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Over an iPad?

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Reindeerbollocks · 24/04/2011 23:03

DH bought me a gift of an iPad after a recent hospital stay. It was a surprise and not something I asked for.

On arrival of new iPad, DH gives me his old iPad, and takes the new iPad for himself. I'm still more than happy, as it's a gift and am glad that we don't have to share computers.

However, DH has broken his (the newer of the two ipads). He now wants the old one back - the one he gave me as I gift.

AIBU in telling him 'No flecking way? My gift, my iPad'? He's pretty adamant he's getting it back if his can't be fixed (fat chance getting it off me - I'm on MN Grin )

OP posts:

EllieG · 24/04/2011 23:04

YANBU. He's being selfish and rude. Was a present. Who expects a present back?


Hulababy · 24/04/2011 23:04



HalfPastWine · 24/04/2011 23:05

YANBU, tell him to 'do one'.


Soups · 24/04/2011 23:05

My DH says TWAT


LDNmummy · 24/04/2011 23:06

Wow! Sorry but is he usually this selfish? Sounds like a prick.


WhatFreshHellIsThis · 24/04/2011 23:06

Cheeky. A gift is a gift.


Alambil · 24/04/2011 23:07

get the new one fixed, then he can have his toy back... poor little man can't cope without it for a few days? Tell him to get a life.


BeerTricksPotter · 24/04/2011 23:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

A1980 · 24/04/2011 23:07

YADNBU how unkind of him Sad

Did he take out insurance for the new one? If not on his own head be it.


Flisspaps · 24/04/2011 23:07



FabbyChic · 24/04/2011 23:07

He didnt buy you anything at all, he bought himself a new one, and gave you the old one, I would'nt say it was a gift more of a cast off that he no longer wanted.

However, he broke the new one so he should go without.


WolfShapedBullet · 24/04/2011 23:08

So he fancied an upgrade on his old iPad and gave you his old one. Now his toy his broke he wants the 'present' back?
YA so NBU. [bugrin]


Reindeerbollocks · 24/04/2011 23:13

He's not normally unkind, he's actually lovely. Just a bit possessive over computers.

He didn't take out insurance, as it was the last ones of the old iPads they were selling off cheap before iPad two was released. So it's the same model as mine.

Don't worry I'm not a walkover and like hell is he getting it back. I'm just starting this thread so when he moans later, I can tell him he is being unreasonable and show him this thread!

OP posts:

ItsallabouttheBunnyBunnyBunny · 24/04/2011 23:16

I agree with FabbyChic.


BeerTricksPotter · 24/04/2011 23:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Meow75 · 24/04/2011 23:36

Bleddy cheek of the man!!!



ihatecbeebies · 25/04/2011 01:38

It was a present so yanbu, he is and is being pretty damn rude too! Have yous taken the iPad to the apple shop yet? Apples warrantys are pretty good and if they can't fix it they usually give you a new one, I dropped my iPhone in paint and so the speaker became clogged up and didn't work right, I took it to the shop and even though I had bought the phone over a year ago and it was 8 days out of warranty they still just handed me a new phone.


dunnoh · 25/04/2011 01:45

If I gave my misses a present, its a ruddy present. Its not conditional. Kick him the back until he learns (christ I have a bad back).


Parietal · 25/04/2011 01:47


You can set up a pin number for startup, and if you want to be tough, you could use the Find iPhone app to lock him out if he takes it.


kaid100 · 25/04/2011 08:01

Nice try by him, but a gift is a gift. If necessary hide it.


GwendolineMaryLacey · 25/04/2011 08:04

What a git, I'm possessive about my gadgets but even I wouldn't sink that low. It's your iPad, tell him to take a running jump!


StewieGriffinsMom · 25/04/2011 08:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SpotsMumSally · 25/04/2011 08:21

Completely agree with everyone else. I also think it's a extremely mean that you didn't get the new one, considering they were both the same models.


cupofteaplease · 25/04/2011 08:23

Um, that's pretty selfish behaviour- giving you his cast offs then demanding them back at a later date.

(Not that I consider an iPad your usual run-of-the-mill cast off, obviously!!)


TheGashlycrumbTinies · 25/04/2011 08:25

Very selfish behaviour, YADNBU.

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