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I've only been invited to the ceremony

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MissEmilyPosts · 13/04/2011 23:27

have name changed for this.

I mean - where's the dignity in that? Mahossive big do. Three events. DH and I bottom of the pile - ceremony only. THIRD TIER?! Historic occasion my ass. No lunch, no after party and dancing for 300, she just wants a full house as she comes down the aisle.

What's worse - 'invite' came via email. From Nigeria - they've outsourced it! Asking for moneydonation to enter the church. BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS given.

So-called friends.


OP posts:

MaisyMooCow · 13/04/2011 23:28

Bloody Royals, who do they think they are ?!!!Grin


dmo · 13/04/2011 23:29

Sad is this kate and will? i only got a tv invite most gutted


MissEmilyPosts · 13/04/2011 23:30

£1000 quid Hen Night as well. In Lagos! have booked tix already before the invite came. Can i back out?

OP posts:

dmo · 13/04/2011 23:37

no Lagos is nice id go and sun may self to get over it Wink


MissEmilyPosts · 13/04/2011 23:44


OP posts:

YouaretooniceNOT · 13/04/2011 23:58

Is this a joke about Nigerian email scams?


Bubbaluv · 14/04/2011 00:02

Kofi Annan emailed me the other day and invited me to attend a gala dinner with him. All I had to do was send $2000 to cover air fares. So nice of him to think of me. Apparently I was selected because of my intellect to share my opinions on how to eradicate world hunger!
He outsourced his email to Nigeria too. They must be doing great deals over there at the mo.


YouaretooniceNOT · 14/04/2011 00:05

Bubbaluv Kofi Annan - the cheating bastard!


Bubbaluv · 14/04/2011 04:52

What YTNN, He invited you too!?


CurrySpice · 14/04/2011 06:39

I have Inherited a large fortune from a businessman in china who has been following me online. I only need to send my bank account details for legal fees and it will be mine.


gorionine · 14/04/2011 06:53

I got a full invite, but declined as Dcs said "weddings are boooooring!" I have no one to look ater them on the day so I'll have to make do with the popocorn on sofa versionSad


HecateQueenOfTheNight · 14/04/2011 06:57

oh my god. Grin You have to admire them in a way, don't you? Grin

Sadly, however, there are people who are indeed so very very stupid that they will actually fall for that.

Hell, they fall for the lottery they've won despite not having entered it, and the long lost relative in outer mongolia...

I just don't understand it.


gorionine · 14/04/2011 07:10

"Sadly, however, there are people who are indeed so very very stupid that they will actually fall for that."

I would say gullible and desperate for money rather than stupid but yes they do it because it work. Got a phone call from SIL who had won £1'000'000 in a Guiness competition. I asked her if she had taken part in it to which she answered "no, but someone must have done it for me, they know my address and everything..." She faxed me the letter and believe it or not, the main office for Guiness seems to be in Cotonou, Benin!Grin


BelleDameSansMerci · 14/04/2011 08:06

Hmmmm... Think I might recognise the OP's posting style Grin


nolita · 14/04/2011 08:16

I read a story somewhere about a woman who was notified of a big inheritence from a previously unknown relative. She only began to believe it when she recieved an email from the US President urging her to claim the money. The email address the 'President' was using was [email protected] Hmm.

I love 419 slip-ups.


MissEmilyPosts · 14/04/2011 10:11

No I bet you don't Belle. I am not one of the Famous Mumsnetters with Large Followings on this board. Not a Newbie.

BUT BUT BUT do you live in Paris? (I don't but I'm wondering whether you HAVE spotted me.)

OP posts:

gapbear · 14/04/2011 11:37

Funny you should post this, because it turns out that I've got relatives in Nigeria - a prince, no less! Sadly the King, who I am in some way related to (not quite sure how) is very ill, which makes me sad, but I stand to inherit millions! Whoopee!


WMDinthekitchen · 14/04/2011 11:45

We get these, 'I will share my fortune with you if you give me your bank details,' emails in our work email accounts. We now reply and thank them nicely but say we are so rich already that we don't need their money and suggest they donate to a local AIDS charity.


TandB · 14/04/2011 11:50

I have got a cross, elderly Nigerian lady who wants to share her large fortune with me and is getting quite annoyed with my failure to reply. She is apparently "waiting in much impatience and eagerness".


IShallWearMidnight · 14/04/2011 11:55

Moussa Koussa wants me to help him get his family out of Libya. I had to turn him down though as it's the school holidays and we have stuff planned. Hopefully someone else is able to help.


PeachesandStrawberry · 14/04/2011 12:28

I have won nearly £1,000,000 on the national lottery, but I didn't enter and they want some money to release the funds.

I told them to deduct it from the winnings and send me the rest.


YouaretooniceNOT · 14/04/2011 12:28


I am MumsNetter and i have £3,000,000,000 in a bank account. All you have to do is send me your account details and i can have it transferred into your account TODAY!

All i ask for is £1.00 for some bread for my starving children


bruffin · 14/04/2011 12:39

I used to work for a charity headed up by one of the royals. We got a letter one day on a lined piece of paper torn from a notebook. It was addressed to Dear Princess and was one of the original nigerian scams from before emails


muminthecity · 14/04/2011 12:46

My friend works in the Ritz in London. They had a couple booked in for the weekend of the Royal wedding, the woman phoned up the other day to ask the hotel to book them tickets to St. Paul's Cathedral on 29th April so that they can go to the wedding. She was most put out when my friend kindly explained that he could not get her tickets to the wedding. "WHAT?! But it says in your literature that you will book your guests tickets to any event! That's the only reason we booked a room with you - I've already bought my outfit and told all my friends we're going!" Shock

I hope she doesn't receive one of these e-mails, she'll fall for it straight away Grin


hairfullofsnakes · 14/04/2011 13:24

I find it absolutely astonishing that there are people who fall for these scams! It is hard to believe people do

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