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to have come up with a new euphemism for 'down below'...

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HubbaHubbaBubba · 16/04/2011 20:29

I have always jokingly referred to it as my fandangle but just watching an ad and misheard what was said - thought she said "my jazzy pothole" and think that's going to be my new euphemism for women's bits :o :o

What are your best ones? :o

OP posts:

pjmama · 16/04/2011 20:33

Shouldn't it be vajazzy pothole?

Personally I find the inclusion of the word hole a bit too graphic! I like fanjo or girly bits. Grin


BabyDubsEverywhere · 16/04/2011 20:34

I do not have a jazzy pothole!

I have a cookie Blush


HubbaHubbaBubba · 16/04/2011 20:35

PMSL @ cookie!!

OP posts:

heliumballoons · 16/04/2011 20:35

I have recently been referring to it as 'Kates Cave'. This was a joke after telling a friend I needed to trim 'Kate'. As in Kate 'Bush' Grin

Do not ask me how I came up with it but just watching my friend ROFL makes me do it more. Smile


HubbaHubbaBubba · 16/04/2011 20:43

hehe helium I like that one, although after three babies mine might better be called 'Kate's Cavern' Hmm Blush Hmm

:o TMI?? :o

OP posts:

delillah247 · 16/04/2011 20:57

Fajita or Fliffy !! My friend refers to mens bits, as 'purple headed womb ferrets', Nice!


Rosieeo · 16/04/2011 20:58

DD's classmate calls it her 'nuggets'...


heliumballoons · 16/04/2011 21:06

It was originally just a passing comment but I can get my friend who loves to play jokes on me back - by making innocent comments using the phrase.

For example we we're standing at Sainburies checkout the other day, a very good looking young Man serving. My friend was being very chatty to him and he asked if she was going on holiday this year. She told him that we may be taking the DC's camping and he asked where. I piped up 'oh a lovely place we love visiting, its called Kates Cave, we love going 'down there' together, actually I think you'd rather like it too'. Grin Obviously to anyone else it's not funny but my friend couldn't talk for laughing especially when he asked if it was in Devon Blush. Poor bloke just looked Confused.


Punkatheart · 16/04/2011 21:08

Brer Rabbit's cousin.

(Pubic hare)



GingerWrath · 16/04/2011 21:11

DD refers to hers as a 'Minky'. I was brought up with mine being a 'bippy' which lead to much hilariousness when my southern GM insisted on saying 'You bet your bippy!'


reelingintheyears · 16/04/2011 21:11

I always called DDs her vagina but she couldn't say it and it came out as 'china'.

My Mum was Grin at china and china stayed.


Cymar · 16/04/2011 21:53

Willy-warmer. Weeelllll, it does warm willies AND the best thing is it doesn't need batteries Wink.


WikiSpeaksagain · 16/04/2011 21:58

It's a woo in our house. You freaks.


BikeRunSki · 16/04/2011 22:00

A female version of Willy.


ChippingInLovesEasterEggs · 16/04/2011 22:00

Helium Grin

I was at the supermarket tonight and the (female) supervisor said to the younger girl, 'Can you give your bits a good scrub before you go home tonight'... the girl caught my eye and it was all we could do not to fall apart laughing....

Cymar - not one to share with the kids then Grin


HubbaHubbaBubba · 16/04/2011 22:04

How is a "woo" normal Wiki?! What do you do when you're in a cocktail bar and someone orders a WooWoo? Flash your china?!? Wink :o

OP posts:

WikiSpeaksagain · 16/04/2011 22:13

Well yes it has caused some confusion.... We dont mention the tfi incident anymore. But yes, it's definitely a woo here.


WikiSpeaksagain · 16/04/2011 22:15

Tfi??? I meant tgi (Fridays). I'm pissed and getting woos and chinas all mixed up


breatheslowly · 16/04/2011 22:17

Flat hamster. I can't remember why.


Blatherskite · 16/04/2011 22:18

ROFL at "purple headed womb ferrets" Grin

We just have bits and willy's in this house. Neice has a Minnie though. Must have made her trip to Disneyland rather interesting Hmm


EasterBunnyGirl · 16/04/2011 22:23

Pmsl at flat hamster


EasterBunnyGirl · 16/04/2011 22:23

Inner sanctum
secret garden
never ever pussy


Mumcentreplus · 16/04/2011 22:24

It's called a 'Fan Fan' or Fanny in our house..

and my DDs have told me penis and bollocks combo is a called the 'Bulls-eye' Grin love it!...


HeidiKat · 17/04/2011 12:05

It's called a flower in this part of the country.


diabolo · 17/04/2011 12:16

"Lulu" where I'm from.

or "lady bits"

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