tights made holes in.


Much2Much · 27/04/2011 17:00

We own 4 dogs and although they are all very friendly and fantastic with my 3 dc i never allow them off the lead in parks etc where there may be children simply because i know what it's like to be frightened and wouldn't want to think that any of my dog's caused anyone to be frightened. i wouldn't want your children running up to me screaming and climbing on me and won't run the risk of my dogs doing it children that could well be frightened.


buggerlugs82 · 27/04/2011 17:02

Never mind the happy licky excited dogs.... don't get me started on the lazy sods who do not pick up after their dog. Surely this is far worse!

To add to the OP post i live near some woods which back onto a golf course. The only people i ever meet are fellow dog walkers. On Monday after the day had cooled down a bit me and what appeared to be the rest of the dog walkers in my area headed to the woods to excercise our bored dogs. I met a women who was literally shaking when my dog walked past her and i thought she was going to pass out or something. She said she was really really scared of dogs. Can i ask - or AIBU - why was she in the bloody woods then?


ZillionChocolate · 27/04/2011 17:02

My DH has been bitten by three "he won't bite" dogs in the past and will never trust that assertion again. You could only reassure him by keeping control of your dog, rather than letting it near him.


silverangel · 27/04/2011 17:03

My dog is small but stays on an extendable lead in the park because he loves children - his idea of it is running up to them, paws on their shoulders and licking them.

I totally appreciate a stranger isnt going to want my dog licking their kids. I also incidents like that can scare children for life...


albania · 27/04/2011 17:08

:o :o Omirian

Dogs can be trained not to approach strangers, but puppies and 'teenage' dogs can be patchy with their recall, so closed in parks (gone blank) can be the only places they can really be let off the lead whilst they're going through that phase.


create · 27/04/2011 17:08

buggerlugs, really? someone scared of dogs (my DS for example) should never go to the woods?

OP posts:

OryxCrake · 27/04/2011 17:10

I'm frightened of dogs. Does that mean I should never be allowed to walk in the woods, buggerlugs?

If I knew people were in control of their dogs enough to prevent them running up to me, I'd be less scared. I know that a lot of owners are responsible, in control etc - it's the ones that aren't or don't seem bothered that make me fearful when their dogs are loose. Even though I'm scared of them I don't have anything against dogs, only irresponsible owners.


Faithless12 · 27/04/2011 17:12

I think you are both being U and NU. I've been shouted at because my dog has barked while a toddler came up to her and pulled her tail put his fingers in her eyes etc... She wasn't barking at him but another dog but the parents watched him come up to her and didn't stop him nor asked me if she was good with children (luckily she is but even I don't like to take chances). It works both ways, I mostly have my dog on a lead unless we're somewhere secluded or with masses of open space. Mainly because of other people, another time this elderly couple screamed at my dog from over 100 yards away not to jump up. There was nothing I could do as they were hysterical and nobody could hear anything other than their screams. She is relatively small btw so a ridiculous over reaction. F


buggerlugs82 · 27/04/2011 17:16

I wasnt suggesting that - and my dog didnt run up to her, we walked past her as she cas coming up the path and i was going down it. Ok maybe my comment seemed harsh but if i was REALLY scared of something, i'd think twice before going to a place at a time where 'It' would almost certainly be.

These woods aren't like a cut through etc, there is a lovely park not far away with playgrounds, fountains etc perfect for kids. It was just odd that she was there.

If im in a park she's on a retractable lead, if in the woods or big open space she's off it.


PregolaLola · 27/04/2011 17:23

My german shepherd loooooves kids, dont think its on to let him jump on a kid and lick him, or even to run at a child, but RE your son at the woods theres dogs there, your son is scared of dogs and to be frank i dont think dogs should be constantly kept on leads because people or kids are frightened of them, i keep him on the lead on the streets ofcourse but for quality of life i wouldnt force him to be on the lead in the woods its irrational to think that, pick your son up or help him overcome hes fear

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