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Yr4 dd told by new private tutor that she has learnt nothing in Yr4 and is not ready for Yr5

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Nelluc · 17/04/2011 19:39

DD is top of her class in literacy and below average in numeracy. The teacher did not seem to be overly worried about this. This was just brought to my attention in a recent parent teacher meeting.

I brought her to Kip McGrath for a free assessment on Saturday and was told that she has learnt nothing in numeracy in Yr4 and is not ready for Yr5. They also said that schools are under great pressure to be positive about pupils and so will be overly positive in meetings with parents. I have enrolled her with KMcG.

My quandary is: should I go into the school and complain that my child has not learnt anything in numeracy this year. Will this mean that they will look unfavourably on me and my child? Also, I have a younger ds at the school in Yr2 can I request that he does not have this teacher in Yr4?

Any advice much appreciated,

OP posts:

Panzee · 17/04/2011 19:40

Did they say they could help her as long as you signed up with them? Big windows...


squeakytoy · 17/04/2011 19:41

Do you help her with numeracy at home?


Punkatheart · 17/04/2011 19:42

This is to make money. They are playing on your anxiety. She is in year 4 for goodness sake.


Nelluc · 17/04/2011 19:42

No, they were not pushy in anyway. They carried out a free no obligation assessment. I could see some of it from another room - I was surprised at how little she knew.

OP posts:

HecateQueenOfTheNight · 17/04/2011 19:43

Was she told this directly? because that is not acceptable at all.

And it is in this kip wotsit's interests to be negative, isn't it? scare you. how else will he/she/they get your money?

Perhaps your daughter just isn't very good at maths. not everyone is.

But this kip person has certainly done a number on you. And all to get your money.


HecateQueenOfTheNight · 17/04/2011 19:44


Grin free no obligation assessment.

where they tell you that, shock horror, your child has learned NOTHING in a whole year and simply isn't ready to go up to the next year. oh so supportively and in such a nice voice.


Nelluc · 17/04/2011 19:44

I have Maths at degree level and was helping her at home. I was astonished that she does not even know her 3 times tables - she learnt them last year and has now seemingly forgotten them!

OP posts:

skrumle · 17/04/2011 19:44

how do they know that she's learned nothing in yr 4??

could it not be that she was a year behind at the start of the year and has progressed but is still behind??


gapbear · 17/04/2011 19:45

How does the tutor know what's been covered in Y4? And how does he / she know what progress your DD has made since Y3?

Ansolutely DO NOT complain to school. Speak to the Y4 teacher, say what you've said here, and see what the teacher says. I think it's highly unlikely that your DD has 'learnt nothing'...


alistron1 · 17/04/2011 19:46

They are a money making venture. How can they possible know more about your DD, her abilities and progress on the basis of one free assessment than her teachers over the years?

If you want to check her progress fro yourself have a look at the Y4 objectives for numeracy and literacy on the standards site.

I am a Y4 TA, if you have any specific concerns re progress pm me and I can give you an overview of what is expected.


Nelluc · 17/04/2011 19:46

Yes I think you are right - she probably was behind at the start of the year. The Teacher said because she is so good at numeracy and has a great vocabulary he forgets that she is not as good at numeracy. But, is this good enough? should I complain?

OP posts:

spanky2 · 17/04/2011 19:47

I think you should talk to her class teacher. It may be that she has made excellent progress this year in maths for her ability, but may not be at an average level. Maybe she doesn't respond well to test conditions.


Nelluc · 17/04/2011 19:47

Sorry that should have read so good at literacy,

OP posts:

Hassled · 17/04/2011 19:48

Where is the school in terms of Sats results/Ofsted etc? Is she happy? Is the school a happy place where she's developing her social skills? Really, this sounds like a way to make some money out of you - lots of children develop literacy and numeracy skills at quite a different rate, and the teacher quite sensibly and properly pointed this out to you. There are always going to be some children who are "below average", because otherwise there wouldn't be an average.

Your time would be better spent asking if the school has any Catch Up programmes in place for the children who are struggling with numeracy, and asking the teacher what you can do at home which will help with the way the curriculum is taught at school. Lots of children struggle with the abstract nature of maths, for example - convert it into money/running a shop and they grasp the concepts more easily.


gorionine · 17/04/2011 19:48

I would think that for their business to work it is better for them to tell you your DC knows near to nothing than to tell you they are good at everything. I wiould trust the teacher who has actually nothing to gain by telling you your child's level. If they did, why would they have told you that your child is top in litteracy but struggling in numeracy?


worraliberty · 17/04/2011 19:50

Unless they asessed your child in year 3, how the hell could they know she's learnt nothing in year 4? Hmm


HecateQueenOfTheNight · 17/04/2011 19:50

No. Don't complain.

Work with the school. You're a team. Make an appt and talk through her progress, her ability - her actual ability, not a mother's perception of her child's ability Grin - and see how you can work together to help her with her weak areas.


spanky2 · 17/04/2011 19:50

Also, I have English at degree level and my ds1 is scraping average in Literacy. He couldn't write his name until october half term of yr. It doesn't really mean anything. Everyone is good at different things.


HandMini · 17/04/2011 19:51

I think you should talk to her class teacher too and let him/her know your concerns, but given the young age of your child and the fact that you're a maths whizz, you definitely don't need to be private coaching at this stage - surely just running through a few times tables with her once or twice a day in odd moments?


clam · 17/04/2011 19:53

What worraliberty said.
Bloody Kip Mcgrath. Almost as bad as Kumon.


Nelluc · 17/04/2011 19:54

Thank you - will speak to teacher.
You have saved me from giving the school a piece of my mind.

OP posts:

alistron1 · 17/04/2011 19:54

Your DD may well be struggling at numeracy. In Y4 the focus changes from learning stuff to applying it - so if kids don't have a sound grasp of the basics they can get left behind.

I have a maths degree, my kids are all highly numerate 'cos maths is my interest and when they were little I made it my business to teach them to count, add, subtract, multiply, divide, do fractions, percentages, times tables..

If you have a maths degree then surely you can reinforce the basics?

One problem with the numeracy curriculum (IMHO) in primary schools is that there is no space for the basics to be reinforced. Kids are being pushed on to relational concepts before they have a good operational understanding. This is no fault of individual teachers - the curriculum is just too fast paced.


Lizzywishes · 17/04/2011 19:55

How can they possibly say she's learnt nothing in Y 4, unless they assessed her at both the start and end of the year? Their opinion is worthless. She's too young for tutors.


spanky2 · 17/04/2011 19:55

The Catch up programmes may not be funded next year. Usually the schools decide who needs it based on QCA tests. It is for children who are likely to get just below a level 4 in y6 SATs. It's quite a narrow range for qualification and OP's dd might not fit the criteria. I think your best bet is to do abit extra at home. Schools teach a different method now adays, so you might need to check so you re-inforce what happened at school.


Zippylovesgeorge · 17/04/2011 19:57

Ummmmmm smacks of money making by this company.

If you want to help your daughter it would be far easier and cheaper to just get some of the books from WH Smiths etc.

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